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Pig Heart genetically altered

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Pig Heart Altered for Humans

Q: Just heard on the news that a man is having a pig heart to replace his heart.  They said that it was altered, somehow, in its DNA or some kind of genetic changing?  What would be the Biblical view about putting genetically altered pig hearts into humans.  You know, replacing a failing human heart and saving a life?

A: I have no idea, other than this is seen as an unclean animal, but to equate eating a pig as opposed to putting an pig heart, as a living organ as a replacement part?  Not sure.  Saving the life of someone given a few more years and opportunity to Praise YaHWeH or to come to repentance, maybe, would be a plus?  What I would wonder about -- the pig is said to have been genetically altered, to be more in line with human DNA -- because of this, it is my understanding, that the pig heart actually grew larger and more like a human heart.  This would mean, then, that the rest of the animal would have been changed as well, so -- what then happens to the rest of the animal?  Does this animal become more like human flesh?  Would eating pig meat from this animal be like cannibalism, then?  Another reason not to use the pig as a food source, you might be eating pig engineered human -- just sayin'.  

For someone, say, in middle age or younger this may be an option.  The moral side of it?  Not sure what my decision would be if it were me on the operating table.  Lots of different reasons for a person needing a heart replacement -- most, it seems, need a spiritual heart replacement, no animal needed.  

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