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Beasts of Hamas

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Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iranian Master Minds
 Calling For A Curse On Their Own People
Revealing Themselves -- Beasts With the Faces of Men

By Dan L Baxley
April 26, 2024

(Gen 12:3) I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you."
Do you want to curse yourself?  Then attack the Creator’s chosen people -- The Children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
And, of course, we know that Hagar, the handmaid of Sarah, Abraham's wife, had a child, Ishmael, but this child has a separate blessing -- separate because Ishmael was not born of the Free women (wife) but of a Slave woman (concubine), and in matter legal to laws of inheritance, it is the Free Born who receives the Father's inheritance.  Even among those of Islam, this is true.  Only if the Free Born dies, or is wiped out, can those born of the slave (non-wife) gain the Father's inheritance -- in this case, the Land of Israel.  

 Would you prefer to receive a blessing from the Creator God, or a curse?  I would prefer a blessing, so why has the half brothers and sisters of Israel/Judah chosen not to?  
Make no mistake -- Hamas was voted in by the People of Gaza, those called the Palestinians -- claiming to be 100% of the Islamic religion.  These are not the only people to go after the Jewish people, ignoring the Word, and the warnings found in Hebrew Book, and even their Book, the Koran, recognized as inspired, calling the Jewish people -- The people of the Book, and making use of that knowledge themselves, make a connection to Abraham and Moses -- connecting their heritage to the Jewish people as half brothers and sisters.  So, why this insanity?  We may have an answer, but for now, what makes no sense today, may make sense  in another day.   For now, however, it is a choice to chose a blessing, or the curse.  Let us not forget, Israel has a right to defend itself, just like England did against Germany.  Germany tried to bomb England into powder, and themselves were bombed into powered.  I am sure, some in Germany blamed England, but who started that war?   Who?  A vicious and unreasonable, yet intelligent people, and they even went so far as to attempt the annihilation of the Jewish people -- imagine that, an historical fact.  And what do we see today?  Another people, even a people with less strength than that of Germany, trying to do the same thing.  Why?  Jealousy?  Hate?  Insanity? Perhaps all three.  

Israel is recognized as a Nation among nations, and has a right, among nations to purge those who attack and continually plan for, and call for the destruction of the people of Israel.  Again, to end this madness, for now, all Hamas has to do is surrender and that would end what they started.  

It cannot be stated often enough:  To end the madness in Gaza, all that has to happen is for Hamas to surrender and they would save innocent lives on both sides.  They have lost this attempt, but while their "so called" leaders are safe, they seem bent on sacrificing their own people, hiding behind the innocent mothers and sisters, refusing Israel's willingness to accept surrender, something, if things were reversed, that Hamas would not do for Israel.  This leads, then, to more innocent lives of Palestinians being wasted for the cowards of Hamas.  And we should not forget, the Palestinian people in Gaza, allowed Hamas leadership, and support Hamas as a people and thus, they too must accept responsibility for what is happening to them. What if Hamas had over run Israel?  Just a "What if?"  Their objective is shouted out around the world, "Israel must be eliminated form sea to sea" -- who then, is the real enemy of mankind, if one people call for the annihilation of another?  

We all know that old saying, You reap what you sow -- Bless those who bless you.  And a curse upon those who would curse you.  Hamas, backed by the Palestinian people have become their own worst enemy, encouraging their own destruction.
(Gen 12:3)  I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you."

And understand this --

Isayah 34:8  For the LORD (YHWH) has a day of vengeance, a year of retribution, to uphold Zion's cause.

And what about this --

Mat 7:12  So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.

