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Build Back Better
The Social Democratic Mantra
The Biden Slogan – the Putin Slogan?
By servant, Dan L Baxley

March 03, 2022
Build Back Better?  In order to build back better, something has to be worse.  If you inherit a house, say, that is in near perfect condition and you want to impress your friends with you ability to make thing better, well, you have to let the house fall into disrepair or tear it apart so you can rebuild it.  Rebuild what you have destroyed so you can claim that you are “building back, better”.

This is a method used for many millennia, by one despotic, ego maniac after another.  These twisted personalities attack their own country or neighboring countries, destroying everything and everyone in their way – no matter how perfect or peaceful so they can claim they are over coming some unseen evil or enemy, all for the sake of Build back Better.  

So, where does this slogan come from?  Some think some genius think tank, or perhaps President Biden thought this up on his own.  Nah, don’t think so, but he is fully onboard with this slogan of Chaos.

Chaos?  Yep, the god of destruction.  In order to build something back it must first be destroyed.  In this genius method, no matter how little you build back what you destroyed, you have accomplished your goal of – you guessed it – Building Back Better.  

Look at the Beast of Russia, Putin.  In order to Build Back Better, he has to destroy what is already there.  Even if this means leveling every city and killing millions, well, thousands of people living peacefully.  The peaceful are forced to become combatants and therefore deserved to be eliminated one way or another, so, you guessed it, the Destroyer can Build Back Better.  

The Destroyer and the Destroyers (those helping the servant to the god of Chaos) promise a better world, a world only fit for demons and devils to live in.  But then, after all, they are the servants of Chaos and chaos must rule before the building back to a better state of chaos can go even further into the human mind of destruction.

Many forms of those who serve Chaos have come and gone and are present with us today.  Biden and his controllers all change the Build Back Better mantra, as they work to destroy all of the things that kept other servants of Chaos at bay. Yes, the USA is not perfect but it was the one power keeping the evil in check.  Isn’t it funny how all those things we can identify as evil have destruction tied to their names and titles?  

Nazi, Communist, Jihadist – all they wanted to do was to build back better, after they destroy everything and everyone in front of them.  No matter the excuses.  Yes, the USA and a few of the European countries have created a certain among of destruction of their own, but for the most part, for the vast percentage of the historical time, it has been in response to the Build Back Better crowd or individual with the idea that first we must destroy those living or trying to live at peace with others, that this unwanted destruction has come about.  It is, then, understood that the USA is not in service to the god of Chaos but in service to a higher power combatting this Destroyer god, also called the god of Chaos.  

And what is it that joins forces with this god of Chaos?  Those who serve the god of Mammon.  Mammon, as many know, is the god of Greed, the god of Money.  Those who serve this god, do it for personal gain, for wealth and riches.  We see the ease with which those in political power are influenced by “Money”.  Other peoples money, of course.  China, for example, has bought its way into the very fabric of the US society.  We have democratic political fools, sleeping with Chinese influencers.  If money works it works even better with a serving of sex – just as Rep. (Congressman) Eric Swalwell, of California did and he still has his job.  Imagine the depth of the corruption?  After being totally exposed with, literally, sleeping with the enemy, he still has his job, when he should be in prison for sharing state secrets with a Communist spy. This Communist Spy had, apparently slept with other democratic up and comers before landing in Swalwell’s bed, but was smart enough to hightail it back to the safety of Communist China when her work for the party had come to light.  

I could go on and on.  For example:  Shifty Shift, the ultimate, pathological liar, claiming he had personal proof that the fictional writings of a secret agent, retired author, were true and not fiction. He had personal proof, which, when challenged he refused to produce, saying it was not the right time, but would be ground for Impeachment of the then sitting President, Donald Trump. Shifty Shift continued his lying ways, as all good children of the Destroyer do (Satan, the Devil).  And still, this liar of liars, is still employed by the State of California.  What is it about California?  Maybe it is from eating too many avocados?  Or, perhaps, too much sun?  No, wait, these people, Pelosi, Swalwell, Shifty shift, spend very little time in California, they live mostly in the District of Columbia, where the seat of USA power is, Washington DC.  Afterall, that is where the piles of money and influence is.  As it turns out, the Pelosi family owes much of the riches to China. If you want to follow up on these high crimes among the crime families that have been serving the god of destruction – Red Handed, by Peter Schweizer. There have been other books exposing this China connection with principle, political families in the USA.

Build Back Better, is a plan to build back from something destroyed.  The Democratic party, under Joe Biden and family, has destroyed most all of the good things that President Donald Trump accomplished, only to turn around, in his State of the Union Address and talk about how they are going to build back better what they themselves destroyed by putting back into place those things that President Trump had accomplished.  What kind of insanity is that? Well, in my opinion, it is all about the coming elections in November.
The servants of Chaos and Mammon have something they do when things are not working out for them in the public eye – they change color.  This is a typical pattern.  When elections are coming up these destroyers of civility pretend to be moderates. They will tell one lie after another as they pretend to be what they are not in order to gain the trust or hoped for trust, of the public.  They too, will use their godly powers of mammon to offer up all sorts of free stuff for the votes as they pretend, they are for the little guy, all the while they have spent their lives in self-service and with that we have the Trinity of gods they worship and fall down before – Chaos, Mammon, and the Self as god.

How far will such servants of these three gods go?  Just look at Ukraine and see this servant of Build Back Better (under his breath, In my image), Putin, the Beast of Russia, conducting his WWII vintage war, so he can have his own way, in his twisted view of the historical past.  Not unlike Hitler, who was also a little man that held a huge mental grudge against the West for the defeat of Germany in the First World War.  Very similar to Putin’s view, as he so, uncharacteristically revealed in his address to the World as he invaded Ukraine.  

Why is he still in power?  Why hasn’t there been some kind of rebellion among his military, among his population, or the different gulags that rule the various sectors of the Russian industry?  What is holding all of those young men and officers loyal to this maniacal tyrant?  What lies are they being told? Of course, Putin has a plan to Build Back Better.  On this, he and Joe Biden agree, you must destroy what was before, so that you can build it back, and any thing would be better once you have destroyed it.

What is holding Europe back?  Isn’t it time for the European nations to stand up on their own two feet and stop this recycling of dictators wanting to Build Back Better, in their own image?

Peace is what we pray for – servant@servantsofyahshua.com
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