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Rapture Switch on Switch off

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Rapture, Switch-on, Switch-off

by Your servant, Dan L Baxley

We have all seen the cartoon where an idea pops into the character's head and a light bulb lights up above the head -- we know an idea has just popped into the characters head.  Switch-0n, switch-off, the light either comes on or off.  Some times we too have those flash moments when an idea pops into our heads, or the answer to a question that has been bothering us, the light buld appears over our head and puff, we have the answer.  Well, that is how it works in the cartoons.

 What does this have to do with the "Rapture"?  If you have read any part of this web site you know my position on the Rapture Doctrine (Thumbs down) so I will not go into it here, just trust me, or not, but listen any way.  You also know that I write for those who have been called into His Name, but no discrimination here, everyone is welcom. This, then, I write for the few and make no pretense about trying to win "souls for the Lord".  My comments are for those trying to stretch their knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures not the promotion of anything else.  I have no axe to grind and have nothing to sell but the truth -- but then, I do believe the truth is free, or should be.  Agree, don't agree, I won't hold it against you as I hope you won't hold your opposite opinion, against me.

 Switching the truth on is easy for the new borns in the Christ, not by choice, the switch is flipped and those experiencing this switching of the mind suddenly see things in a different "light", some call this a "calling".  For some it is totally unexpected, one day  minding your own business the next everything is seen differently, it is exciting to suddenly see clearly, especially, for some, when you had no idea you were in the shadows, in the dark.  Others search for this light and find it, while some few set out to disprove the outrageous claims of Bible Believers and find themselves on their knees in repentance.  Others, in a quest for spiritual enlightenment do find a light, a dark light.  Switched on and Switched off.
 Dark Light, you ask?  Yes, there is a dark light and some of you may know what I am talking about, having found that dark light, a light that is captivating, hypnotic even, but, of course, is of an evil source.  Don't take my word for it, there are many authors having written about their experience as one time captives of this dark light. They start out seeing a truth or truths that soon turns to a foul journey of deception of demons, some going so far into this zone of darkness, thinking all the time they are in the light of truth, that they are actually being enlightened, eventually making contact with beings connected with UFO, planet visitations and, for those in the true light, other non-sense.  Once called the truth is seen and the lies are brought into the light of the mind for what is really going on.  Still, people in general, are fascinated by such activity -- Switch-off to switch-on.

There those, too, having found the "dark Light" in the spiritual mumbo jumbo of the Eastern religions.  For the Called it is easy to see the stupidity of the Eastern religions and the obvious demon inspiration, some truths mixed, ultimately with lies and deceptions of darkness posing as light.  You will find highly educated people involved in these pagan religions.  To me this proves the power of the deceiving demons.  For every college educated person following a normal life there is another following Eastern mumbo jumbo of the worst kind of idol worship, worshiping demons characterized in images and even stone statues -- Switch-off.

 The sad thing is this is creeping into the Christian Churches lowering the protective guard against the agents of Satan.  Certainly there has always been a level of deception working in the Church, there have always been the wolves, and there has been some demon activity.  Biblically these things are revealed, we are told to watch out for the wolves, but do we? What do we see we come ever closer to the "Abomination that causes desolation"  (Mat 24:15) and this event triggering the Great Quake (Mat 24:29, Rev 6:12). An attitude of accepting non-biblical doctrine can become a habit a custom of tolerance and acceptance of other ideas, ideas not based on biblical Truth but on what feels right, feels good, or is pleasant to the mind -- remember the "forbidden fruit"?  Switching-on and Switching-off.