Of course, our Lord meant for us, as believers, to apply this principle in a loving way.  But, for a minute let us look are another application.  Hamas does to Israel as they want done to themselves.  By this instruction, when Hamas attacking and murdering Israelis, the were saying, this is what we want done to us.  Of course, when that happens they begin to cry foul, as it their victims are suppose to fall down before the.  The Germans during WW 2 attempted bomb the cities of England into dust -- so, it seems that how you treat others, so you will be treated and the English and the USA, did just that, bombing German cities into dust.  As in the The Mandalorian mantra -- This is the Way.  Of course, we as The followers of His, YaHshua's way, are to take that principle as guide to personal conduct and to refrain from such madness.  Still, it is a principle that works both ways -- to save, and to put evil in check.  
First off, let's understand, nearly half or more of those protesting on the College campuses across the US, ARE NOT STUDENTS.  Why this is not being reported is beyond me.  But, as of this day -- May 03, 2024, this truth is slowly coming out.  I has come to light that 40 to 70% of the people in these campus invasions are not Students.  Some of those giving instruction and directions are in their forties and older adults -- and to keep calling those of college age, KIDS, as if they are little children?  Ridiculous -- these are screaming mentally abused, YOUNG ADULTS, responsible for their own, individual act, according to the law.  Looking at this properly and we see that for every legit student there is one or more handler.  And yet, YET, the news media on both the Left and Right are slow or seemingly reluctant to make this a real point.  Now, I wonder, of those who are not students, where do they come from?  Is this a possible foreign invasion?  Where are our INVESTIGATIVE Reporting?  There used to be serious journalist who conduct real Investigative reporting, not repeating rumors, but competing, literally, for the best, most honest, revealed story.  But, nah, those types get threatened and attacked.  Besides, it seem this generation of "reporters" or Journalist can make in on rumors and what ever pap they are fed.  In the 50s or later, but not much, we would have had several journalist making the point, from the first days of Campus invasions, that those were not all students in those tents and they would have been letting the public know that this was all highly organised by outside the USA organizations and interests -- like Hamas itself.  

This is not something that just, spontaneously happened, it has been in the works for at least a decade.  Islamic nonprofits, training and gathering funds and other nefarious sources for just such a time.  The US open border policy and other political misjudgements -- like allowing our schools to become off balance by hiring leftest of every extreme as professors whether qualified or not, to indoctrinate, and radicalise our youth, if possible.   And if that was not enough, and apparently not, others from other countries have been allowed in to abuse the freedoms we enjoy and take over our Schools in a long term conspiracy to over throw the Government just as they have in other countries by the very same methods.  Witness the terror group, Hamas, taking over the Palestinian State.  Yes, i said, State.  Everyone says they need a Two State solution between Israel and the Palestinians -- they already have it, or had it.  The Palestinian people allowed, and supported the Terrorist group, Hamas to take political power of the State of Gaza.  The Palestinian people had this opportunity and chose to follow the terrorist agenda against Israel.  We see a similar thing in Syria.  The Hezbollah terror groups has virtually taken over Syria to the North of Israel.  Both of these militant groups began as Street thugs, demonstrating in the streets, and now look at them, full blown military operations -- from signs and protester shouting hate to guns and rockets, hiding behind their supporters, the common folk.  Right.  To do what they are doing takes money and lots of it.  This is all organized thuggery, working toward political, and then, military take over of people.  It has worked in other places, and now we are seeing it applied here in the United States.  

What to do?  First put an end to these senseless hate mongers by rounding them up and sending them back to their own countries of origin.  Expel all of the legit students so mush brained as to be manipulated in this way.  Then clean out the College administration hierarchy.  They are complicit or totally incompetent.  I believe complicit, either knowingly, or having come from the misguided training received in their own education, Pawns.  The educational leadership we see in the, so called, Higher education, lacks any real leadership or apparent knowledge about how the United States came into being, and how it has been a blessing to the World.  Stopping war, and helping to put and end to murderous dictatorships (think WW1 and WW2) is more righteous than starting War, and murdering millions.  Two blood thirsty regimes exist today, regimes that have murder thousand, even millions of their own people in order to maintain the power of a few -- Russian and China.

