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Easter or Passover?

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Easter or Passover?

Q: Easter is coming soon and the Jewish Passover.  One is about his death the other about his rising.  I know what Passover means but what does Easter mean?  What does bunnies and eggs have to do with the risen Christ?

A: The word, EASTER, is, well, a pagan word for a Babylonian goddess, Ishtar.  Some translations actually use the word Passover and others insert the word Easter.  The Easter holy day of the pagan world had to do with new life and sex, or reproduction, hence, bunny rabbits, could have been rats, or mice but not as cute and cuddly as little bunny rabbits.  The egg are also a fertility item, and the hunting for hidden eggs originally began as an adult game.  All in all, it is a pagan intergration into Christianity, compliments of the Roman Catholic church and her daughters, the Protestants, while separating themselves from the Roman Church took with them the pagan practices and doctrines and holidays of that Pagan Church of Rome.  Christman and Valentines day and other traditions, all handed down by the Roman Church.  Some have followed these customs and tradtions all the way back to the Babylonian religion.
We do not need to go into all of the details.  Why?  Because this information is readily available on any online research and in much more detail than we need to go into here.  If you want to look at the evidence then do an online search, it is not longer a secret, as it once seemed to be.  You might check this site out for a start -- https://www.cogwriter.com/news/religious-news/eostre-and-ishatar-are-easter/

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