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Two End-Time Witnesses

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Two Witnesses
The Two Witnesses of Revelation 11
By Your servants, Dan Baxley & Ron Baxley

You are about to discover who the Two Witnesses are.  First we need to understand that these two individuals are not part of the "rapture", but are in the "first resurrection".  While some refer to the RAPTURE as a Mystery -- a book by one of the leading proponents of this false doctrine, is titled, The Mystery of the Rapture.  The Rapture Doctrine is truly a "mystery", mostly because it is a fantasy from the imaginations of men.  The RESURRECTION, however, a true doctrine of the early, first century church, was understood as a basic teaching, and elementary doctrine, and not some great mystery.  What is the big difference between the Mystery Rapture, and the Resurrection Doctrine?  One is a false hope in being taken up to Heaven, while still alive, to escape the trouble, or tribulation coming to this earth.  The elementary doctrine about the Resurrection, however, is about the raising of the DEAD.  

I bring this up in order to make clear that the final Two Witnesses are not in some fanciful rapture up into Heaven, as imagined by the majority of the Christians.  Why?  Because this is what they are taught, and few that question it, or look into it for themselves.  In the NIV, a very popular, modern translation, lists the word "rapture" exactly 0, the is zero times, while it lists the word, "resurrection" 40 times.  The doctrine of the resurrection is about being raised from the dead -- the dead become alive again, and this is what the Two witnesses will experience -- dead in the streets for three days, and then?  Raised back to life.  The fantasy rapture teaching, teachers that the living are "jerked" up to Heaven, while still alive.  Where is this taught in the New Testament, or the Old Testament, for that matter?  Nowhere, it is a made up, false hope of "escape".  This is why it is called, by the editor of the Midnight Call magazine, The Mystery of the Rapture -- it is certainly a mystery, while the doctrine about the "resurrection", used to be common knowledge, as a bible taught even, but in these modern days the "mystery rapture" is being taught, and by some very intelligent people.  The fame names among the Christians that teach this is very long, but they are wrong -- biblically wrong, that is.  

No, the two Prophets, standing up against the Beast and his false prophet, in Jerusalem, are killed at the end of their 3.5 years of Testimony, and lie in the streets, dead, for three days.  It is then, after the third day, they are raised back to life and rise back up on their feet and then lifted into the air (sky, heaven around earth) to meet our Lord and Savior in the clouds o this earth -- that is -- up into the atmosphere of this earth, where our Lord YaHshua and His angels appear among the clouds, after their decent from the Heaven of Heavens, entering the heavens of the earth, as He and His Angels prepare to set foot at a location in Israel, known as the Mount of Olives.  The two witnesses, along with all of those found fit to be in the First Resurrection of, or from the dead, will be there too.  

We need to be clear about one other thing, something most in the Christian communities do not see, and that is that YaHshua is not only our Savior but also, by the Power of the Father, is also the Creator of all things -- It is from this authority that the Apostle John is given the revelations, leading to the Book of Revelation, or of Revealing.  Read it for yourself, and from a couple of different translations -- it is clear, our Lord had a preexistence -- He said that He came down from the Heaven of Heavens, and He meant it.

John 6:38  For I have come down from heaven not to do my will but to do the will of Him who sent me

YSRB (YaHshua Servant Reading Bible):
Heb 1:1  The FATHER, having in the past spoken to the fathers through the prophets at many times and in various ways,
Heb 1:2  has at the end of these days spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, through whom also He made the worlds.

Heb 1:1  In the past God spoke to our forefathers through the prophets at many times and in various ways,
Heb 1:2  but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom He made the universe.

Eph 3:9  And to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the world hath been hid in God, who created all things by YaHshua the Anointed . (His Birth Name restored)

YaHshua delivers a message to John, a message from His, and our Father in Heaven -- Revelation 1:1 says, "The revelation of YaHshua the Anointed, which God (the Father) gave him." The source of the book of Revelation is our Heavenly Father being passed on to John from YaHshua and from YaHshua's Angel, Angels, or Messengers, the very definition of the word, Angel. The book of Revelation is not the revelation of John. John is shown what is to happen and commissioned to write what is revealed to him, for the benefit of those believers that will witness the events to occur before our Savior's return.

