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Studies and Doctrine

Study for Approval -- 2 Tim 2:15

  New Covenant -- 2 Cor 3:6
    Confession -- Luke 12:8

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Opening The 6th Seal
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A Warning to Mankind

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Book of Enoch Exposed

Book of Enoch Part 2

Book of Enoch Part 3

Gaints, Nephilim, Titans

Enoch, by David Stewart

Doctrine or Not?


Clean and Unclean Foods?

Sacred Name Bible Reviews

Sacred Name Bible List


Faith Will He Find It?

Genesis A New Look

Islam in the World

Satan's Fall -- PDF

Seed of Satan

Trinity Error? Part 1

Trinity Error Part 2

Trinity Exposed Part 3

Trinity or Not Q&A

Trinity Again Q&A


The World Before

The Nephilim Part 2

Nephilim Impossible

Sons of God - Genesis 6

Enoch-David Stewart Expose

Noah and His Time

Sons of God in Gen 6

Rapture Scam

Rapture Ready?  Or Hoax?

Rapture, A False Doctrine?

Rapture or Resurrection?

Rapture Switch on Switch Off

Rapture Wrath Hangup

First Book of Science

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   יהשע  - YaHshua

His Name Studies


Saying it -- is Hearing it

Pronunciation #2

Pronunciation #3


All Hail Zeus or Jesus?

Common Sense Approach


            -- DENIAL

HIS Name Matters!


Hebrew Language?

His Name Leads to Salvation

His Name From Ancient Times

HIS HOLY NAME - Their Name

The Great HaYaH?

I AM or HaYaH? Part 1

What Is His Name?

Names Do Matter

Original Name for Jesus

YaHshua, YaHushua, or Yeshua?

YaHshua and YaHWeH

YaHshua or YaHushua, Not Yeshua

YaHshua's Name in the Bible 2

Yeshua or YaHshua Part 1

Yeshua or YaHshua Part 2

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Removing the Fog of Religion

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         Through The Fog

  Spirit of prophecy Rev 19:10

Opening the 6th Seal

Antichrist & Antichrists

False Prophets & the Bible

Holy Days and Prophecy

Looking For the 7,000

144,000 Part 1

144,000 Part 2

Dominion Theology

Corona Virus, Apocalypse?

Angel Weddings?

Angels Marrying Women? Part 1

Angels Marry Women? Part 3

Angels Marry Women? Part 4

Nephilim, The Giants?

Satan's Seed

Prophecy Outline?

Prophecy Outline Part 2

Bible Prophecy Part 1

Bible Prophecy Part 2

Bible Prophecy Part 3

Bible Prophecy Part 4

Biblical Holy Days

Bible Codes

Matthew 24 - A Prophecy

The Holy Day Calendar

Genesis Calendar


  But -- Before that!

WorldWide Quake

Great Quake Part 1

Great Quake Part 3

The Prophets Speaks

Hosea Speaks Part 2

Isaiah Speaks Part 1

Zechariah Speaks

YaHshua Speaks

Mark of the Beast

Mark of the Beast Part 1

Mark of the Beast Part 2

Mark of the Beast Part 3


Mark of the Beast -- Digital

Israel's Future

Israel's Greater Future

Israel The Wake Up Call

The Two End Time

Witnesses Identified

  Matthew 24 Prophecy

   The Pale Horse

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Looking for the 7,000
144,000 Israelis
Angels Marry Women?
Angels / Nephilim
Born Again?
Catholic Deny His Name
Doom of Life
Holy Book Holy?
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