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UFO and the Wheels of Ezekiel

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The Famous McMinnville UFO photo - 1950

Q: What about the Wheels of Ezekiel?  Doesn’t this Bible vision prove UFOs?  What do you think about UFOs anyway?  

A:  First off, hear me out -- I do believe in UFOs.  Unidentified Flying Objects - I do believe.  Of course, a few might call some of these, Unidentified Flying Objects Angels – more on that later. However, the Wheels of Ezekiel are something else entirely, they are not the regular run of what might be called a UFO, usually understood to mean, LIFE from outer space. A UFO to mankind is seeing something they do not understand, but what Ezekiel sees is not a UFO as men and woman have been led to fantasize about.  First off, Ezekiel identifies his sighting in an up close, in your face encounter, and tells us exactly who and what it is.  
The UFO of the world is, however, presented by the Great and Might Magician, the Devil, and for him the UFO performance is like a magic trick.  You know, where the magician gets his captive audience to look over here, while over there the trick is being played on them.  What great fun the demons and devils must be having with us.
First off, before answering the question about the wheel or wheels of Ezekiel, I feel I should give up a little background information. After all, the question about the Wheels of Ezekiel is really about UFO – about the Biblical support for flying craft from other places in the Universe.    

I have much more to say but first, the question is about Ezekiel’s Wheels – Ezekiel 1:16-17

The appearance of the wheels and their work was like unto the color of a beryl: and they four had one likeness: and their appearance and their work was as it were a wheel in the middle of a wheel. 17 When they went, they went upon their four sides: and they turned not when they went.
(Eze 1:19)  And when the living creatures went, the wheels went by them: and when the living creatures were lifted up from the earth, the wheels were lifted up.

Notice that the wheels are controlled by the beings with four wings and do not turn, or spin.  The wheels are not the prime mover of the object Ezekiel is describing. There are four wheels, beside each of the four beings, who appear to be working together as their wings touch, forming a square and each has a wheel, within a wheel next to them and do not go unless the whole of the four, winged figures so, which might be called the Spirit of YaHWeH because the wheels only go with the four figures go and only by the desire of the Spirit.  Like a mental thought to move someplace and the four beings would move and the wheels would follow, or move with them.

(Eze 1:20)  Whithersoever the spirit was to go, they went, thither was their spirit to go; and the wheels were lifted up over against them: for the spirit of the living creature was in the wheels.
(Eze 1:21)  When those went, these went; and when those stood, these stood; and when those were lifted up from the earth, the wheels were lifted up over against them: for the spirit of the living creature was in the wheels.

It is clear that the wheels are nothing like the spinning wheels seen and reported as flying saucers, or UFO.  The more interesting are the Four Creatures, or beings that are controlling the wheels and then the One controlling the four, four winged beings. Maybe a later study we will cover the Book of Ezekiel and what he reported.  The wheels, however, are nothing like the wheels reported to be flying around in our skies.

Getting to the Bottom of Things

Many, many, years ago, more like over 3 decades ago, there was a great to-do about UFO sightings.  I decided to get to the bottom of this phenomenon.  I began a research study that took about a year, with work and kids and hunting and fishing to do as well -- at the end of an on and off study I found this same kind of excitement had taken place in the late 40s -- 48-50.  Then in the late 50s a mini burst of excitement, as people with their mini-Kodak cameras were taking all sorts of pictures of flying disk -- as it turns out -- the Spinner hubcap had become popular and some very funny boys were throwing them into the air like Frisbee -- only Frisbee weren't invented yet, and Walla, you had a UFO, on film.  Once the culprits were discovered and everyone tricked by this bit of magic finished wiping the egg off their faces, the Society for UFO-ology (ufology) was formed.  I know, rather than admit error or that we can be fooled (never us), the solution to protecting our sensitive minds is to start a society to prove that even when we are wrong, we are right -- this is how cults get started.  Funny, too, how so many others are willing to join in on the fun – maybe that is it, it is fun and exciting to talk about such things?  Not that there is anything wrong with that, it is just that a person should be aware of their physical surroundings and their spiritual surroundings and remember that not everything is our friend.   Believe or not, if UFO are truly, as some say, from other worlds, then eventually they are going to be a danger of some sort.  If they are not physical and are some kind of Spirit entity, then, again, we are in trouble – either way, humanity is going to be in trouble.  