But, before YaHshua can return there is going to be a Great Quake that will change the political face of the earth, pushing mountains and islands around the world over -- not just some region, but the whole earth. Then, sometime after the Great Quake, the Two Witnesses will come on the scene. They are not symbolic but real, men, just as other prophets were men of faith operating under the authority, and by the power the Spirit of God. These two will be like Moses and Elijah, but they will not be the actual Moses and Elijah, no, but operating in and by the same Spirit that led them.  As an example of this, even John the Baptist was in the Spirit of Eliyah -- Luke 1:17.

This study, I hope, will give you some information and help get a better balance in the word of truth. These two prophets are identified using our knowledge, a knowledge that tells us that names mean something and are important -- not only do books and other related studies tell us this, but common sense as well, our own personal name possession, separating each of us from the other, and so it is with the many Lords and God.  As you will see, the Two Witnesses, have stamped upon them, His Holy Name.  The struggle that will take place between the Two Witnesses and the Beast with His False Prophet, will be over identity, over names -- it is the name of the Beast that people will accept, or be forced to accept.  Yes, just as the battle that the first Eliyah had with the prophets of Baal, it was about ID, the identity of the True God, and so it will again be a battle over Identity, again.

Wouldn't it be interesting if there were a connection between the Name of the Two Witnesses and their God, our Creator, even our Heavenly Father?  It would be more than interesting, it would be revealing something so many have been blind to.  Maybe this study will open some mind, and eyes to see -- this we do pray.  

Revelation 11 -- Two Olive Trees?

Revelation 11:4: The Two Lamp Stands “luchnia” (lookh-nee-ah)– The Two Olive Trees -- The Two Elaia (el-ah-yah)

Just who are the two witnesses, are they symbolic of something larger, are they a couple of devote Jews, are they Moses and Elijah, or perhaps Enoch and Elijah -- look at the word break down within the verse and you get a clue, a big clue?

Everyone seems to agree on Elijah as one candidate, one of the two, but the other is up for grabs.  This has been a subject of speculations for literally thousands of years and still no firm answer, merely speculations. What is write here may be more speculation, but in this view I want to present an element missed by most, in fact, missed by everyone, from what I can see. This element is recognizing the Holy Name of our Savior and our Heavenly Father and seeing the connection between this Name and the Two Witnesses to come on the scene just prior to our Savior's return.

This information was initially brought to my attention by my brother Ron, and really made my spiritual ears click open, but not at first. He had come across something he wanted me to look at. I was not all that excited; first, after all, this issue had been looked at by so many others before. One thing my brother and I agreed had to be the truth – the two witnesses were actual individual servants of YaHshua, not symbolic (more on that later). My brother finally got me to look at what he had turned up and I must say, it is spectacular and well worth consideration. I have added to his discovery, expanding his finding with research of my own, but in the end it is all from one source – the truth.

Here is the discovery right up front followed by other supporting evidence. You may not follow this if you are still undecided about the importance of our Savior’s true identity, His birth name and the Name of our Heavenly Father. On the other hand, if you do, this can be seen as another building block pointing the importance of His Name and that of His and our Heavenly Father.

(Rev 11:4)These are the two olive trees (G1636 - elaia) and the two candlesticks (G3087 - Luchnia) standing before the God of the earth.

Discovery #1 – The word “tree” is assumed by the translators but is not found in the original text of Rev 11:4. In Strong’s Dictionary we do find a couple of words for "tree", G1186 -- tree, and G2565 -- cultured olive tree, neither of which is found in this verse but is found in other verses, Matthew 7:18, Romans 11:17, 24, for example.

Discovery #2 – The word “olive” is unlike the word used to indicate an “olive tree”: Strong’s G1636, (olive berry -- not, tree). To translate G1636 as an "olive tree", the word "tree" has to be assumed and only translatable according to the context of use -- it would be a very plain "tree" is meant as there are better choices of meaning to indicate, precisely " a tree" (G1186, G2565 - precisely means, "a good olive tree", not found in this verse).

Discovery #3 – The word for “olive berry” is a singular reference, not to a tree, or a branch but of a single “olive berry”: Strong’s G1636 “elaia” (El-ah- Yah). Now we get to the astounding revelation delivered to us by the name used for a single "olive berry" in the revelation of our Creator's Name and what appears to be a direct reference to God our Father -- the God of Elijah (El-a-Yah, according to Strong's). What would be the difference between pronouncing “Eliyah” and “Elayah”, the connection is clear. This is more than reference to “two olives”, the two Ela-Yah.

