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President Joe Biden, Empties Oil Reserves

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US Emergency Oil Reserves the Lowest since 1986

Thank your President Joe Biden and Team.  The lowest since 1986 and still falling.  President Joe Biden uses his presidention authority to use the United States Emergency Oil Reserves to lower consumer gas price -- or so he said, but that was a lie.  The gas prices have remain higher and still going up, a littel down but mostly up, up and up.  So, what happened to the releasing of the People's, precious, Emergency Oil?  Joe and his team of lunatics set about sending it off to other countries.  One, very notable country, a country we are in direct, economic conflict, is China.  

This sounds like something some conspiracy nut would make up.  I am no nut and I do not think all conspiracies are crazy but I do research to weed out the liars and the insane -- but -- this is all true, much stranger than fiction.  Hey, they tell me that the people of the USA voted to put this man an his demented team in office, so, who is complaining.  

Okay, I admit that I heard this on Fox and from the airing of Tucker Carlson (07/06/2022), but, I am no fool, so I did a little of my own research and found this it absolutely true.  One trusted News agency is Reuters, but they are not the only news outlet reporting this, still they are a good source and place to start --
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