 But this is not what I'm looking at, no, it is those having found the true light of truth, having been exposed to the truth that the Messiah of the Holy Bible as Savior and then straying off the path a little, some more than others.  Those having been given the key to enter the building of believers and to stroll the halls of righteousness with doors all along the way with signs on them.  The signs are not the same for everyone, some doors appear locked until after you have entered a door with the key to the next.  Yes, I believe you can be a full on BELIEVER and Child of the Living GOD, even in error!  Everyone called to the Messiah, the Christ of the Bible does not have all the truth at once.  It is a growing process, of rightly dividing the truth and growing in knowledge of our Heavenly Father (Mat 13:11; 2 Tim 2:15,25; 2 Pet 3:18).  As you enter these rooms of truth you grow in truth but it must be truth founded upon the Holy Bible not on some good idea or some fantasy that sounds pleasing -- you must throw the switch-on, taking care not to throw your mental switch in the wrong direction.  You do this by approaching the Word of our God in reverent fear, a fearful love, the ultimate form of respect -- these words come to us from our Creator, from our Heavenly Father and our Savior, delivered, many times by Their messengers, the Angels and recorded, for us, by the Prophets.  We need to nurture  the attitude that Their Words, as delivered, are Truth, while the words of men, by comparison, are lies (Romans 3:4). Should you stop going into other rooms, stay in the one you are now in?  Fine, stop growing, you have found your comfort zone, you can cease the search, right?  You have found the truth, at least all you need to know, and how sad is that?  Switch off.  
  There are other doors, after you have examined the room you are presently in and see that it needs refinishing or new furniture you could always go into other rooms to find what you need to improve the first room you entered.  Switch on.  
But you are not the only one in the first room and they may not like what you propose, they may even ask you to leave their comfortable room.  This is a switch on, switch off, turning point -- you see a truth so clearly, a truth you found in another room.  Your current room mates refuse this new truth, so, do you stay, or do you go?  Switch on or Switch off?

There is no easy way, it takes effort in getting to know your Heavenly Father, and to continue growing in the Knowledge of our Savior, YaHshua -- growing in knowledge of Him, of Them, is getting to know them.  Unlike when you were a babe in the Messiah crawling around on the floor unable to reach the light switches but thankfully your parents would help you.  Our Heavenly Father is willing to help us but no longer as babies on the bottle.  We are expected to grow in knowledge, to study for approval, the seek the truth, not of this world but of the world to come.  When the Father or the Son call you to them, or you are seeking with a sincere mind and the Door is opened to you you need to enter and Switch on.  But always remember, just because your calling came and you entered the first room, does not mean that is the only room you need to enter and switch on the Light of your Mind, your spirit with His Spirit.  Too many stay in that first room, thinking that is the one and only room they are called to.  Many stop switching on and when the first room they enter begins to grow dark the do not even notice it, content to believer they have found the final truth and all other rooms are darker than the one he or she is in, even though you can see flashes of light, from time to time, coming from around the edges of those other doors.  

Our Lord is the Door by which we must enter, all other door outside of His building are false.  The other doors with in His building are truths you can enter only after you have matured.  Each new door, within His building contians another piece of understanding leading along a narrow path.  

Make no mistake, this poor analogy is not about trying out other religions or even that they are on some kind of equal footing as the worship of our Lord and Savior, YaHshua.  Not at all.  He it the Door we must first enter, all other doors, with all the different colors are not Him.  Even if you were to enter the wrong door but you Switched On, you would see clearly that this wrong door is not the right door at all.  There may be some truth behind that door but if you truly have your Switch on you will light up what is in the darkness of that room and you will get out, or, those already in that darkened room may throw you out because the Light you have brought in is too bright for them.  Switch on, switch on.

