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Q:   Dan, It is coming the Shemitah year 13 September 2015 THE FALL OF THE DOLLAR collapse SURELY _WAKE UP Dan ok ! America have debt trillions of dollar to china and Saudi Arabia! Most Americans live in illusion world, without knowing the truth! On You tube  Shemitah Jonathan Cahn, Just bye dry Food and water , gold will have no value , only food !
A: Another useless prophecy -- this is a false prophecy -- it is not bad advice to be ready for trouble or unexpected events, but this idea of running from one disaster prognosticator to another can be a tiresome endeavor and a waste of time. 
Doom prophets have carried bill boards over their shoulders for centuries and now these same type of crazies use the internet or write books. 
Jonathan Cahn wrote the Harbinger books, too, right?  And what use were they, what purpose did they serve other than to fill the authors pockets with profits?  Where are these books now and how have they improved or helped anyone?  To suggest that every event that befalls this earth is because our Creator deems it so is to deny the revelation that it is Satan that is the god of this world.  Not THE GOD, but Satan has been granted ruler-ship on earth for a time – Here is the expression of our hope on a world on which we find ourselves as strangers –
(2Co 4:3-5)
  But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost:  
In whom the god of this world has blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of the Christ, who is the image of God the Father, should shine unto them. For we preach not ourselves, but the Christ YaHshua the Lord; and ourselves your servants for YaHshua’s sake.
So, the little god of this world is just sitting by watching as the Great Creator God goes about destroying everything, poking his finger here and there and then over the other places?  He may have done this with the people of Israel, His people, a people turned into a nation among nations whom He had a special relation.  Yes, we are told He can and does rise up nations and tears them down but this idea He is wandering around among.  Read the verse above, again, and what does it say?  “In whom the god of this world has blinded the minds of them which believe not.”
There is, certainly, a time of destruction coming, but nothing so small as the little god Satan can do.  It is a fearful thing to be touched by our Creator, a few storms on the surface of the earth or financial crisis are nothing compare to what is coming when our Creator and Father God overrides Satan and man.  When He makes this earth shake like a broken shack in a hurricane, or causes Islands to move out of place worldwide, or shifts mountains and causes the towers of the world to fall -- all in a moment of time – mankind will think the end of all things has come – but still not yet. 
Get back to reading your bible and learn from it and stop helping to sell these false prophets for their profits -- come out of them.  These prophets of doom are feeding on fear and not reality or the truth of the Word but sayings and twisting things to fit their own imaginations.  Like the savages of old finding every earthly event to be caused by demons – no wait, according to the modern shamans every event is caused by the Great God of creation.  Not that He hasn’t or can’t but to what purpose?   When dealing with a single nation of people, like Israel, we do see pin point performances but now?  How did the USA become the prized people of the Living God?  Isn’t it about the people of God, His children, those born of Spirit, those dedicated to YaHshua, professing Him as Savior??? 
Why hammer the gentiles for things they do not know or understand?  All to no purpose – unless you believe the USA is Israel.  Look around, the USA is becoming something else.  Once classified as a Christian nation it is fast becoming a nation of every god, every idol every form of false worship in many, many ways and diverse evils.  Some historians suggest that the USA has never been the Christian nation the Christians have claimed. 

  Oh, and here is a list of verses to back up what I just said -- His words, not mine -- Isa 40:4-5, Rev 6:12-17,  Isa 24:20, Isa 30:25-26, Read Rev 6:12-17 again and again and see how this is an event called the Wrath of the Lamb and will happen before He returns -- His words to John, a promise and His words sure, something much bigger small world fluxes.  The real warning and when this event happens it will be in a time of "peace" or what seems to be peace-- then comes sudden destruction -- 1 Thes 5:3. 
 No matter how anyone prepares the real ark of safety will be in the God you call on -- Ps 79:6   Peace, Dan
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