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Paryers and Miracles in the name JESUS

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How are Prays and Miracles answered in the Name Jesus, if that is not His Name?

Q: Hi I have a question if his name is not Jesus then why does the devil  not like that name spoken by him and why people cast out devils in that  name and why do devils flee at that name? Thank you for your time.  

A: Greetings,
I get this question often, and have answered it in other places.  The previous emails, however, were not suitable for print or quoting.  This most recent question is very simple and straight to the point, and very polite, making it worth posting.  Here is the answer sent to this reader seeker:

I have expanded upon the answer I sent to the reader, but this is the main body in response --

Answered Prayer and true Miracles have to do with the Mercy of our Creator -- a demonstration of His patience and kindness toward all mankind, His creation, in His own image.  In His wisdom, He has put "faith" into the mix of things possible.  Knowing the suffering of mankind, He, in His great mercy, and love for mankind, placed the Law of faith into place, to alleviate unending suffering.  Man can only do so much in relieving the suffering of men and women, mentally and physically, mankind need something to believe in when it came to man's inability to do things beyond the physical plain -- even if praying to sticks and stones, the faith of the individual will help to comfort, even answering a miracle.  Let's be clear, true miracles and answers to prayers, come from our Creator, His mercy and caring demonstrated by His attention to such needs.  Miracles and answer prayer are not in the interest of the Devil and his crew, only lies and deception, with ulterior motives.  

Some doctors have actually realized the positive effects of this law of faith, and engage in prayer before extreme surgery, and some patients do as well.  It has been observed, also, how much better people come through such times of stress when they engage in the act of faith, believing in a power higher than themselves.   Make not mistake, you can go to any country in the world and find miracle upon miracle happening, and confessions of prayer being answered, in every name under the sun.  This is all accomplished by the Law of Faith -- there is another Faith, or Belief, is you will, that is a Second Faith, having to do with the acceptance, or the confession we make, and eventually all mankind will be required to make, in His One Name, but that time is not now.  While salvation is offered into the world, the total requirement in our confession, as to who is the Son of the Living God, and their Identity for ALL mankind is still in the future.  Just imagine the millions, perhaps billions of people who have lived and never hear the name of our Savior mentioned?  Before YaHshua?  Even after His coming, the numbers of people missing out on the opportunity to call on Him, is greater than the number, to date, that have had that opportunity.  So, are we to assume all of these people are lost?  The selfish Christian heart would say yes, just as the selfish heart of the Orthodox Jew would.  Where is the justice in that?  King David, what about him?  Abraham only knew of YaHWeH, and Isaac too -- what about them.  When we read the New Testament, we are told in Acts 4:12 -- "There is salvation in none other, for neither is there any other Name under heaven, that is given among men, by which we must be saved!"
The healing witnessed in the name of JESUS are no different from the healing witnessed in and by other religions, religions that heal and pray in names of pagan gods, gods that those in the divided Christian churches all agree is demon worship, or, at the least, worship in sticks and stones that are no gods -- so, how would the healing of those people, those obvious idol worshipers, be explained -- is the name of their god or goddesses equal to the Christian god?  The answer for how they receive answers to their prater requests to stones and wood and things in the sky, would be the same.  Our Creator God, in His great mercy does good for everyone, but a time is coming when only One Name will be called upon by every tongue, all people -- Zep 3:9

Think about it, many who claim Christianity as their religion are called false and fakes and cults by other Christians, and Christian organizations, and yet, they too claim to have prayers answered and miracles witnessed, and this prove to them, that they are not a cult and in many cases, that they are the true believers, and those calling them a cult, are themselves cults, only bigger.  So, who is the liar and liars?  So, will our Creator God and Savior, allow prayers to be answered and miracles to occur as a matter of faith?  

Remember the woman who sneaked up behind YaHshua and touch Him?  What did YaHshua do?  He told the woman that it was not her touching Him that healed her, but it was her faith -- her belief that just by touching Him she would be healed -- Mat 9:21:22.  We have many examples in the New Covenant writings concerning people, even groups, such as the blind men -- Mat 9:28-29 -- and how many of those healed became disciples?  Not many, in fact, in the end, even His hand picked men abandoned Him, hiding out, wondering what to do, in fear for their own lives, as YaHshua was hung on the Cross.  Job wondered at this very thing, "...what is man...".  And King David wondered the same thing -- Ps 8:4-6.  Later the Apostle Paul would comment on this very same thing -- Heb 2:6-7.
This blessing on all mankind, even those who refuses Him, knowingly and unknowingly, upon whom He chooses to bless just like the great compassion He demonstrates by to send rain on the unjust as well as the just. And by example our Savior taught, that a pagan father would never give his hungry son a stone for food, and if a pagan parent is so loving toward his pagan son and daughter, how much more  our Creator? His kindness is almost above our understanding.  Rain is a true miracle taken for granted, because it happens so often -- so it is with the law of faith.  All blessed healings and answers to prayer come from our God in Heaven.  The Devil, on the other hand, is in the business of lies and lying, and faking thing, even to the point of appearing as something he is not -- 2 Cor 11:14, and consider this warning 2 Ths 2:9.         
Let's read, Phil 2:9-11, only after restoring our Lord's Birth Name, and see what these verse really say.

Php 2:9-11  Therefore the FATHER also highly exalted him, and gave to him the name which is above every name;
that at the name of YaHshua every knee should bow, of those in heaven, those on earth, and those under the earth,
and that every tongue should confess that YaHshua the messiah is Lord, to the glory of God the FATHER.

And, as Peter said, and as the account in Acts record, the name given to Him is a name that is found among mankind, a name that existed then and still even to this day, a name He was given at birth, a name men reject and replace with other names.  For now, all those refusing this One True confession, are actually in the spirit of the Anti-Christ.  Don't believe me, believe the word already delivered --

(1Jn 2:22) Who is the liar but he who denies that YaHshua is the messiah? This is the Anti-Christ, he who denies the FATHER and the Son.

(1Jn 4:3)  And every spirit that confesses not that YaHshua the Anointed is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof you have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.
I do hope I have answered your question.  Feel free to comment, and to share your opinion.  Peace, Dan
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