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The Name Yahshua not found

Christian Leadership Response
Was “Yahshua” the Real Name of Jesus?
 Email Quote, from Dr Eyzenberg's title:
By Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg
Despite  the assertion of some that Jesus’ Hebrew name should be spelled  “Yahshua,” there is absolutely no evidence for this name in any known ancient Hebrew or Aramaic sources. In the Judeo-Greek language of the  New Testament, “Jesus” is written as Ἰησοῦς (Iēsous).

That was an email sent to me from Dr Eli Lizorkin-Eysenberg. His web site is loaded with information but like any site you may visit, attempting to "rightly divide..." for truth, have your Bible handy and question everything.  

Some information is straight forward, but used as a cover that is typical of those who deny YaHshua.  And, as you will see, this case being just one example, the reasoning used is highly flawed, but it is out in the open for anyone to see.   Read the above statement made by Dr Eli, again.  Then ask yourself, If we have His Hebrew Name, and if we do, why not use it, after all, our Messiah, our Savior was a Jewish born?  

But, notice, how crafty this denial is -- "...for this name in any known ancient Hebrew or Aramaic -- In the Judaeo-Greek language of the New Testament..." That is like saying, Because it wasn't written on the Bathroom wall it does not exist, so we will opt for the one we find written on the bathroom wall.  Also, what is Judaeo-Greek?  We know that the Apostles and that all or nearly all of the New Covenant Writings were written in Aramaic, the Semitic language of that time, which our Savior and His disciples spoke.  The Greek language was forced on the Jewish people out of sheer need to communicate and for commercial reasons, but among themselves they spoke Aramaic.  

A language close to Aramaic is Arabic and Hebrew, not Greek.  Greek is a totally foreign language to the Jews -- not that many of them did not speak it, as those in the dispersion, but foreign as related to their original Hebrew language.  The closet thing you could get to a Judaeo-Greek, in religious text would be the Septuagint, a Greek copy of the Hebrew Scriptures, composed a couple of centuries before our Lord and Savior was born.  But, is the Name JESUS or as seen in the Greek, Inoous, found in the Septuagint?   No, and we can know this with confidence because the name JESUS is not Greek, it is Latin, if anything, originally printed out as IESVS.  If, INOOUS is the Greek, for His Name, as many Bible Dictionaries do point out, then we can know, with a certain amount of certainty that it was the Greek scholars, commissioned by the Romans, who first changed His Birth Name.  And, as we see, His name is not pronounced as anyone would imagine -- the transliteration, according to the Strong's Greek Dictionary, is "ee-ay-sooce", written as "Iesous" -- and we are told, by the Christian leadership, from all denominations, that His Name is From the INSPIRED GREEK?  Something is wrong, really wrong -- read for yourself, from the following quotes that I have taken from those prized Christian sources, their own admission.  

First, the Truth, as presented by the Greek (language) Dictionaries:

Strongs Greek Dictionary:
Of Hebrew origin [H3091]; Jesus (that is, Jehoshua), the name of our Lord and two (three) other Israelites: - Jesus.
Thayer's Greek Word Definitions
- Original: Ἰησοῦς
- Transliteration: Iesous
- Phonetic: ee-ay-sooce'
- Definition: Jesus = Jehovah is salvation

Now for the Lies, presented by the Christian Bible (accepted scholars) Dictionaries:

Smith's Bible Dictionary
Je'sus. (saviour).
1. The Greek form of the name, Joshua or Jeshua, a contraction of Jehoshua, that is, "help of Jehovah" or "saviour". Num_13:16.

Hasting's Bible Dictionary
JESUS, the Gr. form of the name Joshua or Jeshua, is employed as a designation of—1. Joshua the son of Nun

Both of these last two quoted, esteemed Bible Dictionaries, say the same thing -- "The Greek form of the name JOSHUA...".  The question should be asked --  "If we have JOSHUA, as His Name, then why change it to some other form, like the bogus JESUS, that is pronounced, ee-ay-sooce?  But wait, it is actually pronounce as GEEZUS, and HeyZeus, nothing like the Greek, and the Greek nothing like His Hebrew, Birth Name.  Are the wheels of deception beginning to fly off, yet?  

When we consider Acts 4:12, "... no other name found among men, on earth, by which we must be saved, then we nor anyone else had better be trying to change it.  A Birth Name that His Heavenly Father went to the trouble of sending a special messenger to give to Mary and Joseph to Name Him, Luke 1:31, and did that Name exist, then and now? Yes, it did and does, it is the title of a whole book in the Old Testament, JOSHUA.  A Name found among men, would be the declaration coming from Peter, a name that existed among the Hebrews long before our Savior was born.  What name was not found among men at that time?  The bogus name JESUS, ISEVS, and Insoos.  The name JESUS could not be Greek for the simple reason it never existed until around 400 years ago, a completely made up name that either the scholars are blind to or are deliberately deceiving those seeking salvation.  This reminds me of something our Savior once said -- Matthew 23:15.

Now, if you have a modern translation, like the NIV or any one of the others, besides a King James, I will show you where His Name, originally transliterated as JOSHUA, pronounced as YaHshua, in today's language, and is found in the New Testament.  
Acts 7:45, Hebrews 4:8.  The KJV translates both verses as JESUS, but it is clear that these verse are referencing JOSHUA or YaHshua of the Old Testament and the modern Translations have corrected this error.  So, His Name, as YaHshua, or in the Old English, JOSHUA is found in the New Testament.  

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