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Messiah or HaMashiach?
Q:  Dear brother, can you write me the correct name for HaMashiacjh ...or Messiah.
Because I understand your explanation about Yahshua.. Its very Truth.. So now I ask you Messiah or HaMashiach.. Which is accurate to original..?
A: First Answer: Did you know that the term Messiah is used only twice in all of Scripture (KJV) -- Dan 9:25 &26 -- and according to the Hebrew Dictionary -- Mashiyach, pronounced as, maw-shee'-akh.  
The Ha in the rendition you mention means "the", or in a plainer understanding, The Mashiyach is the same as Ha Mashiyach, or to say, The Mashiaych.  If we go to a modern translation, like the NIV, we find that the word, Messiah, is found only twice in the New Testament, John 1:41 and John 4:25.  In the KJV the term, Messiah is presented as Messias and only twice, in the verses mentioned. However, our Savior is called the Christ 571 times, which is a mistranslation for the word, Anointed.  So, technically, our Savior was called the ANOINTED 571 times while being called the Messiah or Mashiyach only twice, in either the Old Testament or the New Testament.  
Example: (John 4:25)  The woman said to him, I know that Messias (Mashiyach) comes, which is called Christ (The Anointed): when He is come, He will tell us all things.
This verse reads the word Christ in place of The Anointed -- the word Christ is from the Greek Christos, which is the Greek attempt at saying, Anointed.  HaMashiyach, or some other form is only the Modern Hebrew for saying, The Anointed. I know that many in the Hebrew Movements want to use many Hebrew words in place of other words, which, to me, is fine, but for me, it is all about communication.  The Hebrew Roots and the Messianic Christians using various Hebrew terms is no more correct than any other language.  However, when it comes to names, the rules change a bit, for one thing, names are supposed to be transliterated, not translated.  A transliteration is to reproduce the sounding out of a person's name as it would sound, so that no matter what language a name is vocalized, it would sound the same -- transliterated.  
I may be going a little beyond your question but I hope I have answered it.  Thanks for taking the time to email your question. I make every attempt to answer any email communications personally.  Your servant, Dan  dan@servantsofyahshua.com
Praise You יה

Part 2
Q:  Still I was not answered by you... My question was. Whether Messiah or Hamessiah which one is closer to original or accurate?
A: Sorry, I misunderstood, I thought your question was about the term, HaMashiach?  If it is about using Messiah or HaMessiah?  I would pick The Messiah. Which is more correct?  The Hebrew would be, if you only speak Hebrew. According to the only Hebrew reference for this term, found in the Old Hebrew Testament is, Mashiyach, found only in the Book of Daniel, and without the Ha added – Ha is the equivalent or The in English. Again, I repeat -- the Ha is adding "THE" in front of the term – thus, The Mashiyach.  So, which is more correct?  Messiah or Hamessiah?  You decide.

I would like to ask, why is this important?  Messiah or Mashiyach or HaMashiach are not names but only titles.  Just wonder why you ask?  I know these Hebrew terms are important to some -- it all sounds very religious, I know.  I suppose some are bored with their own language and these other languages sound more fascinating, exotic, or religious.  Believe me, Modern Hebrew is not a Holy Language any more than Greek or English are.  If any of them were, then they would not be replaced, as they are going to be replaced when the Kingdom is established by the Return of our Savior –
(Zep 3:9)  For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the Name of YaHWeH, to serve Him with one consent.
Paise You יה
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