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Dating the Book of Revelaiton

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GENDER Confusion
Q: Why does the bible seem to be address the male gender all the time, where are the women?  
A:  First. let us make and observation no one seems to be aware of or wants to admit or talk about -- some boys are not driven by an overload of maleness.  Believe it or not, some boys exhibit a softer side as some girls exhibit more of an agressive attitude, but neither are fighting to be another sex -- that only comes from pressure.  Just like the pressure that was and still is exerted toward any males that like other males.  To be in love with your buddy or for a girl to be in love with her best friends is normal and not suggestive of homosexuality -- that is -- if not being piled on those attempting to tear society down.  Young people can be influenced to question their own sexuality with you have adults and others living a perverted life, in attempts to make their own sinful desire seem normal and something that should be accepted, or more, taught to children in schools.  This is an evil that has twisted and destroyed many a life that would have grown into a completely normal and natural life.  Look at it like this -- you have a scale with 0 as the center and numbers go out from that center point to a plus ten and a minus 10.  From the center and moving out to both the plus and minus by, say, four digits we could say those 8 digits represent the majority of all people, male and female considered normal, neither too extreme but neither as some in society seem to be claiming.  Males are all agressive little animals and girls are all soft and maternal, as if boys cannot be maternal and still be boys or girls cannot be great, and aggressive athletes and still be girls.  Yes, there are those with mental problems and when those looking to destroy a society built out of the pages of the Bible, that will use these people in mental trouble to work toward saying that their abnormality is normal and should be encouraged in other.  This is a sin against all societies, period.  Yes, there can be feminine boys, but that does not make them girls or homosexuals.  The same is true for girls.  