Of course, we all know this, right?  I mean, really, down deep, humans that recognized the UFO activity as real, not some phenom of nature, we in a day of reckoning has to be coming.  So, better to deny than to admit that something is fooling with us. Of course, we all know people who refuse to be wrong or refuse to be fooled that are members of cults or religious organizations or atheist groups that equally accept and deny such things.  Still, when we hear reports and even when evidence is presented, it is like watching some kind of magic show, with all of the disappearing and reappearing.
A human magician once said, "The smarter a person, (or people) think they are, the easier it is to fool them".  Or was it an experienced con man that said that?  No matter, it seems to be true.  The over-educated make fun of the farmer dunce, while the farmer actually sees the ignorance in the overly sensitive intellectual.   Never to forget, the last two major World-Wide Wars began with the support of university professors and their students.  Don’t believe it?  Look it up.  Some of the despotic rise to power where highly educated themselves.  Pliable brains that think they cannot be plied are moved by men with great ideas about the destruction of society.  Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, all very educated men who found support in the student body of the Universities of modern thought. Plying the minds of youthful men and women into murder for an idea – serving the god of destruction, with the notion that out of the chaos they would rain down on humanity would come a perfect world – but whose perfect world?  

The same today, as yesterday.  Highly educated men and women pushing a narrative that they don't even fully understand, on to the youth of the world -- mostly those under the age of 30.  This age group has the feeling of immortality.  
Back to my earlier study -- I found that the description for these "other worldly vehicles", seemed to mimicked what was being presented in the movies and fiction writings of the day.  In late 40s the aliens were lizard like with hug brains -- all green and snake skinned.  The flying crafts, most often seen, were cigar shaped and were not so speedy as today, more like balloons or tubular machines like the Buck Rodgers flying space ships. Later, in the late 50 and 60, the aliens became mare like little men, described more ape like and wild eyed -- that is not what witnesses would say, exactly, but the descriptions given, well, sounded like that of monkeys, all hairy and gray, some green -- sticking with the lizard like, green Men of the past. Coincidentally at the time, the US was experimenting with space vehicles and using and monkeys as test pilots, into outer space.  

The civilian encounters were always at night and when a vehicle had landed or crashed, and when these little green or gray, man type, creatures would be seen, most often in the headlights of a car -- some witnesses were even attacked by these mean aliens and it was said they had wild eyes and long teeth.  Couldn't possibly be a monkey, monkeys do not fall from the sky, or parade around a fallen UFO.  

From there we get into the late early to late 70s and another image of the UFO and Space alien emerges -- and with the help of the cult movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, we are off to the races with the little Gray men with big heads and smallish faces and the skinny, lizard like arms and legs with long fingers.   Over the years the little gray men became known as the grays and fit right in with other sighting, the more modern sightings.  

Want to see and Alien?
Here's how -- Have your wife or better yet, a buddy -- men seem to work best -- have one of them stand in a bedroom door way -- any doorway will do -- with a bright light behind them.  Do this when it is dark, inside and out, like in the middle of the night -- do this while you lay on a bed looking at the person in the doorway with the very bright light behind them, and WALLA, you have your alien.  Sometimes people see these aliens as angels in road side emergencies.  Someone, is coming out of a blackout, after a crash and they see an angel standing over them -- get the picture?  Injured person laying on the pavement, and an emergency medic is standing over the victim with the bright sun behind them -- the injured person, going in and out of consciousness is, later, certain an angel came and saved them.  This is not unlike the UFO stories.

The bright light behind a person plays a little trick on the person not aware that someone is between them and a strong light source, like the sun, or a hallway light and what they see is the light refracting around the body, crating this big head, thin, stringy body everyone has already been primed to see.  This works best on a sleepy mind, but can be repeated if a person wanted to experiment.  Lay out on a bright sunny day and at noon have someone stand over you while you are laying on the ground, and let them shade you with their body as you look up at them, and again -- Walla -- you have your Alien vision.  

The Wheel, the Wheels
Back to Ezekiel's Wheel or Wheels, there are 8 of them -- four large wheels, each with another wheel within them, eight in total.  The description that Ezekiel gives is very detailed and is nothing like what people describe today as a UFO craft.  What Ezekiel is seeing is truly, "Other worldly". What most people are seeing, however, is of this world, or very worldly. Coming from the imaginations of common men and women.   And from the imagination of some military people too.  Not to mention the various projects conducted by civilian and military that are highly secret.  The first Triangular accounts were soon discovered to be the Stealth Fighter plane, but still to this day, the Triangle shape hangs on, even when it has blinking red and green lights in accordance with the rules of the air to identify Port and Starboard -- a handy system when aircraft spot one another and know which side they are on, just like ships in the sea.  The Space Alien craft have adapted well, ha, ha.  Actual craft or creatures reported that cannot or has not been identified -- UFO -- are certainly Unidentified Flying Objects as are USO -- ha, ha -- Unidentified Surface Objects?  

