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Communism and the Church

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 Communism and the Church

Q: Didn't the Church start out as Communal?  So, what's wrong with Communism?  When our Lord returns isn't he going to establish a Communist regime, where everyone is equal? D, Ontario

A: First off, YaHshua is not going to establish a Communist Regime -- He will be an absolute dictator with absolute power to decide any and all disputes.  One thing He is going to do is put an end to all WAR.  But, it will be a process as people will not LEARN war anymore --

(Mic 4:3-4)  And He shall judge among many people, and rebuke strong nations afar off; and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up a sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. 4 But they shall sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree; and none shall make them afraid: for the mouth of YaHWeH of hosts has spoken it.

Also, people will have private ownership of property -- each man will sit under his own vine and his own tree -- This is private ownership and suggest property ownership and that is not communism.  Look at it like this -- a perfect leader would be a dictator but only if He were Perfect in all His ways and fair in toward all people.  The problem with dictators in human history has to do with the sinner ruling over the sinners but the ruling sinner is less than human, more like a Beast.  Most dictators among mankind, have proven themselves to be unreliable, to the point of acting like Wild Beast, devouring.  The prophetic word, tends to associate the kingdoms of men with animals or beasts of one kind or another.  

Consider the history -- Those who have followed the way of Communism, by force, as their method and methods are always by force, basically, murder of their own.  The Communist are responsible for hundreds of millions of civilian deaths.  Communism has been more murderous that any Nazi regime.  Hitler killed millions, Stalin and Mao of China have killed upwards to hundreds of millions -- Mao may have been responsible for up to 80 million of his own people.  Communism is the worst of the worst pandemics.  In the following link, as you read about the murder history of Communism and China, think about the methods mentioned and apply to what we see going on, as a tactic with those in the leadership roles of the Democratic Party of the United States.  

Consider this -- If the Communist Chinese leadership is responsible for mass murdering their own people in order to force their ideology on their citizens, what can we assume would happen to Taiwan, the Island country just off the Main land, if they were to gain control of that independent Island.  When the Communist were taking over main-land China, people were escaping to the Island of Taiwan.  Chiang Kai-shek was the Chairman of the Nation Government of the Republic of China and having escaped the Communist take over, began a new government of China on the Island of Taiwan, and received support from the free world, stopping the Communist invasion of Taiwan.   Here is a small clip from Wikipedia --

In 1949 Chiang's government and army retreated to Taiwan, where Chiang imposed martial law and persecuted critics during the White Terror. Presiding over a period of social reforms and economic prosperity, Chiang won five elections to six-year terms as President of the Republic of China and was Director-General of the Kuomintang until his death in 1975, three years into his fifth term as President and just one year before Mao's death.

He eventually set up a free government and was elected 5 times to serve as President, still claiming to be the Republic of China.  The Communist regime, of the mainland, of course, wanted him dead and to seized the Island and force it into the poverty it had to offer under the Communist Socialist system.  The West, in hope of making China a peaceful country, has helped turn China into an economic giant that is not bent on making the world over into serving them.  And many Western leaders are so money hungry, and China has plenty of it, thanks to the the USA, primarily, so it should be not surprise that so many of our political leaders, mostly Demon-cratic party are in the pocket of the godless Communist Chinese.  Look at how they are suppressing the freedom of the people in Hong Kong, imagine what the Pacific will look like if they take over Taiwan?  They are making noise in that directions.  They see a weak and willing President in Joe Biden.  Russia is a distraction for what is really going on with the Chinese and our government leaders.  For example -- what happened to North Korea?  Pretty quiet (June 2021).  China could have brought the North Korea leadership to heal long ago, but it is to their advantage to have this mutt government, now with nuclear weapons, on a chain, continually charging at the West, while the Communist Chinese look for other ways to weaken the West.  

The Communist system is a failed system, when left to itself, it feeds on its own people.  They have to compromise their ideology in order to stay afloat or to survive in a world of plenty.  They have figured out a way to do both and at the same time, continue to wag war on the West.  Think about this -- the last 5 Sars pandemics and Flu viruses that have struck this world in the last 20 years have all come out of China.  Before China closed Wuhan, the origin of the Covid 19 viruse, they let around 100 thousand Chinese travelers out, most headed to Europe, while nearly 30 thousand flew into the US before President Trump stop all Chinese travel coming in and was called a racist for doing so, but as it turned out, He was right or things could have been much worse.  Was the release of this virus on the world, on purpose?  No hard proof but it sure looks like it.  How many more viruses are we going to accept from China before we stop supporting them?

The Church is not going to be a Communist government when YaHshua returns.  The First Church, in following the communal system, right at first, found that to be a costly move.  Eventually the first Church of Jerusalem became one of the poorest of all the other City Churches and collections were taken up to help support them.  1 Cor 16:1-3 -- after Jerusalem, not other City Church of group were ever told to operate as a collective or as a commune or as a communist system.  Private ownership was allowed and people were only asked to give as they could.  Also, YaHshua told us to render our taxes to the local government and in this case, it was Rome and Rome was anything but a Communist government or regime.  

YaHshua preached freedom, not slavery or communal living, but freedom, expressed in personal liberty of thought, even if a slave or employee, doing what is right in the eyes of all men, even on the job or off the job, our minds, our Spirits, free in Him.  That is not communism.

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