Discovery #4 -- The word for "olive", according the Strong's Greek Dictionary, contains the Name of our Creator and of our Heavenly Father, YaH. Strong's G1636, "elaia", (el-ah-yah). We see this same use of our Heavenly Father's Name in the KJV use of Alleluia (Halleluyah), a praise we hear vocalized throughout the Christian communities without understanding. In the Greek translations "ia" and "iah" are used in reference to the God of Israel throughout Old and New Testaments but is ignored by modern (most) translators.

Discovery #5 -- The word for "candlestick" also contains the Holy Name of our God. Strong's G3087: "luchnia" (lookh-nee-ah, or lookh-nee-YaH). Please note in the Strong's Dictionary the last part of this word, "ah" is the same as found in the word for "olive" (ia – Discovery #4) and is also pronounced as, "yah", and should be the same here in this word for "candle stick". Following the rule for the pronunciation of "olive" (yah) then the same should be true for "luchnia" and be pronounced as "lookh-nee-yah". The word "candlestick" is translated by some as "lamp stand", indicating the "candlestick" is not a "stick of candle" but a “stick”, or piece of wood that a candle is mounted on. Thus, we have, the "two sticks of YaH", also called the "two El-a-Yah" (misunderstood by the translators and translated “olive” from “elaia”). This is hardly a coincidence, in my opinion, entirely missed by the translators due to their rejection of our Creator and "Savior's true identity by His Birth Name, YaHshua (YaHushua).

To get a clear view at what we are looking at it might help to look (examine) at an example from scripture where three terms for "olive tree", or tree, are used but mean something else in a symbolic use:

(Rom 11:24) For if you were cut out of the olive tree (G65) which is wild by nature, and were grafted contrary to nature into a good olive tree (G2565): how much more shall these, which be the natural branches, be grafted into their own olive tree (G1636)? KJV

This verse is quite good as it contains all three of the references used by the Greeks in communicating an idea or ideas to convey a thought on a subject. And, in this case, we have the thoughts of Paul being transmitted to us by this picture language from His original tongue of Aramaic into Greek. Remember, Paul is speaking not to the Jews but to Gentiles (verse 13), in their language as best he can. In verse 24 Paul is saying if a “wild branch” is cut out of a “wild tree”, contrary to nature, is grafted into a “cultured” tree then how much more likely is it the “natural branches” will be grafted back into their own “tree”. The wild branches being the Gentiles and the natural branches the Jews, of course – think we can all see this analogy.

It is plain He is speaking to the Gentiles warning them against an attitude of superiority toward the Jews as they, the Jews, can be grafted back in, and much easier too (Grafted back into the Original Tree). Notice the various uses of the words used for “olive tree”. Here is the breakdown of what He has just said:

Strong’s G65: the “wild olive tree” – Gentiles
Strong’s G2565: the “natural tree” -- Jews
Strong’s G1636: the “olive” can be the “tree” or the “berry”, in other words, the fruit.

The context demonstrates the use of the “olive tree” and the “olive branch” and the “olive berry” as symbols to demonstrate what can and has happened. Our concern, however, in this brief study, is the “two witnesses” of Revelation 11 and how this works into what is being said about them. First you will see the symbolic nature of the “two witnesses” being referred to as “candle sticks” (lamp stands) and as “olive trees”. You should already have seen the word play concerning the word used for “olive” to be “elaia” (Eil-ah-yah) and should understand the implications of this word choice. If the symbolic term were really to mean "tree" then the term for tree was available and could have been used, as we have seen in Romans 11:24 (G2565, a cultured tree). It is clear there is a choice of words meaning a tree, but we do not see this used, instead a word so closely to the NAME of Eliyah (Elijah) is used and this of itself is astounding in its implications. Certainly some have speculated Elijah, or the spirit of Elijah will be one of the two witnesses but with this new understanding concerning the terms used and not used, we can now translate this verse true meaning -- the “the two Elijah” -- the Two EliYahs. Who, then, is the “Two Elijah”?