Interestingly, Tucker Carlson of Fox News, has gotten big into the UFO video presentations that have been circulating the internet.  The video is said to be straight out of a secret Pentagon file.  It seems a fighter pilot captured a vehicle traveling over the surface of ocean waters outside of San Diego, California, that was going so fast he could not keep up with it.  Of course, he did keep up with it or we would not have the video, right? Tucker Carlson presented this video more than once on his program and invited those promoting this video, on to explain what we are seeing, and later others were invited for their comments, as well.  The flying Tic Tac -- they call it -- this should be the first clue -- Tic Tac is a very small mouth freshener.   No one seems to be able to give a size for this speedy item, other than the size of a tic-tac.  If size ever comes up, it is always danced around.  Many, many UFO reports are of small, insect size objects, just so you know.  

Now, I am no expert in this matter, of course, but I do have an opinion, having served in the US Navy as a Radar guy, both Surface to Air.  I was the Air Com specialist on our ship.  With my radar and Ultralight (pre-laser) tracking abilities.  There is one thing I know, if a craft is traveling as fast and furious as they claim, then they could not be tracking them for more than the a couple of seconds, or less.  The tracking device on an aircraft is a usually a rotating ball or camera of some sort, even a sighting device but it is limited in its movement, it can only spin or twist so fast, in an effort to target another object and even then the fighter plane has to be an interception maneuver.  But, what do we see and here?  The pilots are not stressed at all, no G forces, as if they are just flying along, while these objects are traveling, they say, at thousands of miles per hour.  You would see them flash by and even if you did get a "lock on" with your tracking camera it would only be for a moment.   Targeting equipment, or tracking cameras are fit for moving object that can physical match or out match the speed and turns of another craft.  This Navy UFO sighting is actually beyond the physical scope for what is available today.  According to the speed of these objects we do not have any fighter planes that can match them, not even close.

Remember, I said that I do believe in the existence of UFO, and Angels and other worldly creatures and non-world creatures and creation.  This, however, is not what the great magician, the Devil and his angels want you to believe. What they want, by all of this trickery, is for people to think we are not alone and that the universe is filled with other life, life evolved, and in the evolution of other species, which, if true here is also true out there -- it has to be true, and life in millions of other worlds would prove it, to them.  Why?  Because, so many in the Religious Communities say we are the only ones, that mankind is unique.  This may be true, after all, there had to have been the First Seed or Fruits, before all the others.  We could be the First Fruit of the Universe.   

However, even many of the Christians forget about life being more than physical.  In fact, first life is that of the Spirit, not the flesh.  We are temporary, meaning that our reality is actually less than the reality of the Spirit world.  This is what Satan and his angels want to stay hidden, if possible and if not, then to twist it so that they receive the worship and adoration and not our Creator.  Many Christians deny the existence of anything beyond 7,000 years and claim this it the true word of god (their god) and therefore it true and not to be questioned.  They get this from a twisting of the Creation Account, given in the Book of Genesis.  In the own righteousness they stumble.

What I see, when I watch these videos is an object, not much larger than a tic-tak, maybe even smaller, moving with the scanner in the tracking aircraft.  Say, for example, I put a small insect poop on the lens of my scanner and begin swinging my scanner all around, what would I see?  I would see this enlarged piece, very small, piece of crap, moving with me and the background moving very fast, so fast the background would be blurred out.  Then, if I want to win you over, as a believer in "we are not the only ones" (which is really true), and to convince everyone that we are not unique in the universe, etc., after you are amazed at the credibility of the Pilots, with their child like banter at seeing this Tic-Tak.
It is almost like listening to a comic routine -- Gosh, Goofy, look at them-there thingys moving faster than fast.  
GeeWhiz, they is a movin", yuk, yuk.  Imagine, a Fighter Pilot, or a Trained Navy pilot of any kind, seeing something that could be a hazard to themselves or others, even a threat to a their Navy base, being so close to the Marine and Naval and Airforce bases around San Diego, being so caviler, happy, almost, struck with wonder like little children.  No, and No and No, these guys would have gone into protect and fight mode.  There would have been all kinds of chatter coming from the Surface to Air, not just between a couple of pilots.  The Ship or Shore from which they launched would have been active, extremely active and on the Highest alert.  I know this for a fact, but you do not see or hear any of this on these "secret" video tapes.  I call foul on this one -- feeding the eyes and ears of the believers non-believer status of willing ignorance.

Of course, after such huge coverage not everyone is convinced and calls the intellect of those promoting these events into question -- still, some very smart men and women are convinced and for their own reasons.  Some to prove there is a god and others to prove there is not.  Some to disprove Christianity and others to prove many gods of all kinds and no religion is special.  We see this same kind of thing with Near Death Experiences -- these hardly ever need a Savior to be saved -- dodging around the need for a Savior, everyone in a NDE, experiences life after death, no matter what.  So, give it up, who needs a Savior?  They do not come right out and say it, but that is where that kind of thing ultimately heads.  Very few meet Christ and of those that do, it is a Christ that is the spiting image of the painting we see, not how He is described in Revelation, Chapter One.  

