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God or G-d?

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God or G-d, Lord or L-rd?
email Comment: dan@servantsofyahshua.com

In the Preface of The Holy Name Bible , names such as God, Christ ,and Lord. they say are pagan deities. This caused great concern and ,I am wondering what your thoughts are about this. They base this on Hosea 2:8.


Q: Great question with an easy answer, just the kind I like.  

God, Lord, Christ are not pagan names.  That was too easy, right?  Okay, let's use a little common sense with some reason thrown in.  We could go to all the word books, the search the etymological chain, etc.  But I don't think we need to do that.  We have to properly divide the truth, if the truth then how about the proper dividing the error from the truth.  Those terms are just that, terms and titles, not names.  We are told that there are many "gods" and many "lords" and to differentiate the one god or lord from anther we identify them by name.  

What they really want to say is that these were, once upon a time, real names used in reference a pagan god.  That would mean that there were only three pagan gods in ancient times, after all, these are only three.    With that aside, if we apply their reasoning then we cannot and they should not use the term El or Elohim.  EL was the name of a Canaanite god of old, the god EL.  This referred to just one god, the god EL, but later this came to be a term used by the Hebrews to mean any god -- like we use the title "god" they used "El".  To indicate more than one god, they used Elohim, or gods, in plural.  Still, some took these Hebrew titles to be names also.  They may have originated from a name for a particular god but later became common.  If we, or they, apply their same reasoning and understanding to these two titles then they cannot, or should not, use them either.

Next, those of this opinion, that god, lord and Christ, as pagan names for pagan gods -- this teaching is found throughout the Hebrew Roots Movement and Sacred Names Movement, the producers of most Holy Name type bibles -- find it necessary to compromise their righteous position for the sake of clarity and communication, so, like the good Jews that they are not, the write these words like this, g-d and l-rd and ch-rst, somehow this makes it alright.  All they are doing is removing the vowels and it just so happens that the vowel is not the true part of these words, especially if used as a name.  

I wrote an article on this and if you want more info then go to -- Ch-rch, God or G-d
I have always wonder how they read G-d and L-rd when they write them?  To the eye they are supposedly dismantling this pagan name, by their view but when they read it and it is translated in their minds I wonder how they do that?  How do the readers of their material read it?  When it hits their brain it reads the same, with or without the dash.  
Paul teaches us that if we cannot speak with understanding then we are wasting our time and benefiting no one.  

Do not be afraid of these words, they cannot hurt you.  We know the name of our God, EL and Elohim, we know them by Name, YaH, YaHshua.  

Hos 2:8, is so true, isn't it.  People are praying to all sorts of gods and lords.  We are told that Satan and his minions pose as angels of light and that Satan is the god of this world.  People call on the name Jesus not realizing it is YaHshua that is doing the good they experience.  Baal was the name of EL's son and when the ancients threw EL aside they began to worship his son, Baal.  That was the original.  Later, much later, this name became a term applied to many gods, or many Baals (pronounced as Bael, Ba-El, son of EL).  In EliYaH's time he did Name Battle against 450 ministers of Baal -- by this time this name was being used like we use the term "Lord", so, EliYaH was doing name battle with at least 450 other lords.  This term is also used to mean  "master".  

(Jer 23:27)  Which think to cause My people to forget My Name by their dreams which they tell every man to his neighbor, as their fathers have forgotten My Name for Baal.
(Hos 2:16)  And it shall be at that day, saith the LORD, that thou shalt call me Ishi (Husband); and shall call Me no more Baali (LORD, or Son of ELi).
How Ironic, the translators compose this verse using the very term YaHWeH says will no longer be used one day.  What, do they suppose that because YaHWeH says this as something for the future that we believers can call Him anything we want?
Baal came into common use as "master" or "lord", and this is exactly what the Christian translators have done to the Holy Bible, they have made it a book of "LORD" worship, or Baal worship, to put another twist on it.  

Little off subject there but I think it kind of all goes together.  If we accept that the terms, lord, god and Christ are of pagan origin and so we cannot use them, then we cannot use any language, because, you will find all of these words and letters we use are of pagan origin.  

Hope this little lesson has removed some or all of the concern.  Peace, I pray for you and Jeff, your brother in Him, Dan, or should I say D-n?  Joking.  No wait, J-king -- now that does look bazar and could be mistaken for -- later, Dan

Email:  dan@servantsofyahshua.com

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