TWO WITNESSES – Two EliYaH (Elijah)
We all know of the Elijah (Eli-YaH) of the Old Testament, some call the Prophet of fire, and we know of his battle with the false priest of the Baal (the Lord worshipers), but just who is this second Elijah. Please note it is very likely the name Elijah may be more of a title of purpose as much as a Name of a leading prophet. In this name we have the definition, “my God is YaH”, or El-I-YaH – this will be the Mission of the Two Witnesses, not necessarily their actual names. The other Elijah, the other witness to be doing battle against the false Lords of the end days is John the Baptist, or at least, the spirit of John the Baptist. Our Savior tells His disciples and us the identity of the Elijah, the other Elijah that was to come in Matthew 11:14 – He clearly says that John the Baptist was the Elijah that Malachi spoke of (covered in more detail later). The “two olives”, the “two Elijah’s” will be of the same spirit as the first two original Elijah’s with the same message of repentance toward the one God, YaH. A Name our Savior came in and was given at birth.

Brief Summation
In support of this view let’s cover what we have uncovered so far: These two witnesses are also called “candle sticks” in the KJV and when we check with Strong’s we see this can also be “lamp stands”, not actual “sticks of wax candles”. (Strong’s G3087, luchnia: lookh-nee-ah). This is very interesting when considering the Strong’s term for “olive” as used in this verse, both end in "ia" or "YaH". Candle sticks, with the “ia”, which Strong’s itself recognizes, in “elaia”, we see the same in “luchn-ia”. Strong’s give the spelling for “elaia” as “Eliyah” and the same should be true for “candle sticks”, or “luchn-yah”, to be consistent. This connects the “candle sticks” standing before the God of all creation with His Holy Identity and their mission of proclaiming repentance in their message -- “God is YaH” (Eli-YaH).

Not Enoch, Not Moses
It will not be Enoch, it will not be Moses, it will not be the spirit of any other but the spirit of YaH (EL I YaH) and this is the message His two witnesses will be operating under, they will be working under the same Spirit of influence and power the original EliJah worked, just as John the Baptist did (Luke 1:17) They will be declaring YaH as their God and the God of their authority just as the original Elijah did and their massage of repentance will be just as the original John the Baptists did. John the Baptist, the second Elijah and He came before our Lord, just as the Two Witnesses will. See the beauty of this? The Two Witnesses are not literally, physically, the original Elijah, nor the original John the Baptist but two individuals operating under and by the same Spirit that drove, guided and gave power to the past Elijah’s (Eli-Yah). Read for yourself the whole account of John's birth and mission and you will see there is no need for interpretation, read it --

(Luke 1:15) For he (John) shall be great in the sight of the Lord, and shall drink neither wine nor strong drink; and he shall be filled with the Holy Spirit, even from his mother's womb. And many of the children of Israel shall he turn to the Lord their God. And he shall go before Him (YaHshua)in the spirit and power of Elias (EliJaH), to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just; to make ready a people prepared for the Lord (YaHshua).

Here is proof it is by the "Spirit and power of Eli-YaH" not the actual, resurrected, long dead Elijah or John. The Two Witnesses equal the two Eli-YaH of the same SPIRIT, the Holy Spirit. And their message will be -- "Repent and be baptized into the Name of YaHshua for He is near" and, "His is the Kingdom and all the Kingdoms of the Earth will be His".

As far as the “two witnesses” being a symbolic reference of the Church, or the Christians and the Jews it cannot be for nowhere in the scripture is a man, or groups of men ever used as symbolic without direct reference -- in other words, Jacob, later named Israel, was a representative of the peoples Israel but Jacob existed as an individual, an actual person. The two witnesses will most definitely be two individuals with a dual message, one complimenting the other. No one would suggest John the Baptist was a symbolic representation and did not actually. There was only one man, John the Baptist, preparing the way for our Lord, YaHshua, and John was baptizing people in the baptism of repentance, people sorry for their past wanting to be better, hearing his message to change, being convicted in their hearts to change. Scripture tell us plainly, John was born to do a particular thing, carry out a particular mission and he did and we are told he did it by the "Spirit and the power of EliJah", not that he was the person of Elijah.

Our Savior, YaHshua, tell the disciples, after they witnessed a vision of YaHshua standing with EliJah and Moses and the disciples ask a questions --

(Mat 17:10-13) And His disciples asked Him, saying, ‘Why then say the scribes that Elias must first come?’
And YaHushua answered and said to them, Elias (EliYaH) truly shall first come, and restore all things. But I say to you, That Elias (EilYaH) is come already, and they knew him not, but have done to him whatsoever they listed (determined, loved – in loved to do). Likewise shall also the Son of man (YaHshua) suffer of them (the religious leaders of then).

Then the disciples understood that he said, revealed, to them about John the Baptist.

