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Christmas Canceld

Most Recent: 2023

Christmas Canceled, Thank You Hamas
by your servant, Dan L Baxley

December 25, 2023 -- Thanks to Hamas, Christmas throughout Israel has been cancelled.  What does Hamas or any other Islamic terror group care?  They do not, and in fact, this is another coup for them.  Up with the murderous side of Islam and down with the Christian Jesus, or the Jewish YaHshua.  

So, who cares?  Bethlehem, the birth place of YaHshua, our Messiah and Savior, is virtually shut down.  The complaining about the financial hit this city is taking because of this Christmas Cancelling is legit, as the shop owners and others rely on this holiday for their economic success throughout the year.  This will break some of them.  Now, get this -- Bethlehem is not under the control of the Christians, and not under the control of Israeli authority, but is under Palestinian Authority -- what irony.

Maybe this negative economic impact will create more of a backlash against the rabid Hamas and other Islamic radicals of murder Inc. will bring about their demise more than what has happened so far.  Apparently, Hamas' murderous attack on innocent civilians, CAUSING the Israeli IDF response, something they knew full well would happen, is of little to no concern of the Palestinian civilians.  No, they talk about how all of this is Israel's fault.  Well, maybe now, with the economy of some Palestinian businesses being impacted, this will change.  Money always talks, as the saying goes.  Money over life.  

Talking about money:  The West is sending millions of dollars i relief -- attempted relief, we should say -- in support of those being displaced by this Hamas War.  It is being reported that much of what Hamas has built has come from such funding before this attack on Israel ever happened, and not they are finding where much of this prewar relief money has been, and being poured into the ground in the form of tunnels and underground city.  Like rats Hamas has punished their own people by the misuse of Money meant for them.  And now, today, it does appear that this may be still going on.  Relief is pouring in to Gaza Palestinians, but much of it is being diverted to shoring up the Hamas Murder Machine.  Insane.

Who is at fault for all of this?  Hamas

A young Palestinian, living and going to school here in the USA, was on TV being interview, expressing his opinion that the attack by Hamas on those innocents in Israel, is making them experience his pain, the pain of his people.  This from a University age Palestinian, and a reason he expressed as the reason most of his people say that the attack on Israel was justified -- To make them (Israel) feel their pain?  The insanity runs deep.  Who can argue with such polluted reasoning?

This kind of thinking will have to change, or be changed, for this kind of reasoning to end, and for real peace to come to all.  And this change is coming -- first to the Jew, and then to everyone else -- Romans 2:9-10.

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