 The next best thing to the "calling", whether you are knocking or just minding your own business (when it happens) is that feeling of joy, the physical emotion, your flesh and blood container is barely able to contain it.  The drive, the desire, the ruge, the wanting to share with anyone and everyone, family, friends, work mates, help mates, anyone -- is to be presented with a new truth you have not seen before, a feeling of Truth and the Spirit blending with your spirit so strong you want to break out in shouting, and sharing with everyone what you now see and feel and you want them, all of them, in full blown, overwhelming LOVE to see what you see.  The high, experienced by the newly called, can take some time to come down from -- this new and greater Love, while exhilarating for you, you may find your friends and family are, first tolerating, but soon annoyed -- some will listen only out of courtesy, others may wish you would just go away, crawl off and die somewhere -- a strange way to treat someone who only wants to share this newly found LOVE with them.  Sometimes, as in my case, I could not understand why something so obvious is not and was not accepted by family and friends. It took some time before I realized I too had been one of them -- Switched-off

Like all First Loves it all quiets down after some time passes.  You find ways to share, sometimes more with strangers, those others looking and seeking as you are.  Sometimes you find more brothers and sisters than you thought you ever had.  But the desire to bring your whole circle of acquaintances and loved ones in to this Room can lead to you being driven away, not myself, but I have seen this with others.  For example, to get a feeling for how this can happen, even among loving Christians:  Say you enter a group or at some holiday with friends and family, and you begin to tell them that the name JESUS, that name nearly all Christians, weak and strong, call on and pray to, is FALSE?  You tell them, this is a fake name, a deception.  You tell them, maybe not in words but just by suggesting the name JESUS is false, that the prayers they have had answered in this name are all fraudulent.  You are telling them that the leaders in their church, and their parents have all been lying to them, to everyone.  That just cannot be true.  Then everyone is deceived but you?  At this point you would be Switched On to you fullest but where would most, if not all, of them be?  Switch Off.  You see the problem you face?  You can have all of the Love of God, but unless He is calling them, they will not hear you telling them that they have been deceived by the world of people they trust.  If someone tells a lie long enough, repeated over and over again, that lie can become the truth.  Not real truth, of course, but it can become the truth for all who accept it -- such is the case with the false name, Jesus, pronounced GeezUs by many and HeyZeus by many others.  

 For some it takes a long time to come down to this Earth again, our spirit soaring so high, but our feet planted in this world, a world contrary to the Word of God.  Once the excitement ends and the desire to save everyone diminishes you begin to see how you are disliked, how you are the one out of step, how you may find respect but are mostly tolerated.  You can be seen as a person off your rocker, too religious -- some say, a fanatic -- nice guy or gal, but way too religious for me.  Religious?  That is the furtherest thing from your mind -- Switch on -- you may just want to share YaHshua with them, it is not about RELIGION.  Religion is all about the does and don't about taking slaves with doctrinal issues, having nothing to do with the Love of and for YaHshua that has led to your eyes being opened to the ability to see in darkened rooms.  Still, you will be too religious for some.  Switch off.

It is difficult when confronting family relations and long friendships, even marriages, when you realize they were not "called", you were.  Even in this you are offense to them but eventually you see and will be shown how it is -- you are not alone,ever.

 If you were the last true believer on the planet, maybe like Noah, you are not alone.  YaHshua suffered the same insults, direct and indirect from those close to him, just read His story.  Peter, one of His closest friends, denounced Him (Luke 22:34- ).  His brothers ridiculed Him (John 7:3-5) and His home town friends and family thought Him mad, out of His mind (Mark 3:21).  So, you see, you are in good company and it will dawn on you, sooner or later, you have been given a great treasure and should not be too upset it is of no value to some, still, it is your treasure.  How strange it is, however, when those claiming to be Christian, claiming the Bible as the Word of God can be so against you.  It seems almost unnatural and is, perhaps, one of the best affirmations you are on the right path, that is if you needed some kind of affirmation -- you really don't as the Spirit of the Christ lives in you, you spirit affirms with His Spirit that you are one of His.  Still, there are those times, like time Elijah experienced, when he was so alone he cried out to His God, YaHWeH, hiding from those who wanted to kill him, and this after all of the miracles he had experienced and had shown to all his family and friends and he felt all alone and it hurt.  YaHWeH shook him up a bit and then told him that he was not alone, that there were 7,000 other in all Israel who had not fallen into the flase LORD worship.  Imagine, Elijah, one of the greatest prophets of all time, not realizing that there were others.  This is exactly the way it is today.  Many a called believer, ends up being alone because of their clinging to YaHshua as Savior and from an earthy point of view, they are alone, but from a heavenly point of view, we have thousands of brothers and sisters -- the angels, those ministering Spirits, they see us and help us.  Switch On.

