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Let's Discuss It

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Let's Discuss, or Exchange Ideas About our God and Savior

This website began with the idea for an honest exchange of sharing Biblical Knowledge, directed toward growing in Knowledge about Him, our Savior.  The assumption being that those connecting with this website would have already entered their Journey on that narrow path -- that path that leads to the awakening, that then leads to seeing the deceptions in religion.  Many have found themselves on the outside of their groups, or churches, or organizations, even their families, for daring to go against what has been taught as truth.  Most of religion has developed into "feeling" and "mental comfort", over truth.  Once, someone told me, after I directed them to start reading the Old Testament, the Hebrew part of their own Bible, they came back to me and said, "I would not have a God like that".  Like what? "Mean and vicious, even blood thristy.  Not very kind."  And still, this person went to Church (the building, where similar minds gather, not to mistake with the Ecclesia), prayed with others, every Sunday.  

Some of us see our God and Savior, as one and the same as the God presented in the Old Testament.  Some of us do not separate the two.  Some of us do not see the New Testament as only a book, or Covenant of Ease, of Love and kindness, filled with tolerance for sin and evil of every sort.  Far from it.  Yes, how our God does love us, but do we, or they, love Him?  Religion says, Yes, we do, then goes about playing god themselves by forgiving sin and allowing it into every facet of life, never asking how the God they claim to worship feels about it.  For the majority, to be tolerant and to aoid hurting feelings -- even to accepting mentally ill, or deranged minds as if they are normal and that it is normal to allow these, sick and twisted minds to have dominance over the majority all in the name of love and forgiveness.  It is uncanny how many professing Christians can read the New Testament and see only forgiveness and tolerance -- seeing only one side and blind to the other.  This may explain, as well, why so many young people, raised in the world of tolerance and forgiveness, avoiding the hurting of the sinners feeligs, never seem to be interested in Bible Prophecy, skipping over those parts of the New Testament, that are, well, distrubing to the sensitive minds of the fallen.

Attempting to "live at peace with all men", as we are instructed, is not a liberty to approve, say, homosexual activity, or the strange desires for gender mutilations -- I believe they call it, Gender reassignment, as if this is a normal thing, as if it is something we, in our human goodness can forgive and allow, because we love them.  As nutty as that may sound to some, just look around.  The love humanity has for itself, becomes greater than the love humanity has for their Creator, and look where it has gotten us.  Do we have more peace?  Is there really more love in the world?  Can mankind be more loving than their Creator?  Apparently, this is the common consensus, as Russia Attacks Ukraine, killing thousands of people, and the USA send billions to Ukraine to kill thousands of Russians, and various countries applaud support for one side or the other.  

How is mankind's love for mankind working out?  
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