Like the Nazi of old, seeking to destroy the people of the Book, those of Islam support street organisers like Hamas in their murderous endeavours to the point of graduating them to a military and political level with the power over life and death.  These evil killers did not get where they are without the support of a majority of those they claim are their brothers and sister of Islam.  And the pay back?  These cowards, then hide themselves behind the Islamic public, behind the lines of their mothers and sisters.  The truth is as evil as it sounds.  And they charge Israel with hate crimes for defending themselves against such devilry?  


Please read the following note about the blessed people:

NOTE: Our Creator, the creator of all people, has not only a blessed future for the whole house of Israel.  And for those who hate them, there will come times when that hate will fall back, in kind, on their own head.  But, please understand, there is coming, also a restoring of the Arab people, a people YaHWeH also loves.  He has told us about saving Egypt and people of Ishmael, in spite of themselves.  They too will have a change of heart.  The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is not only going to Save the Whole House of Israel, and the people of Ishmael too . Out of Egypt comes Ishmael

Isayah 19:25 YaHWeH The Almighty will bless them, saying, "Blessed be Egypt My people, Assyria My handiwork, and Israel My inheritance."

Remember, Ishmael, the first born son of Abraham, was born of an Egyptian woman, Hagar.  Abraham is the link between Israel/Judah, Yahweh's nation, His inheritance, and Ishmael and then to all of the Arab people.  Yes, the Arab people are a people of themselves but in their mixture of peoples with those of Ishmael, and considering that pure blood Egyptians are but a very small percentage, those of Ishmael -- that is with the blood of Ishmael are plentiful and a direct connect to Abraham.  Hagar is the connection to Egypt, while her son is the Connection between all other Arab people, and the people of Israel, all having the same father, Abraham.  And it is the plan, as we read in Isaiah, chapter 19, to save those presently tormenting and seeking the destruction of the Inheritance, Israel.   YaHWeH will correct them, and in the end, they will have a change of heart and worship YaHWeH, along with Israel, their half brothers and sisters.


Those who call for the annihilation of the Jews, and scream murder, and do murder the first Nation of YaHWeH, have a curse hanging over them, a curse that will come as the God of Israel will take His vengeance.  Some will say, Well, that was then, this is now.  What, the lesson of Germany and the Nazis is so soon forgotten?  What they did to the people of God, was done to them.  As they reverse so did their own fortunes, and as they cursed the Jew, so they became cursed.  It is not different today.  The Godly Curse is crushing Gaza, as what they would do to the people of Israel, is being done to them.  Still, I believe that the vengeance of YaHWeH is not finished.  So, what is Zion's Cause?  To exist -- to exist in peace, but evil like Hamas refused, like Germany, and Japan to surrender, at least not until the price they paid was so great as to end them forever was insight, and then and only then did they stop listening to their devil possess, hate fill leaders.  Peace in Gaze is possible, if only those terrorist of Gaza would surrender.  But they won't, it seems, because their sins are so great against the innocent, even among their own people that if they were to surrender the world would then see how evil their work was, rather is.  Their wild depravity would be exposed and they had rather all of their own people die and weakly blame others -- like, you know, the Jew made me do it.  Now, these evil networks are invading he campuses of the USA.  This did not happen overnight, it has been in the works for decades, even to the point of gaining great influence among the faculty.  Bless the people of Abraham's First True Born, and be blessed yourself.  Curse them, and so you will be cursed.  Not my words, but His, by His prophets of Israel/Judah,.