Today, in this Age, the Destruction of Biblical Morality
In today's world of sensitives and confused fashions and fads, everyone wants their own little piece of identity, to be different. But that is not the answer to the question, right?  Once upon a time, long, long ago, there was a term used that included both male and female gender, and that term was, and still is, "mankind".  To a minority of sensitives this became offensive.  When thing are seemingly male centered in the Bible it is because in the old language, not so long ago, to talk about the men of mankind was to include women as well.  For example, sometimes a term like, The sons of Israel, it was originally understood to include the women to, and the reader, of old, would know this meant, The sons and daughter of Israel, just as when the Sons of God are mentioned.  However, this upsets many who want to be more individual, more specific, in this age of nonconformity.  If the translations that use man, and mankind are offensive, then ask yourself why?  Is the ego being hurt? And if that is the case, ask yourself why?  Of course, a simple mind could conclude that the Holy Bible, that collection of Hebrew/Christian writings is for males only -- so females -- take the back seat.  Then we could go on and talk about how in those olden days men ran everything and women were little more than slaves.  AND NOTHING, that is NOTHING could be further from the truth.  There was a time, when women understood the term, Mankind and Sons of God, included them.  For it was not that long ago that women and men recognized that our Creator had Created both Male and Female and called them both ADAM, or, Man.  
(Gen 5:2)  Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.
Yes, Adam came first and was made in the image of his creator. Yes, woman came out of the man Adam.  Yes, Adam became the name of the man.  Adam called or name the one who came out of him, woman, and later, when thie Woman gave birth to a child, he named her Eve.  Eve meant, to him and us, the Mother of all living --
(Gen 3:20)  And Adam called his wife's name Eve; because she was the mother of all living.
YaHWeH called them both, Adam.  From the beginning YaHWeH called the man, ADAM but the woman Adam the first man, named the woman. while Adam came from the soil of the earth and was brought to life by his maker, Eve was brought out of Adam, being part of Adam, like a child is birthed from her, she was birthed from the flesh of the First Adam, made in the likeness of God Himself.  
While it is the order of the first Church, that the man is over the wife -- notice, not over the woman, but the wife, and over the man is the Christ, that would be, YaHshua.  If one looks at the record of man, and woman, one will see that women were anything but submissive slaves.  Look at recent history -- among kings and queens of the world, see how many women sat on the throne of various countries, even today, it is a woman that sits on one of the last Kingly Thrones on earth, the Queen of England.  Men and women were originally meant to work as a team, as a couple, as one unit, each shoring up the other, each aiding and helping the other in all things and all endeavors, to operate as a single unit, each in harmony with the other. Women, however, in this type of union (marriage) were not to rule over the man, nor to instruct the man. Why?  Because the woman had and has a flaw -- of course this flaw is not recognized, and is denied by most, just ask any woman.  And what is this fatal flaw?  She was deceived by the Devil, she fell for his cunning words and was enticed by his words to give in to her inner most feelings.  It was not the man, Adam that was deceived in that garden.  NO, Adam knew what was going on and did not stop her. Adam saw his wife giving in to the smooth words of the Deceiver, but did nothing to stop it.  Why?  Because he lusted for the forbidden fruit. His Lust over rode his good sense, but the woman was throughly deceived into believing this liar of liars.
Make no mistake, however, this is not a negative view of women, not at all.  Adam is more to blame than Eve.  We can all be deceived and all of us, male or female can think of times we were fooled (deceived) and some of us have had our eyes opened to the point that we see so many of the deceptions and the deceivers working their lying trade as truth.  And, men and women are fooled or living in a deception.  A good example of a cross gender deception is found in the Name of our Savior, His true Birth Name, a Name that is still among us, and is not difficult to find, but this popular and well known Name He was Named at birth has been replaced by a fake name, and all of Christianity has been deceived, both male and female.  He was Born and Named by His Heavenly Father, given a Name above every name in its meaning and identity, the name YaHshua is that Name.  The false name, Jesus, is the false name, this deception covering up the one name by which we all MUST be saved, the only true name acceptable in our Confession, has been used to deceive both men and women in a complete type of blindness.  YaHshua is His Birth Name.  Jesus is a made up name, and if it is a representative of any name at all, it is a Latin form, not Greek, not Hebrew, and not anything really, just a reshaped and tortured rendering for a Latin name that is not His Name at all.  This Deception is covering the minds of all Genders. After the Great Flood, perhaps, the condition of both men and women has changed?  After all, we are direct descendants of Noah and his family, because they are the only people fo survive and we are told that only Noah, not his wife and not his sons or daughters-in-law, but only Noah found favor in YaHWeH's eyes and worthy of salvation.  And, according to the New Covenant writings this name thing is very, very, and very important.
(Act 4:11-12)  This is the Stone which was set at nought (ignored, rejected) of you builders, which is become the Head of the Corner (Corner Stone). Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none (no) other Name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.
And what is that Name?  The Name Jesus never existed then. The name Jesus is only about 400 years old.  The Name YaHshua dates back to the times of Moses, and is the very Name, found among men, is YaHshua. In the old English transliteration, it is seen as JOSHUA -- look and sound familiar?  The point being, both men and women can be and are deceived equally, no gender discrimination here, none at all.  Deception has nothing to do with intelligence, none at all.  Some of the brightest minds among mankind (women too -- sarcasm), have been deceived by this one, single, most important of all truths, because it is a matter of salvation, a matter of Eternal Life, the path to escaping these present bodies of decay. This deception is from the clever manipulations of the Devil, that one we call Satan, and he no longer is discriminant about who to fool or is the easiest to fool, as evident by this one worldwide deception.  
Today, however, the media and a vast number of women today are living in another deception, a deception that pictures women as wiser than men, that women are peace makers while it is men that have gotten the world into such a mess.  The idea that the woman is a mild mannered super human is sold to the public every day, she is smarter, stronger, has more endurance than any man -- in the movies and tv episodes of course, not in reality, but this too becomes a false reality.  In the movies, and on TV, Netflix episodes, and Amazon Prime men are continually pictured as the beast with little sense while the woman, no matter how small, is presented as some kind of super hero, super strong and superior minds -- man stupid, woman smart.  And, a lot of women, after so many decades of being indoctrinated into this new vision about man, woman relation, slowly begin to fall for this deception, beginning to believe.  Imagine how the ego of the woman is being stroked and if she were as physically strong as men, what a world it would be.  Oh, wait, have you ever watched the peaceful demonstrations taking place this year, 2020? Have you notice how many women are involved?  The peaceful, nurtures of peace, throwing bottles of water at the police, tossing fire bombs into police cars?  How many women are on the bull horns screaming all sorts of absurdities? Has this gone unnoticed -- the growing violence of women?  
That all aside -- the Bible uses gender specific language only in the eye of the beholder and for those offended -- well, get a life, wake up, you are still asleep and allowing something to get in the way of your spiritual growth -- that is, it that is what you are striving for.  Or, maybe it is to complain about hurt feelings, and you, no you specifically, but anyone bothered by this type of language and in their ignorance find their feelings being hurt.  But, ask yourself, what has led up to these hurt feelings? See, see how people are manipulated, are moved to tears because of a word, are made to become confused because they are confused?  Who is it that is first falling for these subtle lies?  I do not see men dressing their little boys up in girls clothing -- many a husband may be doing just like Adam did, watching to see what happens as the wife falls for the gender trap, blurring the lines between male and female and then blaming everyone else for the confusion.  

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