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New Heaven, New Earth?

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New Heaven, New Earth?
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 My question has to do with looking at the end of things from an earthly point of view or not.  First Gen. 1-2"God created the Heavens (plural) and the earth. Rev. 12-14 " a great earth quake, the sun turned black like sack cloth, and the moon became like blood, and the stars of Heaven (singular) fell to he earth." then the sky (singular) receded as a scroll when it is rolled up and every mountain and island was moved out of its place, these two verses are seen by perspective of being here. Rev.21 " I saw  a new heaven (singular) and a new earth for the first heaven (singular) and the first earth had passed away" . So what I am trying to understand maybe these verses are explaining a view point from the perspective of here on earth, and maybe all the other cosmos stars?  Planets are going to be used by us in the future, since there will not be any time restraint for as promised we the select will live forever, so let me know what you think about this idea, it kind of way out there no pun intended.

I see where you are going with this.  You know the Mormons teach that we will each have a planet of our own and that is the reason for all of the billions and billions of things out there.  Could be?  We will find out one day.  It also crossed my mind that if we each have a world, that we may be required to do what YaHshua did for this world?  Hum, now that is a thought, isn’t it?  Becoming saviors of our own world?  Do I have any scripture to support this possibility?  Nope, not one, I am sure I could twist things around to make this seem like I have discovered a new truth but the straight of it is, I have no idea, it is only a thought and while it very well could be a possibility it could just as likely not be a possibility.  It would only be me trying to explain why all those stars and objects are out there – trying to explain their purpose or reason for being.  Hum, aren’t we funny, we have trouble enough trying to answer the question of our own existence without trying to figure all of that out.  Still?

Speculations to be sure, but, hum, maybe?  This has crossed my mind from time to time, making sense out of why all of that stuff in in outer space, and so much of it?  But, what does the word reveal, do we have a hint, maybe, a small hint, just a little one?

Speculation is just that, however, and some things we will not know for sure until we are there, when we enter life eternal.  But, we can make some educated guesses if we use Scripture without going outside of what it is telling us.  Scripture, by revelation, is usually a lot simpler than what we make it, partly because of prior teachings giving us a built in bias, a bias many are not even aware of – things we accept as truth are hard to overcome when discovered not to be true (Don’t mean to sound like some Indian guru, sorry).

I agree the possibility of what you’re saying.  He put all of those things in the Heavens for a reason, but then in the final view -- He does say a NEW Heaven and a New Earth.  So, is this just from an earthly point of view?

(Rev 21:1)  Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea.

This is seen from an earthly point of view which I agree with you on.  Later, however, He says something more --

(Rev 21:5) He who was seated on the throne said, "I am making everything new!" Then He said, "Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true."

There can be times with a "singular" suggestion or remark is aimed at something in the plural.  Not all singulars are singular in nature but have a plural meaning.  It is from the context we have to judge if the singular is truly meant, meant to be a single event or object? When I look into Heaven, for example, what am I looking into, or what do I mean when I say that.  When I look up into Heaven?  I could say, when I look up into the Heavens, but both, from an earth point of view, are really saying the same thing, as I mean them.  We know there is more than one Heaven -- we have the sky around the earth called a heaven then we have outer space which is another heaven then we have the Heaven of the Throne of God -- the Heaven of heavens where He resides.  I think you can see my point and think of other ways a singular remark can be taken and should be taken as more than one.  Heaven contains a lot of things and like the word, "group" is a singular reference it concerns "many".  I hope I am making sense?

So, will He be truly making all things new, or does He mean only things of this earth, in its immediate vicinity?  I am thinking He is actually going to make "everything" new and different.  When you read the that verse a very direct point is made as to who is speaking – "He who is seated on the throne, said…".  Not an angel, not even the angel of the Lord.  This, I believe, is the Father Himself Speaking and what He says overrides everything and everyone.  If the suggestion from a previous revelation, from a messenger (angel) of God the Father suggest something not quite clear, perhaps, then what the Father says trumps what is suggested by what is, what He has determined and this, directly from Him would and should settle any arguments.  HalleluYah.  

 Why, then would this be the case, why do we need the clarification?  And what would be the sense of this anyway?  Because He is moving the Heaven He lives in to this Earth.  This is an amazing revelation to many, I am sure, but it is true and according to the Word.  

Reading the Last chapters of Revelation we see that the Earth, under the rule of YaHshua, is being prepared for the arrival of the Father – that’s right, this earth is being prepared to be the Seat and Throne of our Heavenly Father and His Son.  Where the Father and Son are, is where the Throne of power is and so, where our Heavenly Father is -- is where the Heaven of Heavens is located – moved from where it is now to this earth.  This answers the question as to the Earth’s purpose and why it is spoken of as if it has a life too, the living planet.  This planet holds the souls of all that have ever lived and died, it has soaked up the life’s blood of every animal and person, it, of itself, lives and breathes.  Without mankind it would go on, until, of course, the sun eventually implodes and bakes it like a piece of wood.  So, we are in need of a change because the physical world and worlds and universe is running down, decaying, burning out – we need a change – to be changed.

Moving here to this spot in the Universe would mean the closing down of His present abode, which, by the way, has been polluted, in a sense, by Satan and his angel’s rebellion.  The earth is being prepared and will be cleansed, completely and the rebel angels put somewhere they cannot ever enter or be a part of the New Creation.  

So, from what I can see, we have a new world coming, and new Universe, everything made new.  No more death.  The Universe is dying, just as our Sun is actually burning itself out.  Sure they, the scientist say millions of years, but how do they know, maybe only thousands of years.  Either way; the complete falling apart and destruction of our Solar System is inevitable along with billions of others.  According to all the laws of physical nature, of physics – what goes up must come down – what burns must eventually burn out, a least in our physical world.  Only God can make an eternal fire and such a fire would be beyond the physical world.  Our physical world and all other worlds and solar systems are all dying.  

There is an "eternal fire", a fire that is going to be prepared for Satan and his angels – now, that will be some fire, not like a camp fire but a fire that is eternal and a place the demons will be held, no longer allowed to pollute the Heaven of Heavens.
(Mat 25:41)  Then he will say to those on his left, 'Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.

Keep in mind the fact that we are not spirits as Satan and his angels, we are flesh, of the physical and capable destruction.  If someone is thrown into a fire, a hot furnace no one expects to see you sitting around playing checkers.  It is understood that if a person that does not have the spirit of God and attained to the promise is but flesh and blood and a fire would consume them completely, burned to ash or even less, to nothing.  Notice also, the wording of what our Savior says – "…the eternal fir prepared for the devil and his angels" – It is not a fire prepared for the wicked to living, they are thrown there to be burned up never to live again.  The eternal fire of is really for Satan and his angels.  
By following pagan traditions and teachings the Christian churches have adopted this idea that the Eternal Fire is made for the wicked is completely bogus.  The wicked do not and will not live on – that is another subject, now isn’t it?

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