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I was baptized in Jehovah

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Baptized once, Baptized Again?

Q: Dan I need to ask you a question and it might seem        like something I should or shouldn't do.  When I was baptised        I was about 26 this was when I believe the church organisation        whatever you want call it, baptised me in the name of Jehovah        son the spirit now I know how they got to his transition,        but any way as it goes this is not corrected?  Do I need to have it done        when in my new and better understanding?  I think I do, what do you say?    

A:   Baptism is a form of confession.  In the First      century, baptism was used by the Holy Spirit to prove who and who      was not acceptable. This was a tool to demonstrate to the racially      prejudice Jews that, Yes, Gentiles too.  Once the Church got on      board with this idea that the Gospel and the Coming Kingdom      promise was for all people, then Baptism became a confession of      acceptance.  Many religions use baptism, even the Jews had a      cleansing celebration and had baptism pools.  But who is going to      baptize a person taken hostage or marked for death and comes to      the Messiah while being held?  You know, like the man stranded on      an island and is awakened?  Who is there to baptize them?  Lots of      questions, like this.  When the Church is in a state of peace and      not running from persecution, then there can be an orderly manner      and even a ceremonial aspect to baptizing those as they confess      Him before others in the Church.  But, what about those people on      the run?  The first 100 years, led into Church, confessing      YaHshua, was in hiding and on the run and virtually disappeared,      historically, because of the sport of killing those of this new      sect.  
    What reappeared, around 380 AD, we had nearly 200 years pass      where those Churches, founded by the Apostles, Seven of which are      mentioned in Revelation, are gone from historical view, as if      blown into the wind, which, they were.  What happened to Baptism      in those days?  It is more about what you think.  Who says it has      to be a man, who says it has to be anyone?  Of course, the      examples in the New Covenant writings demonstrate forms followed      along Jewish lines, but we have, the Church from the First      Century, has passed from Jewish or Israeli forms to Gentile, for      we now, temporarily, live in the Times of the Gentiles and this      will be until our Lord and Savior, YaHshua returns.  Luke 21:24.  
     What is Baptism, to you?  If it is you confession and knowing, at      this moment, it is all about you -- your moment of change and      acceptance and no one else, and knowing and believing that He will      impart to you a part or piece of the Holy Spirit -- called a down      payment for something greater to come -- 2 Cor 1:21-22.  By your      own conscience do what you feel is right and acceptable.  Seek our      a local Pastor, if you feel a professional person should be      involved, as long as such a person would go along with what you      require in the use of His Name as opposed to using the false      name.  Also, consider this -- John          20:22  And when He had said this, He breathed on them and said          to them, "Receive the Holy Spirit.  No          evidence of water baptism -- His immediate disciples went with          Him everywhere, learning and following and witnessing, even          baptizing others and yet they had not yet been given the Holy          Spirit?  Apparently, not until He gave it to them, He literally          breathed the Holy Spirit, His Spirit and the Spirit of the          Father into them.  No water, no immersing.  You must follow          what you heart moves you to in your confession.  For it is          written, that everyone who will confess Him to men, He will          confess to the Father and the Angels of Heaven --Mat 10:32 --          be certain to read also, Romans 10:9-13.  
    At the Website under          Doctrines/Baptism, at the bottom of the article, I provide a          couple of works that would baptize in His Name.  Some will not          baptize without you becoming a sworn member of their group --          of course, our Savior, YaHshua, says not to swear on anything,          some seem to miss this.  Follow your heart, how you are          inspired and comfortable doing, a confession is a confession,          it is up to you and how you are moved.  
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