 It is truly a marvelous thing, to have this awakening, but it is not the end of your journey, you have other rooms to enter, other doors to open, other switch's to throw.  Sometimes you don't need to do anything, you enter the room and the light switches on as though a motion sensor detected your presence.  There are the other times, you enter a room and have to search for the switch --  not all switches are where they should be so you need to keep searching but when you find it everything becomes illuminated -- you see a thing clearly --Switched on.  Be prepared for others to try and turn the switch back off.

  This is where many have come in their search, into a room called "escape" and it can be confused with the room of "salvation".  The "escape" room is dimly lite, not quite dark but not clear either, dim.  Once a believer enters this room fully the door closes and it is not quite as bright as it originally seemed but as your eyes adjust to the lower light it seem to be brighter than it is. This "escape" room, while dim is comforting, even soothing as a sense of security settles in and you find yourself becoming sleepy -- a false sense of security.  Switched off.

 Okay, okay, enough of the "analogy , I think you get the point.  Once you have accepted the "escape" doctrine, known as the "Rapture", it is really difficult to flip the switch back, to change your mind, to throw what you have accepted as final truth back into the shadows and to accept what the Word really says.  The truth in this matter is not an easy truth, once the false truth has been accepted to be sure, but it is the truth you must seek.  Prepare yourself to accept the possibility you may have to go through some tough times before the Kingdom of our Savior comes. Changing your mind can be hard when you have set it on something so appealing as physical salvation.  Once the mind has been committed to something it is hard to change it.  It is possible, however, as our Savior may open you to the truth of the Resurrection, He may switch you thinking and the light may burst through exploding what you were once so sure of.  There is a time coming, a point of no return, when the delusion will be sent and then the lie will be accepted as truth with no possibility of return.  This will lead to the "scoffers" and the cursing of the God of Heaven. A real danger of accepting the Rapture doctrine is in becoming one of the "scoffers", angrly shouting, "Where is the promise of His coming?" (2 Peter 3:4)

Yes, there are 'scoffers' and there will be scoffers but these scoffers are unsettled about a promise that did not materialize as expected.  Finding themselves on Earth as the Earth appears to be coming to an end.  All of the trouble and pain they were to escape as they were to be snatched up, Raptured, into Heaven to ride out all of the Trouble here on Earth.  That's right, the real Scoffers are deceived believers -- can you be a believer and deceived at the same time?  Apparently you can.  Believer who profess the Holy Bible and the word of that Book as true, only to be deceived by the lust of the flesh.  They have entered the room, but never Switched on, rather trying to exist in that room by the light of others, even if the light is dim.  Perferring to let others do all the work and tell them about it.  Never bothering to double check what the preacher, teacher, minister or priest is telling them is really true or not.  Just going along to get along.  These, when the time come, will be shouting, Where is the promise of His coming -- look, look, all things continue ...  These end-time scoffers are not atheist or non-believers or even from pagan religions of the world, but from those who claimed to be believers in the Savior who went to the cross for us, but in their desire to escape all due recompense for their own actions and the actions of others they are blind to what is really coming on this Earth because of sin.  Finding themselves still on this dying Earth they will cry out and accuse those false teachers of lying to them, and shouting out, Where is the Promise of His coming?

Reading the context of what Peter is referring, has to do with believers, not the ridicule of atheist but of religious people, disappointed religious people.  Yes, there are other "scoffers" but the "scoffers" Peter has written about will be one time "believers".  These believers being highly disappointed about something they thought should happen but did not.  "Where is the promise", they shout, "where?"  2 Peter 3:4

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