In the very beginning of YaHshua’s reply He quotes the Old Testament Scripture, and again, as in other places, He, YaHshua, either expands the meaning or changes it. Can He do this, well, He did. And not only in this but other places as well because the Law and many of the things found in the writings of the Prophets failed to turn the Nation Israel around. Now the source of all of those previous things, the Law and the Prophets was standing before them clarifying and making the changes necessary. The change here is not in the prophetic revelation but in the actions of the people, they refused John as the Elijah and while some of the people had been turned and repented the nation and its leadership remained unchanged. But, this is a different subject and this article and study concerns the final Two Witnesses and with this understanding the false “witnesses” are exposed for what they are, false witnesses, claiming a title that does not belong to them.

Back to Revelation 11 -- the Two Witnesses
Look at the context of the matter: They are killed and lie in the street for three days and then hear the voice of the coming Savior and stand up on their feet, alive, renewed, and resurrected. Does this sound like the Christians and Jews of the world? Hardly, it sounds just like it sounds, two individuals brought back to life after being killed, to meet our Lord, YaHshua, in the air at His return. So, when is the Messiah returning? Answer: When the two witnesses stand up. They will have a mission of 3 ½ years with power to cause the weather patterns of the earth to change and the world will hate them, they will not be popular, they will not be heading up some great Christian work, they will be poor (clothed in cheap clothing -- sack cloth) by the world's standard and their message will not be a "feel good", or "propriety" message. No, like Elijah before, and like John before, they are poor in appearance, plain men, dressed in plain clothing and just like the two Elijah’s before, they preached a message of "repentance" in the Name of their God, YaH.

Both men, Elijah and John lived independent lives, not united with the major religions of their day and time -- no, they stood outside of the circle of the religious establishments of their day, just as will the coming Two Eli-YaHs.

The originals EliYaHs owed no man anything, totally independent, slaves only to the God they proclaimed, calling for repentance from the false gods and traditions of men, from sin, private and public. They lived off the land and at times were seen alone, on their own and at other times standing with but a few. These will be two men unlike what we see today passing for men of God. These two Witnesses coming in the "Last Days" of man's rule, will be revealing the true nature of the Beast and the False Prophet, they will incite the Beast to want to kill them. As the religious leaders in the days of YaHshua's earthly existence, seeking His death, so will the Beast seek the death of these two.

Ruptured Rapture (not the Resurrections)
Their presence proves the “rapture” doctrine is wrong as they are on this earth and not in heaven -- surely, no one would argue these two were not worthy of the "rapture". No, but they will be in the "resurrection". But that should not be much of a consideration as our Savior told us plainly that NO ONE CAN GO TO HEAVEN EXCEPT FOR THOSE FROM HEAVEN ). Our Savior originated in Heaven and no one else! Read it for yourself and be done with that false teaching -- (John 1:18, (John 3:13)

(John 1:18) No man has seen God (the Father) at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, He has declared him. (keep in mind, italicized, grayed out words are not found in the original writings but added by the KJV translators)
(John 3:13)And no man has ascended up to heaven, but He that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven.

To suggest any other teaching is to call our Savior a liar. So, when you hear or read that someone went to heaven and talked with angelic beings or conversed with our Heavenly Father or even the Messiah don't you believe it -- get away from such liars and impostors of the truth – we are talking about people that have printed books and made book tapes and CD recordings of their false accounts of walking around heaven and meeting the Christ, or gone to Hell and saw the demons tormenting the wicked. Yes, Paul did make a reference about someone that experienced such an event, but it was a short, and Paul made the point that the things seen and heard in this event were not repeatable. This is totally different from what we see happening with those false guides in their vivid accounts of demon actions or angelic presence in heaven. One such false account relates the angels in heaven are sitting at sewing machines sewing golden cloth together for the saints – ridiculous. The point is, even Paul questioned this vision it seems he experienced, and he wrote no more about it. He may have had more to say if he had been aware of YaHshua’s remarks concerning such things – “no man in heaven”

