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Jonah & A Big Fish

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Jonah Survives in a Fish Belly

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Q:  How could Jonah have survived being swallowed up by a whale?

A:  First, the scriptures do not say it was a whale.  Second, it was a “great fish” created for the special purpose of taking control of Jonah and insuring his survival in order to accomplish the task YHWH had for him.  The answer is clearly in the verse but ignored by most.  The critics see only what they want to see and are adept at confusing the mind of new, in experienced, searchers of truth.  Check it out:

Jonah 17  Now the LORD had prepared a great fish to swallow up Jonah. And Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights.  KJV

A “great fish” had been “prepared”, nothing about what kind of fish.  The King James bible, in Matthew 12:40, calls the “big fish” a “whale”.  This incorrect, however, and with the use of Strong’s Greek Dictionary it is easy to prove this.  Reference number 2785 for “whale” as used by the KJV translators we read, “ketos, kay-tos,from the base 5490; a huge fish (as gaping for prey); -- whale”.

It is only an assumption that the “prepared” fish had been a whale.  The key word in the orginal writing of Jonah’s account is the word, “prepared”.  What?  There were no whales at that time?  Even if there were and the Creator used a whale He prepared it for the task.

It really does not matter what type fish, big or little, it was “prepared” -- a special creation for a special purpose.  We don’t think anything of men building great fish of steel and putting far more than one man within its belly and sending in under water for days and months.  Remember, the Creator of all things can call things into being just by speaking it – His Word creates something from nothing – end of argument.  (Evolutionist – eat your heart out)

Romans 4:17  “ … the God who give life to the dead and calls things that are not as though they were.” NIV

When He says it is so and if He calls forth a “great fish” to swallow a man and to keep him safe for three days and three night before coughing him up on a beach then so be it.  How do you supposed the earth and the whole of creation came into being – by the Word, of course (John 1:1).  Science has been trying to tell us this for a long time.  They are closer to the truth than they would admit.  For “evolutions” to work we, and all of creations, would have to had come from “nothing”.  Taken back to the beginning we came from dirt, man-kind, that is, the dirt came from somewhere else and from something else all the way back to nothing – ah, but then there is the Creator God – this is what science cannot get past, that something existed, something that could make something from nothing, or a “big fish” that could carry a man around with out killing him.  So, science invents things like the “big bang” but there is a huge problem -- every action requires a reaction.   What started the action they propose?  Hum, they don’t know.  Some in the field of earth science and research are starting to suggest the presence of a creative element but they stop short of calling it God.

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