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Letters from you

Letters to the Editor
Steven wrote:

   I guess I was meant to stumble across your article its everything I wanted to know about his real name.Its been a drive to get confirmation ya know.A cheat sheet when your trying to defend the feeling deep inside you but your to afraid of your own transgressions to keep you from asking Ya shoe ah (phonics) Ya hoo a' Right?? yahoo even has a name world wide that prevents man in this age to even speak it like a slap in the face by the destroyer to keep mankind from finishing his holy name? only a observation that I have kept to myself? Please let me know if I am reaching I have drawn away from the religion of world over a period of time. I would really like to know more about what The God in Heaven's spirt has shared with you as I realize very few will be allowed to "not be blinded"? Its has to be natural Father givin right? I am seeking a friend in 'The true father and son that we were comanded to call out too and the jews of isreal are not allowed to spell his name.

Greetings Steven,
No you are not over reaching. And thank you for the encouraging words.  Our true friend is YaHshua, our Savior.  He is the head over the body of His called out ones on this earth.  I hope you find the website encouraging and an addition to your bible studies and growth in Him and about Him.
You have many friend united in the Spirit of truth.  Our duty is to endure to the end and to realize the Party is over.  
Peace to you Dan
Please do not hesitate to question or comment on any concern you may have and If I am able I will answer or discuss to the best I can.  


Dear Marcela, Dan, Molly and Ron
I thank our Father and his Son for giving you thirst for the living water and the truth.
Because of that, many who seeks after the knowledge of YHWH, can receive blessing through your writings.
I consider myself as the most sinner on earth. (but I don´t wan´t to be). (please pray for me).
I once had found Yahshua and had got a lot of faith in him, but the troubles of this world, lead my away from him, that eventually reached to a point in my life where I was sure that I was condemned forever. (can’t describe that feeling and hopelessness).
But it was not intended to tell you about the misery of my life, but rather to describe where I stand before our heavenly Father.
(Of course I know that The Holy Spirit can reveal it to you in your prayers if “he” wants).
Well, best to get to the main content of this letter, namly how to pronounce the name of our Savior.

“I will declare your name to my brothers and sisters;
in the assembly I will sing your praises.”(Hebrews 2:12)(NIV)

“ ‘I will make known my holy name among my people Israel.
I will no longer let my holy name be profaned, and the nations will know that I the Lord  am the Holy One in Israel. (Ezikiel 39:7)(NIV)

We know that the name of Yashua means JH(WH) Saves or YAH’ SHUA. Pronounced YAH wit an “a” sound like in Hallelujah (Hallelu ´YAH)
I assume that "Hallelujah" is a term (praise) that has been widely spoken throughout the centuries, and not likely to change much in time. it will at least sound very oddly pronounced hallulujeh with an “e” sound like in heaven. Therefore we have known the two first letter in our Fathers name. JH becomes YAH or Yod, Aleph, Hey in hebrew alphabet. I think the same applies to the last two letters WH and will be WAH but not WEH. But there comes into account hebrew vowels, which I do not have any knowledge.


Our heavenly Father showed me his name in a dream, where his name was written in a big sun like form. Therefore I know how it´s written,
but want to know how it´s prounonced as well and the true meaning.
Sveinn Andersen
Reykjavik. Iceland

Greeting Sveinn.
Thank you for taking the time to write.  Questions are always welcome and help me in my studies as much as I hope my answers help those that write.  I really appreciate your understanding and hope I might be used to help you in your journey toward the truth, our Lord and Savior, YaHshua.

Thank you for the background information as this helps me to understand where you are at and the reason for your question.  Simply put, no one, not anyone knows if they have the exact. perfect pronunciation of His Holy Name.  The day we have that, without the lightest doubt will be when our Savior has returned and placed the Name of the Heavenly Father on us, and when He, YaHshua makes know His NEW NAME -- Revelation 3:12.

