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His Name
Halleluiah -- HalleluJah -- HalleluYaH -- Praise You YaH

The following article is present as an example by someone other than me or some other Sacred Name nut, trying to tell people that our Creator has a Name, and that it is important.  This short article is very revealing and worth reading and this article becomes even more illuminating when you couple this with a following article about the Name YaHshua, or Yehoshua, by the same author, along with two other experts in the field.  Read this first, absorb it, then go to this link and do not neglect to read the rebuttal at the end of the Link -- YaHshua not in the Bible? -- please read after you read this short article by Dr. Eli.


"Hallelujah” in Hebrew Thought

By Dr. Eli Lizorkin Eyzenberg -- May 16, 2018y
There is probably not a single person alive who isn’t familiar with the word “Hallelujah”. We’ve all heard this word repeated time and again in various contexts. Hallelujah is a Hebrew loan word, incorporated into the English language from Hebrew. But what does this word mean in Hebrew?

The word “Hallelujah” (הללויה) is actually a compound word (two individual Hebrew words put together): “Hallelu” (הללו) and “Yah” (יה). “Hallelu” is an exhortation to a group people to praise someone or something. The old English translation of “Praise, ye” is, therefore, a very accurate translation.

“Yah” (יה) is a version of  “YHVH” (יהוה) – an English transliteration of the covenant name of Israel’s God. Jewish belief holds that this name is too holy to be pronounced at all. In fact, no one really knows how to pronounce it correctly. Ancient Hebrew did not use vowels, but only consonants. In translating “YHVH,”, both Jewish and Christian translators substituted the word “Lord” –  a rough translation of another Hebrew name for God (אֲדונָי) – Adonai. To signify that “YHVH” was the original Hebrew word used in the text – it was printed in “all capitals,” (LORD and not simply “Lord”) in English translations.

For many centuries, Jewish people have traditionally referred to this most holy name of God by using the Hebrew word,HaShem” (literally, “The Name”). Occasionally, they would substitute even the longer Hebrew phrases for God’s covenant name, such as “HaKadosh Baruch Chu” (Holy One, Blessed be He).

Today’s modern Christ followers are divided over the appropriateness of the English translation (LORD). Some prefer to pronounce the actual covenant name of God (forbidden to be spoken in Judaism) believing that this makes their faith more authentic and original. Others continue with the more traditional Jewish/Christian ways of expressing their devotion. Join me and discover the practical simplicity of Hebrew Language.
My Comment:
The above information proves that those in the field of Biblical studies, those in the know, do know His Holy Name and do know that His Name is not Hidden, they do know they are covering for a lie -- how could they not?  Dr. Eli is only one scholar among many that are only now, in these past few years, openly introducing His Holy Name back into public domain, so to speak -- fulfilling our Lord, YaHshua's, prophetic words --   

(Mat 24:5) For many will come in My name, saying, I am the Messiah. And they will cause many to be deceived. HRB

But wait, this is not their intention, not at all.  Go to this link for the denial, by the same authors -- YaHshua not in the Bible?  -- Please, take the time to go to that link and get the rest of the story.  Please note, in this article, there is not objection to the Name YaH, as in HalleluYaH.  Go to the link.  

It should be noted, as well, what we are witnessing in our time, in thie 21st century, is a fulfillment of our Savior's prophetic words.  When He spoke those words, His disciples would not have given it much thought.  After all, this would not see to be such a prophecy, knowing many Messiahs and Prophets have come and gone, before and in their own time, so it would seem natural that this would be true.  But, what His disciples could never have known would be the replacing of our Savior's Name by completely different names.  To think that His given, birth name, would be changed by those claiming to be followers and disciples, would change His Birth Name, but YaHshua would, and did see this -- this makes those words prophetic -- He knew there would be those making such claims while working for themselves, but remember, He is talking about the end times, and this would not mean so much unless you see how His Name, His Birth Name, His Holy Name would be replaced, and thus, making this a false statement.  How could this be true if no one knew His Name?  If His Name had been replaced then how could this be a prophetic statement for the End-Times -- unless -- His Name were changed and then an endtimes restoring of His Holy Name were to begin, and it has.  More and more, His Birth Name is being restored and discussed, more than anyother time, outside of the first century.  We are witnessing prophecy in action.  

Yes, I could be one of those our Lord is warning all of us about.  As for me?  I am confident that I am not one of those deceived and deceivers.  For one thing, I am not trying to tell you how to live, other than following the Spirit and the word.  You may see things at different times that other bothers and sisters, but all have one thing in common, His Holy Name, the Name we confess.  I am trying to restore anything but His Holy Name.  I make none of the claims those to whom our Lord say, Depart from Me -- Mat 24:41.  We at this website are sharing what we believe to be true.  We acknowledge that much of what we come to understand is only the tip of things to come, but the one solid belief, no matter if we are Jew or Gentile or whatever or whoever you may think you are -- in Him and only Him, YaHshua, and no other, is found Salvation.  Acts  4:12, Php 2:11, 1 Jn 2:22-23 -- restore the Name He was Given at Birth and see how these verse come back to life.  

Questions and comments too: dan@servantsofyahshua.com

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