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Heaven on Earth or is it Hell?

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A Comment: On 1/20/2023, GM wrote:  

This is wishful thinking B.S.  NO ONE KNOWS what happens after death.  Gm

This was a short comment from a reader, regarding my posting about a TV AD, and their response to a letter I sent them -- A TV Ad Response -- asking, Heaven of Not?

You are right and you are wrong.  Right in that no one knows, apparently, when they say we are all going to go to Heaven, when the Bible teaches no such thing.  If anything, Heaven, or the concept of what THE Heaven might be, is coming to Earth.  Of course, if we do not believe anything the Hebrew/Christian Bible has to say about it, then to that individual should have no opinion either way.  However, if a person does believe or sets a standard for a personal belief in what the Hebrew/Christian Bible teacher, for real, not the made up stuff so many sell.  Even the Bible has something to say about that too --

2Pe 2:2-3  Many will follow their shameful ways and will bring the way of truth into disrepute.  In their greed these teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up. Their condemnation has long been hanging over them, and their destruction has not been sleeping. (NIV)

Sometimes, holding up false hope is the only way some people can explain their, or our, reason for being here -- there must be a purpose, surely, this is not just some big accident?  This comfort theology, practiced by nearly all religions, want there to be the Happy Place we go, but of course, all those we hate or are recognized as bad, should have a place to go that is not so comfortable.  What many reject is the straight forward teaching that the "wicked" die and eternal death, not a life, but true none-existence, which the Bible calls, the Second Death.  The Overcomers (Rev 12:11 & 2:7), as they are called, also known as the Children of the Living God, that is, to the Angels -- those beings living in the space of eternity -- will be given new bodies meant for, made for eternity.  We are told that we will become like the One we accept, as our ticket to eternity, and be like Him, the first, literally born again person, YaHshua -- 1 John 3:2.

So, you are right, "no one knows", but the pages of your Bible do reveal some information, enough information to put a person off or to be a source of encouragement and an answer as to why we are here, literally trapped on this small planet traveling through the Universe are super speed.  Yes, trapped -- sure, there are some vain ideas about going to Mars, or even living on the Moon, but to do that, mankind would have to take the Earth with them -- water, food, air -- all we need to live in these decaying bodies of flesh, is right here.  So, yes, we are trapped here for a purpose -- to become one who over comes the flesh, those who would destroy us, those who are also trapped here with us -- Revelation 12:9.  I guess we could say that the Earth is a proving ground (earth) of sorts, and we have been limited to Universal access, as has those rebel spirit beings, until everything gets worked out, so that we can get on with living in the Universe meant for eternity as opposed to ending in a non-existence, called, death.  

Think about it -- if we are only temporary, then it could be said that we are not real, but only a figment of an imagination, like a small shadow that vanishes.  If, however, there are those who exist in an eternal Universe, then it is they that are "real", but mankind see this in reverse, mostly, even though our end is from day to day.  

Wishful thinking, for the Christians?  Perhaps.  Wishful thinking on my part?  No, not wishful, but hopeful.  And if what I read and see is to unjust for some, not happy enough for others, it is more in line with the Words that with pagan superstitions and continued boredom of this life.  We are promised something we cannot fully realize, just as we are told -- a promise beyond our imaginations -- 1 Cor 2:9, 2 Tim 4:8.

Why are we here?  Certainly, we do not have to believe in the fantasies and even the lies of others.  But, that does not answer the questions does it?  The answer as to our reason for being, as temporary as it is, is found in the pages of that Book, a book of answers, if we only look with an open mind, seeking its truth for our life and our reason for being.  

The promise of going to some ethereal heaven of boredom, is a man made fantasy, a false offering that feed the human desire to avoid death.  There is but one way, however, to punch that ticket and that is by and through our acceptance, our confession in the declaring of our hope in the One and Only Begotten Son, YaHshua.  The excitement of what is to come, will only happen, for us, after this Earth is turned on its head, literally, and shaken to its core, literally.  One day a certain generation of mankind is going to experience something beyond their control, as our Creator brings mankind to their knees, as a final demonstration of who is really in charge.  Hopefully, those who will experience this worldwide upheaval will see that the only way out or a total non-existence, will be to apologize for our arrogance against the One who is our reason for being in the first place.  

Thanks for reaching out.  Peace to you, Dan  P.S. Don' hesitate to respond or voice your opinion, or questions, I am not offended easily and it is always encouraging to hear from others, especially those who can see through the fog,  we call -- religion.  
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