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American Flag Evil?

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Q: Is the American Flag a religious symbol?

A: No, it is a symbol of the United States of America and the USA is a composition of many different ideologies.  Yes, there are some teaching the USA is founded on the Bible but I challenge anyone to demonstrate this.  The laws of this land, many times, are contrary to the Laws of the Bible.  Would anyone say Russia is also founded on the Bible?  Hey, the Russian system of law is not unlike ours.  They have law very similar to the Ten Commandments, excluding the commands concerning a God.  The USA now where declares YaHshua, the Christ, as the guide an principle teacher of morals for this nation.  No, the American flag is a symbol of a nation of a mixture of people, not exclusive to Christian, Jews, or any race or religion but all are free to live here without fear, or so it should be.  It is a privilege to be a natural citizen of this nation. Anyone traveling abroad will tell you this.  This idea of wanting to be of a European style government is from only a few and still these people are allow to live here and voice their misguided dreams as freely as any citizen of this great country.  Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles, claimed his citizenship as a Roman and used it to gain an advantage for his personal safety (Acts 22: 25-29), reading the context of these verses and it is obvious Paul had received his citizenship naturally, at birth.  He shared in a dual citizenship as a natural born Roman and an Israelite.  The ideal apostle to go to Jew and Gentile alike.  He never renounced his citizenship nor is there any record of any of the Apostles bad mouthing any of the leaders or governments they lived in and worked in.  

The American flag is a symbol of a nation, not a god.  It is a symbol of a Free Nation for all people, not a religious standard.  To disrespect the American flag is to disrespect the idea of freedom.  No the USA has not always be right but the USA has been consistent in its generosity toward the rest of the world.  What country has ever gone to war and once the enemy is defeated return everything gained even to the point of helping the defeated rebuild?  There is no nation like the USA and the American flag is a symbol of that generosity.  There are many reasons our Creator has blessed the USA, one of those reason is it takes care of the poor like no other nation on earth.

One final comment:  We are constantly held up in comparison to other nations of Europe.  No matter what the stats some take pleasure in ranking higher on any scale above the USA, whether it is in education, child death, longer longevity, etc., but, in most cases these figures are skewed.  For one thing we are equivalent to a country of 50 nations being compared, in nearly every case, to one small country smaller than California.  To be fair we should take the best of our states and compare that state with the individual countries of Europe.  If you do not like the USA and think stats are true and the USA a is the worst country on Earth then why are you here?  I know of people with this poor attitude that have tried to live somewhere else and in most cases they return and are much more appreciative of this country.  The Flag is a symbol of a mixed people sharing in the idea of a free society allowed freedom of thought and expression.  "In God We Trust" -- you pick the god and in this country you can.


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