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Holy Day Calendar

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Holy Days or Holidays?
HOLY DAY Calander -- see link at bottom of this page

The Christian Bible contains HOLY DAYS that amount to an outline of YaWeH's plan.  To understand these Holy Days is to understand His plan.  From this plan the Spirit of Prophecy is revealed and a better understanding can be seen in the Words of YaHshua when He revealed His Prophetic outline that He recited for His disicples in Mattew Chapter 24 -- a LINK to My Commentary on these important words.  

The value in understanding the Holy Days cannot be overstated.  These Holy Days have been replaced by men for Christian customs and traditions called "Holidays", in a round about way of avoiding the word "HOLY".  If Christian Holidays were called HOLY many might want to know more or be comitted to digging into why the "customs" are Holy.  This would lead to a discovery that many, if not all, of the Chrisitan Holidays are based on a pagan past.  The similarities to pagan rites and holy days from the past gods of Rome, Greece, and Babylon and this might be very disconcerting for many professing believers.  

The very people calling anything found in the Old Covenant words as legalistic and anyone trying to follow the truths found in the Old Covenant writings (Torah -- Book of Law) as being "legalist" as if that is something dirty.  These Christians who say it is a sin to judge others do just that.  They then turn their backs on those desiring to be law abiding Believers while they themselves, like the hypocrits of the past, pile laws and rules and holidays upon the Christian believer -- most of which has been taken from pagan customs -- then calling them Christian.  

I am not saying that you should or should not observe these HOLYDAYS of the Old Covenant, but if you do I am not saying you are sinning either.  For one person honors a day above another day but to our Lord and God in Heaven -- while -- another person honor everyday alike -- Romans 14:5.  This is the rule; not everything you see as correct is correct for every believer, only the true Judge can judge this.  If you can learn from the Law what is right and do what is right then you do not need the Law.  But if you cannot learn from what the law has to teach then you are in denial.  

Our Savior said there were Two Laws, the First; Love the Lord your God with all your heart and the Second, to love your neighbor as yourself.  The Irony is that the 10 Commandments, found in the Old Covenant, Commandmenst literally written out by the Finger of God Himself, epitomize these Two Commandments from our Savior -- Matthew 22:37:40.  The first four of the 10 Comandments are instructions concerning the worship and honor given to our Creator and God, YaHWeH.  The last six of these 10 Commandments are laws governing mankinds conduct toward his fellow man.  Read them and you will see this truth -- Exodus 20.

As for the Holy Days they were certainly written out and deliverd to the People of Israel, but this does not remove their meaning, and as part of the Old Covenant Law we should have an interest.in them and why our God would give these to a people and for what reason?  Shouldn't a believer be interested?

If you are inspired (moved) to observe these Holy Days the you should most certainly understand why and what they mean, especailly for the Christia believer, as the instructed meaning is more than what the Jews or the people of Israel understood or understand.  For example -- the Passover is all about our Lord and Savior, YaHshua, but to the Jew the Passover is about remembering when YaHWeH brought them out of Egypt.  
The following link is provided by a groups of beleiver that believe you must keep these days -- I do not agree with this, but I do believe we should honor these days and remember them because they have a lot to teach us.  Go to this website to find out more about these Holy Days and to print up a copy of these dates to come.  

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