Abraham, father of Isaac.  Isaac, father of Israel.  Isaac is the legal heir to all promised to Abraham.  Ishmael, though the first born, was born of a woman not legally Abraham’s wife, Hangar, an Egyptian woman, the hand maid to Sarah, the legal wife, thus Isaac, the legal son.  This ruling among all people is also recognized and practice among those of Islam, those seeking to wipe out the people of Israel so that they can gain title to the Promised land.  This is their attempt to steal from the God of all Creation, Himself.  
The people of Israel were chosen to set an example of what it would be like to live as in the Kingdom of God (Government of God, or YaHWeH) – they failed in this, but that does not and did not remove them as the First Chosen Nation of People.  And, what about after our Savior going to the Cross for us, all of us – the Jew FIRST, and then the Gentile.  What about after that, all the way down to us now?  They are still a favored people, they are still the protectors and the inspired, written word.  They, in spite of all their problems with other people trying to rid the world of their presence, seemingly directed by some Evil force working from the darkest of places – in-spite of all of that, Israel survives and is still the bearer of the Word --
I has become clear that the attack on Israeli students and citizens of Israel was committed by human animals hiding behind a religion.  Unfortunately, this religion has a dark side to it.  Yes, many practicing Islam can be very righteous in life but to do this the follower must ignore the Dark Side.  
The crimes against humanity, are so egregious that they become an open attack on God Himself.  The Evil is beyond imagination.  This is all becoming clear as one documentary after another are putting forward their finding.
The organized insanity being carried on by the most ignorant of today’s College youth is really hard to understand, that is, until you realize it is all organized, and not spontaneous, and has been in the works for the last couple of decades.  The stupidity is seeing supposedly educated young adults, not educated at all, but just blind minions being used by the EVIL forces allowed to live in this free society, even to the point of openly practicing HATE crimes and speech that would land you or me in jail.  
The Democratic government, from Biden on down, is complicate in what is going on.  I am finding it harder and harder to blame President Biden, and for good reason – He is losing mental capacity to even understand what he is saying.  This means that he is being controlled from behind the curtain.  
The sexual atrocities those Hamas animals carried out on October 7. 2024, is still going on.  Remember, those beasts still have some captives that they abuse daily.  Religious, righteous men in a righteous cause?  Murder and rape is murder and rape.  Torture is torture and if Allah is their God, then what kind of God is that?  And, where are all of the Women’s groups?  Where are all those women that once paraded around in pink, screaming about being mistreated?  Where are they.  Ashley Jude?  Madonna?  Anyone? Incredible.
Just the threat that the student (so called) demonstrators for support of Hamas and other monsters, about killing USA and Israel, as they chant in their ignorance for Death to America, and Death to Israel.  Open Hate Crimes and they are allowed.  What if they changed their chant to – Death to all Blacks?  Well, that is exactly what they are doing.  By calling for Death to USA or all America, the people of color (I do not favor that description) are an integral part of American society.  These are not children, not kid with barely an adult thought in their small heads, no, these are adults, claiming to be students.  If students, then what are they being taught, what kind of brain washing have they been indoctrinated with by their Professors?  It would seem that those teaching the youth, are able to rob them of any truth and able to get their students to deny History itself.  There is that old say, Those who ignore the past history, are doomed to repeat it.  Lordy, lordy, and what do we see?  Some few survivors of WW2, recall very similar beginning among college students, the educated (?), somehow easily manipulate, and look what happened back then – Hitler in all of his glory – and like Hamas and Hezbollah and the evil Iranian regime seeking to destroy a people that has held out the branch of peace over and over again.  

