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Bib Bang Theory & Webb Telescope

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Big Bang Theory, Exploded

James Webb Telescope and what it means -

More of the same, revealed by the Hubble Telescope, much more.
The death of the Big Bang theory, or at least in the name.

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Once upon a time there was the Big Bang theory but the men and women in the know, back in the ancient 1950s, knew about this theory but discounted it because it was too flaw to make sense of our, Earth's, origins.  But, later in the 50s and 60s, they had no other theory so fexible, so, for better or for worse, the community of science, so called, decided to adopt the Big Bang theory as fact.  Decades of teaching this in College classes and across Universities and High Schools, this "theory" became a fact.  Then, along came the Hubble telescope and the genius of science plus, harped and razed about how the Hubble would prove, or support the Big Bang Theory as the answer to creation.  The Hubble, however,

Michio owns up with honest admissions -- still not a convert, but better and signs of true character --

Let Neil straightens everybody out, or does he?  

This is called "scrambling", as the pet theory is damaged.  He and all of his colleges still have no idea and will not have any idea so long as they deny a superior intelligence.   Interesting choice of words -- You cannot pull a thing out of your orifice?  

The Big Bang lives, it still lives ........ ah, in the imaginations of men, so, it is ALIVE, it is ALIVE!!

But WAIT, there is a better explanation.  Why not stop calling it, The Big Bang?  Let's call it what it is -- an Expanding Universe, avoiding the idea that it was a, Big Bang, or a single explosion, from a tiny pin point, as it was originally proposed, and later fine tuned, over and over again.  Now, of course, through the las 10 decades this simple, and childish idea has been readjusted many times.  The new look is a good one, and it is actually a real possibiliity that our Creator began the creation of every seen by the Hubble and the Webb telescopes, are truly giving us a witness, not to the moment of creation of the Universe, but the results of that Creation being brought into being, and continuing onward, virtually beyond the imaginations of mankind -- NOT a Big Bang, but a Creative command, and we are seeing it, as the process continues, again, beyond the scope of mankind's understanding, especially when an Intelligent Creator is behind all of what is seen.  Now, imagine, a part of the Universe that is not seen.  This is where Dark Matter, and Light Matter enter the unseen picture, and it has only bee recently that these two forces, unseen, but proven to be present, have been discovered.  

Here is what Brian has to say about the James Webb finding -- a better understanding, and still in the realm of the physical, and still ignoring the Spiritual Creation, but still a better and much closer understanding.  But, Brian hits close and is not afraid to toss out that old title, Big Bang, for a much more mature approach.  This also should be noted -- the Big Bang origin is from NOTHING.  According to the Theory, something (?) sparked the Bib, Bib, and now even Bigger Bang, out of nothing.  Brian has some great things to say --

Big Bang or someother title, the concept of Creation from nothing is not new, not at all, in fact, the Big Bang theory is really behind the historical times, only coming into an idea in the last century and only accepted as a total truth in the last half century.  The idea of something being created, or brought into being spontaniously, for unknown reasons, or causes, is not new or a scientific discovery at all, a finding, maybe, but not original --   

(Heb 11:3)  Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.

Hear that?  Things created from nothing, but in this case, we are told it was not by accident, someone did it, caused it, made it happen -- from nothing into something, just like the people pushing evolution, that is creation by accident, actually agree with the Bible, with the Inspried Words of God's Apotles.

(Heb 1:2)  Has in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he has appointed heir of all things, by whom also He made the worlds;

Nearly 2,000 years ago, and we are told something that it took modern science to discover, or admit to.  Of course, those in the belief business, teaching the false ideology called Evolution of Species, who also promote the Big Bang Theory as a true are closer in agreement than they would ever dream -- mostly because the book they condemn, they have never read, not seriously anyway.

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