The UFO followup, those other events, much more questionable, come with all kinds of verbiage laced with words like, maybe, perhaps, looks to me, could be, and said to be, etc., etc.  In all the time I worked with Jet Fighter pilots -- in operation, that included war games over the Pacific, I never heard that kind of childishness.  Certainly, Jet fighter pilots are known for their devil-may-care, balls to the wall and aggressiveness in their speech -- more like an individual in complete control of themselves and events around them, you know they are in charge of this machine they are in -- Screaming through the skies with death and destruction at their wing tips -- they do not goof off but are the most self-assured, in-control people (while flying) that you could ever meet.  Believe me, I know this from experience.  On the ground, that is another matter, in the skies above, as they fly through the heavens like, for the lack of a better word, gods.  Tik-tacs do not amaze them, they see this kind of thing all the time, some of it, most of it explainable.  Many times, however, the Tik-tacs are taken care of with a lens wipe. Just saying -- but that is not so exciting and does not sell as well as the fantasy and yet, the fantasy is tied to a truth -- we are not alone, but not in the way the enemy is selling it.

Nothing Like the Ezekiel Account
None of this is like or even close to being like or similar to what Ezekiel reports in his witness.  When reading the Ezekiel account it is interesting to notice that as he is seeing -- not a vision -- but as he is seeing this and taking notes, it seems, it is not until he sees what appears to be the personal shape and Glory of our God and Savior on a glowing throne, that he falls to the ground, on his face in an act of the greatest humility and worship.  

Truly an amazing account.  It is also another example for the truth reported in 1Tim 6:16, 1John 4:12, John 6:41 and John 5:37 -- So, who is Ezekiel looking at? Of course, you and I know the answer to this question. It is an answer the magician of this world has managed to keep hidden with his slight of hand tricks.  

I have not ever read one single report from any prophet or person, in all of the previous research I have done, about UFO stuff, where anyone has reported anything close to what Ezekiel reports.  Not from the past centuries and not in and from these modern times, times with the most sophisticated equipment ever. Everyone has a camera now, and yet, the pictures put up, other than those prove fake, cannot seem to capture any pictures that are credible or better than the hubcaps of the 50-60s.  In fact, one of the most promoted and repeated photo of a Flying Saucer is the McMinville photo of 1948 -- of course, the date is either left off or in very tiny print, but that is the go to picture for UFO-ologist.  It is obviously a spinner hubcap, so why is it always the one used in nearly every UFO paper and magazine, even to this very day? Because, the so called experts of the say, could not say how it was faked, therefore, it must be true.  

Still, there are UFOs and plenty of them.  Lots of Unidentified Flying Objects.  In the end, however, when investigated full, nearly all can be explained and some are quite funny, when revealed and demonstrate how easily we can be fooled or tricked into seeing something that is really quite simple, once revealed. Just like a good magic trick.  What is that old saying, "Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me"?  I think that applies here.

The Wheels May Not Be Actual Wheels
There you have it my friend -- an opinion, backed by some personal experience and down to earth logic, with a touch of the Heavenly revelation about how our Savior may travel about.  One more thing, or observation about the Wheels of Ezekiel: The wheels are not necessarily wheels as we know wheels.  The concept from the Hebrew is something spinning.  
Looking down into a kitchen blender we see a wheel or something spinning at a furious level, this could be called a wheel.  So, the Wheels of Ezekiel may be that, more than a literal wheel, like on a car or wagon or UFO craft -- still, and I favor this, myself, these are wheels but different, in that it is a smaller wheel inside of a larger, making 4 positions each in pairs.  The 8 wheels are interesting, but what about the four creature alongside the wheels exist? This seems more extraordinary to me than the Wheels -- no little gray men there -- and the movement up to the layer upon which the Chair, or Throne is and the Form of a person so extraordinary, surrounded in every color and light and exuding fire and power.  Nothing like any UFO I have ever heard described -- this is something far and above anything the UFO crowd has presented. Ezekiel's account is certainly Other Worldly, and Identified as this encounter is with YaHWeH Himself, on His Throne -- YaHWeH is absolutely identified in verse 28 (Ezk 1:28). Also, of interest and something that should set those who would use Ezekiel as proof, proof for whatever the reasoning of their truth, plus or minus, is the fact that these creatures with the Wheels, do not spin, they do not turn, and this is mentioned in two place -- said twice, they do not turn -- 1:12 & 17 -- verse 12 is very interesting -- Each went straight forward, where ever the Spirit was to go or wanted to go, they went, but without turning.  Imagine that, never traveling in a circle or spinning, but forward or sideways or backward without turning, imagine that -- nothing like the devils seen flying around that become, on occasion, visible to men.  Isn't it strange, too, how most all of the sightings are by men, a few women but mostly men?
I hope you found this a benefit, even if you only managed to read a sliver or two.  Peace, Dan

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