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Am I saved if I pray in Jesus

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I Pray in the name of Jesus, will I be Saved?

Q: Dan, if I am a gentile believer and I pray in the name of Jesus for the forgiveness of my sins and to be saved am I saved?
A: All those who have repented of their own sins        and picked up the message from the Book, the book believers call the Holy Bible (Hebrew/Christian writings), hearing and believing that message about -- His Promise of the New Covenant, will be saved eventually.        Most who call themselves Christians are sincere but most are in        the Baptism of John, which is the Baptism of Repentance.  That is a good        baptism and it does change lives and prayers are answered, no matter the name used, by reason of the Law of Faith (Roman 3:27 -- all of Chapter 3 should be read).  But, to        enter the Kingdom everyone will have to confess our Savior and        that confession will have to identify Him by His Name, the Name        given to Him at birth (Luke 1:31).   

Your question is interesting.  I have heard it        asked before and in different ways.  Here is the deal, Marc, if        you understand His Birth Name, and know it, then why continue        praying to a name that never existed until recent history?  

If        you understand that He came in His Father's Name then why        continue in a name that came about by the twisting of letters,        leading away from the One Name that we are told we MUST be saved        by -- it is not the Name, but the owner of that Name and to whom        that Name points, it is the name that identifies the Son of the        Living God and Father in Heaven and it is the Name He was given at Birth, not made up later or changed later by men.  

Acts 4:12, tell us in no uncertain terms, that there        is not any other name found among mankind, on this earth, in otherwords, by which we MUST be saved.  So, yes, all those        living in ignorance of this truth, but have repented of their        sins will eventually be saved at the Judgment period when the        final truth is revealed, but for those of us who already see and        understand this truth are being judged now by what has been        revealed to us.  

There is an example from the Book of Acts that        illustrates this very thing.  Paul is sitting around watching        the crowd of people and 12 of John the Baptists disciples come        along and Paul asked them what Baptism were they?  They said,        John.  Paul then presented the Message of the New Covenant, the        Promise through YaHshua.  The 12 disciples of John, all baptized        believers, listened and believed that what Paul told them was        true and asked what they should do?  He told them to all get        baptized, again, in the name of YaHshua and they did.  This is        the place I see most Christians today, they are mostly in the        Baptism of Repentance, in the Baptism of John but not yet        finished into the baptism of His Identity, His Holy Name, whom        all will have to confess one day, if not now, then later.
Acts          19:3-5 -- Remember, when you read this account, the name Jesus        never existed, so what name, then, were these believers baptized        into?  
Luke 3:3 -- identifies the Baptism of        John as the Baptism of Repentance only
Acts 18:24-26 -        Apollo, although a good teacher he had only the Baptism of John.

Thanks for the great question, I hope I have answered it well      enough for you.  If you have a different view or a better answer I      would hope that you would share.  And if you have any other      questions.  Peace, Dan


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