The only time any of these Islamic killers have appeared to take hold peace with Israel it has only been to gain advantage.  They openly teach their own that to break a treaty with those they consider enemies, which is just about everyone, is a righteous thing in order to cheat their evil ambitions ahead, while using the treaty process to tie up those truly seeking peace.
Examples of the ignorance among the intellectual minds that have dumbed down to the point of self-denial.  IIlan Omar, and others in similar positions, accuse Israel of genocide.  What?  I guess that during WW2 the English were conducting genocide against the German people?  How nut is that kind of thinking – or is it a deliberate, measured lie?  Are those people really that stupid, or diabolical.  If diabolical, then of the most evil, marching along with that unseen force, that force wanting to destroy, Satan himself.  So, have these evil minds joined forces with the enemy of all mankind?  It would appear that that is the case.
How stupid are we to listen to such stupidity, flowing from the middle hole in the heads of those defecating all over the anxious and willing Media Networks?  Allowing this kind of Hate Crime among our politicians, let alone those who are guiding students on Federally supported campuses, is credible – in credibly stupid.  The killers, the murders of the innocent, calling for the complete annihilation of all Jews, makes the claim that it is the Jews that are trying to wipe them, and their devil guides out?  This would be justified if the enemies of the Jews were trying to do that to them, and were those who attack first, making such an agenda Honorable – Honorable in protecting the truly innocent and putting an end to a continuing threat to those sincerely seeking peace.  Those attacks on Israel, have for decades, been indiscriminate, dropping rockets on the general population, while those under this constant barrage are pushed to react in self-defense.  
How evil is this?  More than we can measure.  Hamas could settle this and gain great glory for themselves, as they could and would claim victory by doing on thing – surrendering.  But no, they had rather see all of their people come under the sword and with some diabolical word yanking, claim Israel is committing genocide.  
Rape and murder, is their game plan for all Israel, as they put on display October 7, 2024.  Strange how the West as been complicate I covering up  these acts of sadism.  And, as hard as it is to even talk about any of this madness – we must not bury out heads to this reality – it was not only women being torn apart in rape and murder, but men too.  Yes, those animals even went about raping and killing young men,  And according to recent research, this continues among those still being held captive by the Beast of Hamas, the children of Islam.  Is anyone ashamed now?  The aggressor  accuses the victim.  Classic.   
Those holding public office, using selective hate speech toward others should be removed from office immediately.  And the people, no matter who they are, or what religion they belong to, should question their reasoning for voting this Demon agents into public office as their representative.  What Omar said, along with others are then, voice their representation of those who voted them into office.  What, Islam is a peaceful religion?  Really?  Then how is it these hate mongers remain in office?  
When is the WORLD going to have their fill of these terrorist, all supported by those claiming to be peace loving followers of Islam?  Something does not add up.  

Ordinarily I would not enter into the things of Caesar, but this has to do with God’s people, and sometimes we have to speak up.  The Germans failed to do that allowing their evil government, like those of Islam today, work toward the annihilation of God’s people.  Most, I would guess, among the followers of Islam even realize this, and yet, all of their support and donations going to these hate groups, and in their name, we find support.  Evil people always have the edge in the beginning, as they go on the attack.  Sometimes preparing for decades for such events as we see today.  Hitler did not just happen, he was decades in the making.  So, it is today.  They seem to succeed at the start because it takes some time for those wanting to live at peace to understand that there is only one way to stop this, and it begins with those the peace makers vote into office.  Then, once the disbelief is wiped away, it is difficult to organize the government of people to combat this evil.  It can take years to formulate a defense.  Israel, it appears, has had enough.  They, unlike Hamas, strive to avoid the killing of the innocent as much as possible, all the while the evil Hamas, like other beasts of religion, in lock- step with atheist mindset (Odd bed fellows, but more alike than not, by various name – communist, leftist, etc.)

So, what is the answer?  The only real and final solution will be the Return of our Savior YaHshua.  But that is something else and when that happens the world will literally be turned upside down and no one will escape, not the rich, nor the poor, as His Wrath on mankind’s continual rebellion is stopped – Revelation 6:12-17 -- this has not happened yet.  

Rev 6:12-17  I watched as he opened the sixth seal. There was a great earthquake. The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair, the whole moon turned blood red, and the stars in the sky fell to earth, as late figs drop from a fig tree when shaken by a strong wind. The sky receded like a scroll, rolling up, and every mountain and island was removed from its place. Then the kings of the earth, the princes, the generals, the rich, the mighty, and every slave and every free man hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains. They called to the mountains and the rocks, "Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! For the great day of their wrath has come, and who can stand?"  NIV

Now would be a good time for everyone to research the Troubles the Jewish people have been going through over the course of their History.  This would be a good place to start --
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