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Great Shaking of the Earth

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Great Quake - a Worldwide Earthquake is coming, and before our Savior returns.
Q. The Great Quake of Revelation 6:12 is not what you say.  It is not a literal shaking of the earth, like a real “earthquake”. All of this is symbolic, the shaking of the earth is like shaking up governments and systems.  Every commentator I read says this, so how can you justify calling them liars?  Moutains are nations and hills are small nations.

A. I have received several emails attempting to direct me to their truth.  Hoping not to offend, but I prefer to stay within the truth of His Word.  One quick and simple observation before we dive into the answer -- what about islands and valleys, also mentioned?  Yes, the Bible does use imaging to picture things, like great mountains representing great nations, and other times when mountains or hills are mentioned the word means just that, literally. In this case, both interpretations are true.

I have received several emails directing me to other websites demonstrating how off target I am with taking the Word of our Heavenly Father and His Son, YaHshua, literally in this case.  In my articles on the Great Quake of Rev 6:12 I have pointed out why this is not a symbolic act or warning but a literal earthly event that will shake the whole earth, the whole world.  The context demands this as a literal event along with the Heavenly signs. The context, when paralleled with Matthew 24:29 it is unmistakably an actual event, not a symbolic picture language of what is going to happen among men and systems, but and actual, physical event of worldwide scope.  Yes, I know what the Bible commentators of old have said, and to the man they have all said, in various ways, that this is all symbolic language.  But consider this, in the Book of Daniel we see events portrayed before Daniel in a kind of “sleep trance” and he is shown many things, things that came to pass, literally.  

Open the history books and we see Daniels visions coming to pass word for word, but a funny thing happens, it seems the historical line stops leaving the last portions of Daniel's vision hanging.  Daniel wanted to know more and was told to close the book up because it was not to be understood until the end times.  Just as the first part of Daniel’s vision were recorded and came to pass, not symbolically but in actual physical fulfillment, we must expect the last part to be finished in the same manner. What he saw and wrote down, much like what the Apostle John did, and the visions these two men received disturbed them a great deal.  Now, if Daniel’s final words, concerning the end-times, are closed up and not to be understood until the end days then how is it so many are listening to commentators long dead?  The commentators being quoted by nearly all of the “Prophecy is symbolic” groups date back to 300 years and more. Certainly these men have much to say and to teach, but of the Prophetic word they are only guessing (Jehovah’s Witnesses, a prime example of this art).

Note: For an interesting view concerning this go to this site and you will see all of the commentators quoted are from the past --  -- this is not to say some Modern Commentators do not agree with them but some teachers are still living in the past and still do not understand what the last part of Daniel's prophecy mean, and fail in their understanding of the book of Revelation

(Dan 12:4)  But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

I for one believe exactly what His Word says and wait, patiently to see, to witness, the unfolding of things not understood.  One thing is certain, unless we are instructed by His word that what is being said is symbolic or a parable then it is to be a literal event.  Daniel will not be fully understood until we stand in the End of Days of man’s rule as influenced by Satan, the God of this world, then we will see the finish of Daniel and be understood fully and this is the same with John and his writings concerning what he was shown.  The difference between Daniel and John, however, is John was not told to close the book up.  Does this mean then that we can say it does not mean what it says?  Or that it is all symbolic and does not really mean what it says?  There is a warning in this book, though, and it is a serious warning --   

(Rev 22:7)  Behold, I come quickly: blessed is he that keeps the sayings of the prophecy of this book.

(Rev 22:18)  For I testify to every man that hears the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add to these things, God shall add to him the plagues that are written in this book:

 What do you suppose, would turning all of the sayings in this book into mere symbolic gestures be changing the words of this Book, changing its mean?  This is very dangerous ground to be walking on. You will notice what is being said in v7, He does not say, “…he that keeps the images, or the symbolism of this book…  No, He says the “…prophecy of this book.”  Strong’s -- G4394 Prophecy – “prediction”.  When is a symbol meant to mean something different than what is said, a “prediction”?  

In the articles I have written on the Great Quake, I make it plain that there is to be more than one earthquake of significance, but this Worldwide Earthquake is the jumping off place -- the announcement of His Coming- -- a wakeup call, if you please – a wakeup call men of this earth will apparently ignore – not recognizing the gravity of this event, concerned only with survival after many millions die.  Then off we go into the 7th Seal, the literal smashing of the planet Earth by an asteroid and then a comet, and then the Two Witnesses.  Just before this time of the asteroid the size of a mountain, a space of time is declared  -- one half hour of silence in Heaven – I am guessing here, but I have figured this time of silence in Heaven translates to about 21 years of Earth time – a time of rebuilding for man, as opposed to repentance.  For more on this read the article on the Great Quake -->> great-earthquake

I have prepared a prophetic outline, a simple outline of the coming events without all of the extra material and detail – just a brief outline at -->> end-time-prophecy-outline

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