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Obama- US Presidency

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Obama and the Presidency

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Q: This pray is from a longer statement by Rev Larry W. and it made me wonder, What can we do?  "Do not let Obama destroy this nation any further. In Jesus' name we ask this. Amen."  

A: And how is that working out?  Before we start asking god, any god to save us from our leader, perhaps, just perhaps, we should be looking at ourselves and what we allow and what we approve from State to State, from person to person?  Is it really our President that is the problem?  

Two more years of Obama and then what?  
In case you haven’t noticed some 26 states of this great nation now recognize sodomite unions as "marriage" -- even the ancients didn't do that – marriage?  In my travels around the US and Europe I have noticed a compliancy among the majority of people, a live and let live/party, attitude, ignoring any kind of moral code -- our leaders are a reflection of what WE have become.  In an elected government, it has been my observation that we vote in the leaders we deserve.  The people of Germany, for example, had a desire to be more than they are, so they elected Hitler into their government under the promises of grandeur, and the false notion they were somehow descendant from and for some greater cause.  This all fed the ego of a nation and when Hitler had the power the people were sold on the idea of the Greater Good to be accomplished only by such a leader as Hitler – they came to worship him.  Is this what we want, a perfect leader, until we discover he isn’t and then it is too late?  Only two more years of Obama.  He is not the Antichrist as some nuts have been forecasting.  He is just the President we deserve.

Have you noticed all of the "children" coming across our borders (the last 40  + years !!!) a accompanied by adults, but todays hypocritical and amoral media show pictures of adults carrying children and all they talk about are the kids – like 2 and 3 year olds are running across on their own?  The poor babies fleeing oppression, they say -- what a crock – they are virtually being bused up to the our borders and being released.  Look at the videos being shown in this new assault – the people are all well dressed, clean, and plump – refuges from what?

Obama will only have 2 more years to do his worst -- he is there only because our God allows him to be there, a leader of one of the most powerful nations ever.  Like King Saul, who sought out the help of witches and magicians and tried to kill God's anointed, he was still in the seat of authority established by the God of the Universe, as is Obama.  Where is our King David?  Half of our States have thrown the authority of the Holy Word to the ground and stomped on it, how many more will follow?  In the name of tolerance sodomites and other perverted acts are becoming acceptable while those of religious convictions are silenced by preachers using the "Judgment Club" -- you know, "Thou shalt not judge, lest ye be judged".  This was, of course, to silence anyone disagreeing with religious leadership but has moved over as a principle society has accepted and now no one will call evil, evil, and sin, sin.  Everything is becoming backward.  

There is a movement that has been creeping along, nothing new, just more of it and more obvious because no one will judge -- this movement is young girls becoming deliberately pregnant to get their guy, marriage does not really figure into it and if the guy is not quilted into a continuing relationship, so what, the government will take care of the new mommy and baby -- actually, that happens anyway, as the father usually just lives with the mother as she goes on the entitlement rolls.

Worried about Obama and his Muslim connections?  That is small potatoes compared to the moral decline of the USA.  Up is now down and down is now up and you had better not tell anyone what the Bible says, outside of your own special religious group that just will not be tolerated.  Like I said before, "We get the president we deserve" and for that matter we get the religious leaders we ask for.  It is not president Obama I think about, but I do wonder if our God will send us a King David, even then, King David restored the kingdom but was counted a murderer -- it was under the king that followed him the Nation flourished, and fell into the kind of decline we see ourselves in today -- so, perhaps our king David has come and gone.  Who will follow President Obama, who will the people vote in, who will the God of all creation allow to take the reins of this Nation.  If President Obama rules by permission of our God, who are we to say otherwise?  We have more pressing problems with our own moral decline, we need to fix ourselves first and then maybe our God will send us the right leader.  

For now and forever my leader is YaHshua, the Christ, He is my leader and as a witness to all this nations is through blessings and cursing, my Leader remains the same.  We have become a nation of "other gods", many other gods, not unlike Israel under the reign of Solomon.  What followed Solomon’s rule?  One evil king after another, until the God of all gods decided it was enough.  Solomon allowed for a god to be place on every hill top, the worship of YaHWeH had nearly been forgotten, and all of this under a king that was supposes to have been the wisest of them all.  His gradual fall was in trying to please all of his wives of mixed religions – and how did that work out for him, for the nation of Israel?  

We have a ways to go before we hit the bottom of the barrel but we are getting there.  One of the smallest minorities in the USA, the sodomites, has managed to silence the majority and turn their depravity into acceptable conduct; so much so half the States of the USA have accepted homosexual marriage as a legitimate union of species for the betterment and advancement of society?  Really?  

The Law says the speed limit is 55 miles per hour, so everyone goes 65.  The Law says, and is posted for all to see, that the speed limit is 65, so everyone goes 75-80, and are angry with you if you obey the 65 MPH limit.  This is a sign of how we, as a people, conduct ourselves when we are not on the road for all to see.  If when in public we are such law breakers and shake our fists at anyone who would get in front of us abiding by the rules of the road, how much more of an offender are we when no one is looking?  It seems to me that it has become second nature to say up is down and down is up, besides, who is to say what is wrong or right?  Again, the Holy Word of our Creator, the One who does define what is wrong and right, what is sin, is tossed aside, and even ridiculed.  

From this perspective, it is not our President that is the problem, it is us.  Why should our God and Creator listen to our prayers?  We pray to another Christ, another God, deceiving ourselves.  We should be praying for our own salvation and perhaps enough seedlings will appear that our God and Savior will have mercy on a nation in denial, for just a bit longer.  We could all start by making our prayer request to the Savior of the Bible, YaHshua, not the savior of men, Jesus.  They are not the same and our Savior warned us of this danger.  

(John 5:43-44)  I have come in my Father's name, and you do not accept me; but if someone else comes in his own name, you will accept him.  How can you believe if you accept praise from one another, yet make no effort to obtain the praise that comes from the only God?

YaHshua tells us that He came in His Father’s Name (literally), and you can see this if you restore His Name to the Name he was given at Birth.  The false name, JESUS, is only about 400 years old, the birth name of our Savior dates back to Moses, and before.  There is a name by which we must be saved and there is no other (Acts 4:12).

Why has this nation been so blessed under a false name?  It hasn’t, a promise was made to Abraham to bless many nations because of what he did.  This nation is but one of those blessed because of Abraham and the promise made to him.  The God of the entire Universe keeps his promises.  This nation, the USA, is not established on the Savior of the Holy Word.  Where do you read anything about our true God and Savior?  On the money it says, "In God we trust", which god?  Right under this declaration is the all seeing eye of a pagan deity and the pyramid of an ancient form of worship having nothing to do with our true Lord and Savior.  Where in the Constitution of this nation is allegiance proclaimed to our Savior?  Even the false name, Jesus, is left out in favor of a general, generic term, "god".  This could be any deity and so it has become as we see a nation of all gods in various forms and from the world over residing in the USA, a great melting pot of religions.

We should be very cautious about speaking evil of our President.  We do not have to approve of his actions, nor his character and certainly we can pray for a reversal of things, even for a change of mind and heart over the man our God allows to hold such a high office.  The prayers of a righteous person accomplishes much, more than bashing our President, or calling for revolt or a political take over.  We should pray, to whatever god you pray to, I will call on the True God and Savior, YaH-Shua, for our President to make the right decisions for the benefit of those still faithful to His word.  

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