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And There Were Gaints ?

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Q:  The bible says that there were giants on the earth and that these were the children from angels having sex with the women of earth.  You say this is not true.  How do you explain this evidence?  see the photo.

A: Simple, the photo is a fake.  Hundreds of photos like this one can be found on the internet.  Most of these Photo Shopped images came from a photo context that took place over a decade ago.  I have a link that will answer all of your questions, or, at least, give you a counter to this insanity.  
In your remarks and quesiton, many things are in errro.  #1 You mention "giants on earth", from Genesis 6:4.  If you go to the context of that verse you will see that it was "in those days", it says nothing about these being offspring as a result of angels having sex with women.  #2 - Sex with women?  Go back to verses 1-4, and you see that it does not say they had sex, that is assumed (the Bible usually uses the term, Knew, or Know -- like, Adam knew Eve ... indicating they had done the deed and had a child).  No knowing or knewing here -- it is assumed because it says that these Angels MARRIED these, selected, pretty women.  Married?  Why would they bother?  Especially, after seeing what terrible parents they must have been.  Think about it, if we assume for a second, the possibility this could be a possibility -- these super kids became the terror of the, eating man and animal to fill their giant bellies -- where were their parent angels in all of this?  Marriage includes responsibility.  Of course, none of this is true, it is a made up story.

There were Giants in those day, however, but not human, hybrid monstrosities.  The Giants -- in and during those days, were the animals we all dinosaurs.  The word, dinosaur, did not exist in those days, but the word for giants did, and in the Hebrew it is nephilm and is applied to anything of great stature.  This tale of giant hybrid humans, comes from tall tale telling, like stories we find in the English culture about, well, Jack and the Bean Stalk.  Go to this link for more information -- Giants on Earth
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