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Muttilated Cattle?

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UFO Cattle Mutilations?

Q: Doesn't the mysterious cattle mutilations prove ufo invasion?  And where do you think the UFO people come from?

A:  Well, let me see.  I have been hearing this for 60 years.  The UFO invasion.  If we use a little common sense, we can see through this exciting mind jerking.  I have spent a lot of time in the woods and in areas where animals roam, wild and tame or domesticated.  I have observed, personally, dead animal carcasses in various states.  There are not a lot, not really.  It is not like animals dropping over dead in easy to find places.  But, as an avid hunter and fisherman I have seen lots of dead animals and let me say -- when an animal falls dead from old age or some desease and is not taken down by wolves or bears -- remember, it is only in recent history that both big bears and wolves have been introduced back into the US.  This means that the weaker, deseased animals would just fall dead and the carcass left for smaller animals to pick at.  In the right environment, like desert or semi-desert climates, where most of these, so called UFO surgical research mission victims are found, is actaully a natural occurance.  It is not unusual but normal for the soft tissues to rot away and evaporate from the softer tissue leaving behind nothing but smooth perimeters after the soft tissue has disappeared.  The soft tissue areas are obvious and just happen to be those areas that the UFO cult adicts get exicted about -- around the eyes, and the eyes, and then the mouth and the genitalia and anus areas.  Also, these are the same area of a body that the smaller scavangers will go to first.  Even a wolf will tear at the genitalia first to rip open the softer underbelly to get at the guts and they will lap up the blood.  That is the other thing those with fevered imaginations mention all the time -- NO Blood, must be Aliens.  If a body is left to itself the blood and the water in the body will evaporate and seep into the ground immediately under the body.  Once a body is dead the blood does not flow as in a cut or other major injuy.  A dead body if left out in the open and exposed to the sun and other elements it dehydrates, like becoming jerky, by the slow heat method.  Insects also play a part.  Once the maggots do their job they do not hang around, they turn into flies and leave nothing except the hard parts fo the carcass, and they they fly off.  

There is your real Aliens, and there is where they came from -- maggots, who escape by transforming into a different creature, a fly, and flying away.  But wait, where did these alien maggots come from?  Well, the fly, and where did these alien flies come from?  Well, the maggot.  Now that is strange -- that is truly ufo stuff.  The truth can be even more weird than the fantasy.  Someone might ask -- which, then, came first, the maggot or the fly?  Crazy, right?  So, what is the answer?  Which came first, the maggot or the fly?  You answer that one for yourself -- maybe from the aliens invading us.

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