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Santa Claus -- Old Nick

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Santa Claus – Old Saint Nick
Q: What do you think about Santa Claus?
A:  What?  A trick question?  Maybe my answer will surprise you.  I am gong to change the question -- What if Santa Clause were real?  Millions of children are told and taught and believe that he is, right?  So, then, for millions of children he is real. And what is the disappointment when a child grow up and discovers that Santa Claus is not real?  Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles all perpetrating a lie, a big lie.  Why?  
True Believer -- Christmas Spirit -- Christmas gauge, measuring the level of belief in Santa Claus – bad, Scrooge like people, uncaring, unhappy people who do not believe in Old Saint Nick.  These are points hit on and promoted by most Santa Claus movies.  One movie, however, some years ago, starring Tom Hanks voice, featured Santa Claus as a god, literally, and why the movie critics did not call him and the whole movie out for this god like portrait is mystifying – well, sort of, but not when we see who is behind all of this replacement theology – If you can’t or won’t have the true Messiah and Savior, then you need a replacement – Santa Claus, that Old Saint Nick will do.  As the move progressed the eventual introduction to Santa Claus was more spiritual and godlier than the usual jolly, fat man in a red suit – this Santa Claus was perfect, literally glowing, like a god.  This movie, titled, The Polar Express, to me, was a very disturbing movie, pushing a spiritual, even a worshipful side of the Santa Claus image.   Did you know that an old name for Satan is Nick, among Christians was Old Nick?
What if this Santa Claus belief were replaced with the Biblical Savior?  What if the Biblical Savior was to replace Santa Clause and the parents and other grown adults were to teach the gift of Salvation, and the many reasons little children should believe in Him?  
Christmas and Santa Claus has become so great and economic boost for the American and European economies that in the United States it has been declared a Federal Holiday, and with that, it has Federal protection.  If Christmas and Santa Claus are to be Federally protected, then where does that leave either as a purely religious celebration?  
I would, myself, object to the family gatherings and celebrating the family and friendship and the sharing of gifts as signs of love one for another.  But if it is a religious act, or supposed to be a religious holiday to honor a god, then I would object.  But, as far I have been able to determine, no one is worshiping this decorated tree, at least not in this age.  In a past age, that may have been the case, but today it has been reduced to a time of entertainment and a time for parents to lie to their children, something that begins to awaken the child, all children, to the humanity of their parents and how flaw we all are.  Beside, all the lying has a reward, presents, lots of presents.  And what do these gifts have to do with the Messiah of the Bible?  Nothing.  
In the worship of the true Messiah and Savior of the Christian Bible the Gift is from Him.  As a religious exercise, that is how it should be presented, not by a Jolly, fat man, that breaks into the homes of children, offering gifts -- the reality sounds pretty shady, and even dangerous, but it is painted in a fun way.  Still, Santa Claus is not the Savior of the Bible, so who is He?  That is for others to answer.  If you can separate the false images from the family gatherings and exchange of love toward others and even the kindness that we can show toward those with less, by sharing in the gift giving, then fine, why not, it does not have to be a religious observation.  
All of that aside, why lie to our children?  Why enforce the lying about a fake character, with little elf helpers.  Some might equate Santa, in his red suit as Satan and his red suit, and the elves as his helper demons -- see how this changes things.  Does anyone teach, or even think that when our Savior returns that He is going to bless Santa Claus worship or feature movies or celebrations around decorated Christmas Trees? Of course not, why would He?  There we have our answer.  Sure, is we can join in the family sharing and love, fine, but as a religious exercise -- well, that just does not work, and only you can determine where you are at on this subject and during that time of year.  
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