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Nephilim (Giants) Impossible

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Nephilim Impossible
The Giants of Genesis 6 were not humans
Presented by Dan L Baxley

The Following article is from the very popular, Popular Mechanics Magazine.  It is a discussion and a reveal about how impossible it would be for a creature, much less a human, to be of the sizes that the Nephilim, just another word for "giants", are credited or reported to be, would be impossible.  Gravity alone, would turn them into jelly, and only then if they were able to grow to such a size -- when would big, be too big.  We notice that when humans gain a height of nine feet or more they become very clumsy and eventually need something to help them walk.  And, those few, who do manage such giant status, have very short lives.  

The following example, is an investigation into the possibility of such a huge creature could survive or even grow to such a size in the first place and the ultimate answer is no, that would be impossible.  

While the many books and teachings about the Giants mentioned in Genesis 6:1-4, we should keep in mind this very important truth -- back in the day, the ancient days and the days the English Bible was being translated into English, originally, there was no name for a DINOSAUR -- they were dragons or giant animals, but "dinosaur"?  Nope, only Giants, and English word for the Hebrew work "nephilim" -- great big anilmals.  Later, much later, applied to humans that were of great stature, physically and otherwise.  You can think of some examples, I am sure.  Still, the Genesis 6 account does not apply to humans, the context is completely twisted when such teachers say that the Giants of Genesis 6, are humans.  It merely says that in those days, at that time, that there were giant animals present.  Like, you know, those animals whose bones are being dug up all over the world, those animals we call, dinosaurs.  

According to the Book of Enoch, from whom so many liars gather their information to pass on to you about human Giants that they say existed before the Great Flood and about whom they say were the real culprits in bring about the Great Flood, that these Giants attained great stature in height, upwards of 400 feet, according the the Book of Enoch.  Some, in defense of this spurious book of fables, say it is a misinterpretation and only means 200 feet, then others, seeing how this is still impossible, chose other weights and measures.  The fact remains, the Book of Enoch is not scripture, but is accepted or treated as such by the Nephilim teachers -- some of them, real giants among Christian Leaders.  

Check  out this little bit of a reality check, when it comes to the possible or, better yet, the impossible teaching that giant (nephilim) children, offsping from the angel/human marriage union.  This Nephilim lie -- I meant, this Giant lie, is being proposed by some pretty big names among the Evangelical prophecy teachers, whom also like to make a connection between this imaginary creature and a coming UFO invasion.  

I put a couple of links at the bottom, also, if you want more information about this.  

MAY 14, 2014

This week Godzilla is back in theaters for Godzilla: King of Monsters, and one thing is certain—Godzilla will be big.
Since his first awakening, the radioactive, fire-spewing kaiju has grown 200 feet and put on more than 150,000 tons. Godzilla is now 30 stories tall and weighs as much as a cruise ship. No actual animal could take the pressure of being so massive: It would overheat, its organs would implode, and it would need to mainline butter to get enough calories. For fun, we surveyed scientists to help us break down the beast's biology. If Godzilla were real, he would be an incredible specimen.
Weight Problems
Godzilla would weigh 164,000 tons, according to our keen analysis of the 2014 Godzilla toy and a formula developed by paleontologists to work out the mass of bipedal dinosaurs.* We found out he would surpass the theoretical weight limit for land animals—110 to 1100 tons. The heaviest dinosaur, the 100-ton Argentinosaurus, stood 70 feet tall, was 115 feet long, and had four limbs to distribute its enormous heft.
At rest, Godzilla's metabolism would generate 1.4 megawatts, or about as much power as that of a large wind turbine. On a rampage—smashing helicopters, knocking over buildings, fighting Mothra—he'd generate about 37 megawatts. That's enough energy to fuel a town of 3000 people.
Bad to the Bone
The force on Godzilla's bones is roughly 20 times greater than the force on a T. rex's, so his bones would need to be phenomenally strong—about twice as tough as some titanium alloys. Normal bone has a tensile strength of 150 megapascals, but Godzilla's bones can handle 3000 MPa—the same pressure found at the base of earth's lithosphere, 60 miles below the surface. Godzilla's cartilage would be about 12 times stronger than a human's, preventing his knees from exploding like overripe tomatoes—and making him the envy of basketball players everywhere.
Thick Skin
Godzilla's exterior is tough. (Soldiers with rifles, really?) His crocodile-like hide would be embedded with osteoderms, or bony deposits akin to chain mail. Protruding osteoderms on his back and tail vent excess heat.

This post was originally published in May 2014. It's been updated for 2019's Godzilla: King of Monsters.

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