What we can determine is what we know to be true when it comes to names being used.  I personally do not have a problem with the use of variation on His Holy Name as we know it today.  YaHshua, YaHushua, or even YaHoshua and maybe the ever popular Y'shua -- The placement of the ' indicates a missing letter as a form of respect for this Holy Name.  I have seen some Of the Jewish religion write the name in this way, and was told by an Ultra Orthodox Jew that this was not a sign of repect for them, but a refusal to accept this name.  So, on the one hand the use of the ' is in fact a carrot signifying a missing letter, and while the Ultra Orthodox Jews do not mean for this to be a sign of respect it does show a letter is missing and it is the readers responsibility to replace it when reading.

Why is this important?  Because the Jews know the meaning of this Name, they understand fully the significance of this Name, a name found only among men (not in heaven) a Name by which we must be saved (Acts 4:12), and that makes this Name very important.  It is also a Name that has never been hidden and gives us the correct, or as correct as we can be in the pronunciation.  The Key in this name is the letters Y  and H, which are transliterations of the Hebrew letters.  The "A" is actually not part of the Name.  The "A" is from a vowel, or vowel point used by the scribes of YaHshua's day on earth and before.  They, the scribes and lawyers used these vowel points, a sequence of dot over and around and in between certain letters to indicate specific sounds as an "aid" in how a certain letter was to be sounded out.

So, this is the method used as phonetic assistance for what the scribe or priest or lawyer thought how the letter of word was to be pronounced.  The Name of The God of Israel is YHWH, without any vowel assistance.  Notice the missing letters from the Name YAHWEH as we see many spell it.  Why is this important?  because this Name is found also in the Name of our Savior, YaHshua.  The "A" and the "E" are not part of the Name YaHWeH but are vowels coming from the vowel points origianally used by the scribes in copying from one text to another.

By capitalizing the letters along with the true characters of His Name many are led to believe these vowels are also part of His Name when they are not, they were added by men.  This does, however, not mean they are wrong but it is wrong to apply these letters as of equal value.  Thus, I have gone to writing His Name, with the phonetic aid of these vowels, as lesser characters, as YaHWeH.  So, if you want to determine for your self the correct pronunciation of the Name of the God of Israel, which is also connected to our Savior's Name the simply pronounce Y H W H, or YH and WH separately then combine that pronunciation and see what you have.

Some argue their way is the only way.  To me the Name YH is the easiest of all and has no definition other than being the Name of the Sustain-er and Maker of all things.  Who can define Him?  Everything defines Him, our existence, all that we see, can anyone put that into a definition as a single word?  Well, it is in the Name YaH and there is no other.  Our Savior is Named YaH shua.  The last part is defined as "savior" or "salvation" depending upon how it is understood, but the definition for the Holy Name "YaH" is not definable and is easily pronounced.  Remember, this is in the English transliteration of the Hebrew but in other languages it would still be the same, while the letters may be different but for the most part even the lettering in other languages, especially European languages would remain the same.  An example is that my name is Dan and in French it is still Dan.  Now, in Chinese, it would appear differently but they would attempt to make it sound the same and write it out in their own lettering to create the same sound as Dan.  Same holds true with His Name.  The letters might change but the phonetics of the name should remain the same.

So, how do how do you pronounce His Name?  Say YH
So, what is the meaning?  It is the Originator of all things and is indefinable -- all titles, all definitions, all belongs to YH

YH WH, the God of Israel is YH WH (Last part, WH is -- Causes To Be).  Some say WH means "I will Be what I will Be", but it all works out the same, the YH of His Name is not defined.  The Jews take this a step further and say His Name is ineffable, by which they mean it is "unspeakable".  Their position in this is indefensible as we read throughout the Hebrew writings that His Name is mentioned some 6800 times.  The Christian writings containing the Gospel message and teachings of great value are nearly usless when it come to the use of His Name, preferring to replace our Savior's Name with a false name and refusing to properly enter His Name where appropriate when quoting from the Hebrew writings we call the Old Testament.

I hope this helps in you search and if for some reason you do not understand what I have just shared with you, let me know.  I am not above being corrected and open to learning from others.  Peace to you, from your servant, Dan
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