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Cruel God, Flood the World?

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It is a Cruel God That Would Flood the Whole World

Q: How can you support a god that would flood the whole world.  How cruel is that? db. 

A: So, let's have a god that would not have killed off all mankind and all of those sweet innocent animals.  It is like a question --"What would the world be like if the pre-flood people had been left alone?"  What if Hitler had taken over the whole earth?  Would it be horrible of God to stop Hitler, to incite the world against that beast in the body of a man?  

Imagine a world full of Hitler types all at war with each other, having abandoned the Creator, totally, worshiping themselves and just getting worse and worse in their violence.  If these had been allowed to continue what would the world be like?  Why not send a Messanger to get them to repent?  He did, for 120 years Noah preached and worked on building the Ark as a witness to them of what was to come.  None, repented, 120 years later and the people of the Earth did not change.  YaHWeH did not just one day decide to kill off all mankind, He allowed 120 to turn back to Him and stop all of the violenc.

Today in the news we hear about those animals in the bodies of men raping, beheading and child murder in the name of their false god of force and war.  These are like those before the flood.  Should anyone stop those beasts posing as men?  ISIS, or as their leader prefers to be called ISL.  Madmen murders comitting every kind of crime and evil and if unchecked would it ever stop?  According to them, no, it would not stop, not until they have control of all the Earth.  Even then, they would turn on each other and are turning on each other even now, one sect of Islam against the other.  Should the Creator God allow them to take over the whole earth, like happened in the days of Noah?  If the whole world of mankind became like these animals pretending to be religious warriors and everyone became like them serving false gods, gods of war and violence, should they be allowed to raom about freely killing and being killed and other unspeakable crimes?  

Even after Noah mankind turned their back on the true God again.  They were very religious people, however, and built a temple tower we know as the Tower of Babel.  Mankind, so close to the warning of the Flood ingnored what had happened to those before them and began their own religion.  Nimrod, called a might hunter before YaHWeH, demonstrates the animal in this world leader.  He was a man of violence, a hunter of animals and men - as ledgend has it.  He gathered men around himself to rule over men and to go out to conquer and in his own ego managed to get all to join in building this Tower with a desire to go into the heavens.  If left alone they would have reached the ability to travel into space.  The Tower was only the beginning.  God came down to have a look and saw where they were headed and instead of destorying everyone he opted to scamble the language. This slowed down the progression of mankind toward his natural propensity toward evil.  Our Creator then began to work with individual called out people.  Noah was the last of his kind still faithful to The Creator God.  With Abraham a new era began, a convenant made with a single man.  From there the rest is history and all those coming to the Christ are considered children, not only of the God of Heaven but of Abraham as partners in the Covenant made with Abraham, not the covenent later made with Israel.  

(Gal 3:6-7) Even as Abraham “believed God, and it was counted to him for righteousness.” Know therefore that those who are of faith, the same are children of Abraham.

(Gal 3:13-14) the Messiah redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us. For it is written, “Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree,” that the blessing of Abraham might come on the Gentiles through the Messiah YaHshua; that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith.

What would have been cruel would have been for our Creator to have done nothing and allowed mankind to destroy themselves, letting the violence run its course and no hope of salvation.  That would be it, nothing more, and we would not be here, we would not have been given the chance to receive Salvation, it would all be finished.  How would you have done it?  If you were God, how would you have handled a creation of free choice?  Make everyone equal to robots?  What would the point be if no one had free will?  

It was not a mean, non-caring God that decided to destroy all mankind but a kind God who decided to not destroy all mankind but to start over with Noah.  

Thank you Heavenly Father for making a way for us to repent and to receive Salvation. 

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