What this study should have shown is what the “two witnesses” are not. They are not , Moses and Aaron, not a collection of Christians and Jews, not the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant Church, not two brothers (?), not the missing Enoch, not any self-proclaimed person, not someone named Elijah (?), not someone taking the name EliYah to themselves, not any group. Like false Christ there are many false Elijahs. As amazing, or amusing, as it may seem there are some groups claiming their dead founders as the end time Elijah. I know of one group whose head man claimed himself and his brother as the two witnesses, then his brother died, oops, but he still holds to this false teaching and apparently his followers do to?
On the internet you can find an Elijah here and an Elijah over there, Elijah everywhere. Some are pretty brazen in their false claims and none of them, not one, demonstrates anything close to what the original Elijah did and none have the impact John the Baptist had on his surroundings. Imagine, people from all over going to a wild man in the desert, asking what they must do to be saved, repenting of their sins, being baptized in a free flowing river. No, the false Elijahs of today are weak little snivelling alarmist, making proclamations any idiot could make, claiming every storm that comes along is a punishment of God. Listen, when the time comes, and the "Two Witnesses" are here, this world will have gone through something that will make these fake Elijahs as nothing, even less than nothing -- there is a Great Quake coming, an earth shaking event, a worldwide event that will change the political structure of men and all leading to the coming of the Beast.

But Wait! There is more Support for this new understanding of Revelation 11:

(James 3:12) Can the fig tree, My brethren, bear olive berries(G1636)? either a vine, figs? so can no fountain both yield salt water and fresh. KJV (Strong's G1636, "elaia" (el-ah-yah), olive, berry)

Here we see in the the letter of James the translators choose "berries" instead of "tree". By definition "berry" is the more accurate of the two choices. The primary definition is "berry" or "fruit", not a "tree". The word for "tree" is not found in this verse. What do we see from this? That for Revelation 11 there was and is a better choice of words, as demonstrated by the KJV usage in James' letter, but ignored by the translators in Revelation 11. From the Strong's Greek Dictionary we can see there are better choices for term "tree":

Strong's G1186, dendron (den-dron), tree
Strong's G3586, xulon (xoo-lon), stick, wooden article, timber.
Strong's G4808, suke (soo-kay), fig tree
Strong's G4809, sukomraia (soo-kow-o-rah-yah), sycamore tree -- [another example of the Holy Name used within a word, or definition]
Strong’s G1636, elaia (el-ah-yah), olive, or berry

What is demonstrated is a better choice of words for tree or type of tree. In Revelation 11:4, however, a choice is not made in favor of any word actually defining a tree, because, as stated before, the original writing did not contain the word "tree". The word "tree" is added without any authority what-so-ever. When using the Strong's numbering system and doing a word search for "tree" it is immediately noticed this word appears in several verses, used as symbolic or allegorical (Matthew 3:10, G1186), and also in reference to the object our Savior had been hung on (crucified on, Acts 5:30, G3586).
There is no reason for adding the word "tree" when speaking of the "two witnesses". When it is considered, the term used and translated "olive" is akin to calling the "two witnesses" Eliyah, from this we can see the "two Eliyah" (two Olive Berries) are going to be just that -- two Witnesses of YaH, declaring their God to be YaH and their Savior YaHshua, it is, as with the original EliYaHs, part of their message and call to repentance.

What's Ahead? Before the Two EliYah?
Before the two witnesses come on the scene there will be an "earthquake" so huge the whole world will reel and men will think the end of all things is about to occurred. See my article on the Great Quake. There will be many other things happening before the "two witnesses" come on the scene. If you are alive when the "two witnesses" are on the job you will have most likely survived the 'Great Quake" and the "Asteroid" hit that kills a third of everything in the ocean and the "Comet" that pollutes the fresh waters of the world, and that will not be all, but know this, if you know and recognize the "two witnesses" then you should continue to hang in there as the "Return of our Lord YaHshua" is then at hand.

In Revelation 13 we read about the Two Beast that will face YaHshua at His return.  The First Beast has a name and an Image, whom the Second Beast that looks like a Lamb with Two Horns, who causes everyone to worship the First Beast.  The Battle between the Two Witnesses and the Two Beasts will be over names, over who do you worship, who do you call on?  For more information about this coming development go to this link -- Mark of the Beast part 1

Why is this important?  For those who will one day live through these events and not be fooled into accepting the lie.  Perhaps this will wake some few up, and prepare them for the events ahead, not being surprised, or shocked, and if nothing else, mentally braced and set to reject the broad path, not by rebellion, but in submission, while still working at living at peace with all others.  Some will succeed, others will not, but we must try, and by His Spirit will will not take on the Mark of the Beast, which is his or their Identity, their name, their mark.   

(Rev 6:17) For the great day of His wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?
(Revelation 8:9-13 -- and after the Great Quake)

Peace, in His Name, your servant, Dan -- email
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