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Q:  Modalism?  The Idea that Yahshua and the Father are one and the Same individual?

Shalom Dan.
From your article "I AM", it is apparent that you are presently for Modalism?
Your position is that YHWH (ABBA) and YAHshua (begotten Son) is one and the same God/ Person/ Entity/ Substance?

To put in another way - scripture tells us that in the heavenly scene where YaHshua (the Lamb) came forward to receive the scroll from the hand of YHWH WHO was seated on the throne; we are to understand that the ONE seated on the throne with the scroll in HIS hand is one and the same Person/ Entity/ Substance as the one (the Lamb) who came forward to take the scroll from HIS hand?

Likewise, during the Mashiach's baptism, the ONE (ABBA) WHO spoke from the heavens  (This is my beloved Son...) is the same Person/ Entity as the one being baptized?


Modalism?  I had to look that up and after reading the definition, that agrees with your definition, I get it.  No, I am not presently, nor have I ever been a proponet of Modalism, and how you came to that conclusion puzzles me.  Have you read any of the material presented on this Website (

Let me state for the record, I do not believe in the Trinity Doctrine>  True, but I also do not believe that the Son is God the Father either.  I do not believe that there is no difference between the Father and the Son as separate personalities, and I especially do not believe that the Holy Spirit is a separate personality either -- the Holy Spirit is the Father.  The Father is Holy, and as such, He is THE HOLY SPIRIT, and the Son is from the Father -- sons come from their Fathers, as the Word came from the Father, to become, YaHshua, a Firstborn, from the flesh to the Spirit.  The Son originally was the Word and YaHWeH, operating by the permission and authority of the Father, the One Holy Above all.  Now, here is where almost everyone goes wrong and, perhaps, this may be where this misunderstanding comes from.  Let's see if we can sort this out?

So, here it goes, I will try to make this as understanding as possible:  YaHWeH is not THE Father whom our Lord revealed.  Understand this -- the Father has always been and with Him the Word, and together they created everything.  Actually, the Father used the Word, that is YaHWeH, to create everything. Later the Word was sent to Earth by woman as the one and only begotten Son of the Father.  In other words, YaHWeH, the Word, gave up His Glory with the Father to come to Earth and go to the Cross for us.  

Yes, we read in several places where the God and Husband of the nation Israel, is called a Father and this too is true, but He is not THE Father.  YaHshua, in His previous Glory, as the Word, YaHWeH, created the nation Israel, He also Created the Earth, and as such is a Father, a Father of creation.  He also created, made, Adam and Eve, making Him the Father of all mankind.  But, again, He is not THE Father, the One that created Him in the womb of a flesh and blood woman.  

YaHshua, as a flesh and blood man, tried to reveal the Father to anyone that would listen.  That, my friends, is not Modalism.  I see YaHshua and the Father as two separate individuals.  The only Spirit can be called Holy is the Father, the origin of what is Holy, and thus, He is the Holy Spirit.  YaHshua never speaks of the three of them, He only speaks of Himself and the Father in Heaven.  He never says or suggests there are three and the three are one.  He does not teach the Trinity Doctrine.  Look at it like this -- the Son has a Name and the Father has a Name, so, what is the name of the Holy Spirit?  If the Holy Spirit is like the wind, and compared to waters and all other things we cannot see then perhaps it is not a personality at all but a force used by its originator, the Father.  And again, how can we call on Spirit HOLY?  There can only be One Spirit that is truly HOLY and that would be the Spirit of the Father.  

YaHshua Takes the Scroll From God the Father’s Right Hand

As for the Scroll that only the Lamb can open (Revelation Chapter 5), and receiving the Scroll from the One sitting on the Throne.  You say that the Lamb took the scroll from the hand of YHWH (YaHWeH).  No where does it say that.  It says the One Sitting on the Throne.. it is you assumption .. no,m it is your false idea that YaHWeH is THE Father.  THE Father is sitting on the Throne and the Lamb, YaHshua, takes the scroll from His right hand.  YaHshua is pictured as, first, a Lion (verse 5), then as the slain Lamb, and notice, this Lamb has Seven Horns and Seven Eyes that belong to God the Father and these Spirits go out into all the Earth.  Interesting, God the Father, the one sitting on the throne, has Seven Horns and Seven eyes all called the Seven Spirits of the Father and the context suggest it is the Lamb, YaHshua, that these Spirits are associated with.

What, Seven Spirits of God?  What does the Trinity mean?  The Trinity is based upon only Three Spirits, but here we are told, clearly, that God the Father has Seven Spirits.  Hum, seems there should be some rethinking to me.  

Again, I agree with this totally.  Our Savior, as the Lamb, took from the Hand of the God sitting on the throne, the Father, the small scroll.  Definitely two separate individuals.  No Modalism here.  

YaHshua’s Baptism

I agree, it was not YaHshua blessing Himself from Heaven.  I have never said this ever.  If you think that is what I have said or written then please tell me where I said or wrote such a thing.  I have not and did not.  You are misreading or I have mis-written, so please, let me know where in all of my studies I have said such a thing so I can correct it.  

I believe your confusion and perhaps others as well, comes from the embedded belief that YaHWeH is the FATHER, the One whom YaHshua said He came to reveal.  I will say it again, YaHWeH is not the Father whom YaHshua said He came to reveal.

Peace, Dan

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