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World of Trouble, Trouble

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Trouble, Trouble, Turmoil, Turmoil, Round and Round

A World of Trouble

Get ready For the Liberal World Oder

By Dan L Baxley

What a world we live in.  Trouble, trouble everywere.  The Russians hammering Ukrain, in a sensless assault, a sensless act of random destruction.  And it is random.  Apparently the technology the Russian machine has is outdated, behind the times, you might say.  The fire off rockets, willy-nilly -- that means, radomly, and where they land is anybodies guess -- random.  Very little of their equipment is up to date and their military technic is shabby at best.  Even our slacker, upper military command could do better against them, even though they proved inept at pulling out of Afghanistan, or is it retreating out of Afghanistan?  What an unimaginable militay tragedy that was, and we have not heard the end it.  Russia, attacking Ukrain, in a weird sort of way, saved President Biden's, very thin, political hide -- you know, that slight of hand game, Quick, look over here, not over there.  

When has it been any different?  When?  In my life time, and having been born in the year 1942, right in the middle of WW2, my daddy a tail gunner on one of the infamous, Flying Fortresses.  Out of 218 young men, in his original unit, only 18 came home.  In that was some 70 million people died -- but, not to forget about WW1, where 50 million were wasted or aborted, lives of young and old, gone.  We could go back further but let's look ahead.  After WW2, there were many other smaller skirmishes around the world.  The Berlin Airlift.  Why?  Because the Soviet Union, today Russua, an ally against Hitler --- No, wait, originally the Soviet Union, under Stalin, entered into an agree not to best each other.  So, while the Germans hammered away at Europe and collected all the Jews they could for slave labor and being marched off to the death camps, the Soviet Union, one of the biggest nations on the face of the Earth and right nest door to Germany, sat back and watched.  They only became an ally to the Western efforts to stop Hitler and his Crime Bosses, his gang of degenerates when Germany turn on the Russians and when that happened the Russian were caught with their pants down -- why would one despot believe another despot, is anybodies guess, but the degenerate leader of the Soviet Union was not ready and need the help from the West and got it.  Yes, the Russians fought valiantly, and lost milltions but it was really the hard Russian winter that stopped the German advance, and not Stalin, the genius of all military geniuses who made a covenant with a devil.  The devil Stalin had joined in covenant with another devil, Hitler.  Apparently there is no honor among devils.

Unlike the Western powers that went in and dismantled the German war on the world effort, the Soviet Union wanted to keep all of the territory they were able to take, which amounted to much of Eastern Europe.  Now, today, we see a new (old) Russian dictator, despot, devil, under the guise of being the good guy to his people, as he murders thousands of innocents.  

After WW2, for the USA, came the Korean war of the 50s.  Followed by the Vietnam war of the 60-70s.  Then we have the 80s where we were involved with the continuing Berlin and Eastern Europe division.  Remember, President Regan saying, "Tear down this Wall...."?  The Wall came down, not because of the Soviet Union's good will, but because they could not support themselves anymore, they had gone broke in trying to spread Communism all over the world.  The seed were planted, however, and took root in many forms around the world, especially in the educational institutions, so, even with the fall of the Soviet Union, their Atheist Missionaries were still active, even to this very day.  Like a cancer their failed and faulty system has infected numerous societies and cause immeasurable harm, to mind and body, to masses of people and nations around the world.   

Then the USA and a few other nations entered a war against the despot, Saddam Hussain of Iraq.  After Iraq, we have Afganistan -- 20 years in Afganistan, ending in one of the most embarrassing, military debacles of all time and the crazy thing is that those responsible for that fiasco still have their jobs, the President and his crew included.  

And where are we today?  Right back to where we have always been, coming to the rescue, no smarter and maybe a lot dumber than in the past.  Just think about it.  If evolution of species is true -- and it is not, but to make a point -- it is assumed that we are evolving into something smarter, more wise, and certainly more beneficial to the evolution of creation and toward other species, species of many different colors and shades of color --- BUT, we are not and have not and it actually seems like we are not smarter at all, but dumber.  What little intelligence we have is built upon the backs of those who came before us.  If we were ants, the city super structures we brag about and the infrastructure of one country after another is actually built upon those who came before us, before this passing generation and before this present generation.  Smarter?  I don't think so, at least the evidence is missing.  But wait, you say, what about the Dark Ages?  What about the Dark Ages?  That was a period of time when previous human advances were denied or lost and had to be rediscovered.  As if something or someone were slowing human civilization down.  But, again, if evolution were true, and we are just one big accident, then we should be getting smarter but we are not.  Our knowledge is increasing, for sure, but our intelligence is not.  However, the dumbing down or the human species, as time goes on, would hold true to a created being or humans, as a thing made or created tends to run down or begin to become less than it was, or, even decay.  If the Theory of Evolution were true, then why don't we live forever, just getting better and better?  Why?  We seem to be getting progressively dumber, surrounded by all kinds of High Tech devices and still, our brain power, as a species seems to be diminishing, not improving, as witness the human political systems of the world.  Could things get any dumber?  Not to mention the stupidity of our Military leadership, Why?  Where did the military genius go?  Trouble, trouble, everywhere.  Repeat and repeat again, always expecting a different result -- if that isn't dumb, what is?

Lucky for the USA, our military are made up of volunteers, otherwise, the desertion rate would be huge, I am guessing.  So, were does this leave us?  In Hell.  This beautiful Earth is filled with violence.  Murder, by several means --  gang and drug gang viloence, going unchecked, drive by shootings, ambush, daylight armed assult -- that is only counting the violence prevalent in our cities -- and abortion on demand and it that is not the murder of innocents, then what is?  Use any excuse you want, the daughters of Chemosh, serviing the god of Molech, as they kill their babies -- no matter the reason, it is killing a life.  Then we have the military fumbles and flubs, one after the other -- smarter?  I don't think so.  
Death is all over the world, violence in every corner.  The population grows and so grows the violence.  Funny thing, though, when the population of the world was half what it is now, millions more were killed and murdered in wars.  While the wars continue the actual death rate has fallen by comparison.  70 million for WW2 alone.  Nothing matches that, yet it seems the violence among small unites of people has increased -- neighborhood violence, racial violence, political violence.  What does this prove?  Only that we have gotten better at fight long range.  However, look at the recent assault by the demented Russian, Putin, killing just to kill, destroying what is not his, like some kind of little madman.  Of course, this little man saw his opportunity as the world watched the Military might of the USA collapse under its anemic military leadership and a President one step from assisted living.  

From New World Order to New Liberal World Order
We are moving into a new order of things.  Not new, really, but like a pimple that started out like a small red dot, it has swollen with a nasty puss head.  The New World Order?  The name has been changed to the New Liberal World Order -- The President of the USA, made this clear at the televised  World Economic Forum (2022) -- this is about the Future of the Liberal World Order    And when asked about how long Americans should suffer, president Biben said, For as long as it takes?  Yes, President Biden actually said that.  Back in 2017, Joe Biden mentions the Liberal World Oder, by name, so it is no long denied.  The New World Order that the Bush presidency talked about, has been changed to the much more identifiable, Liberal World Order.  

For there to be a Liberal World Order there must be a coming World Order of Trouble, a World Order of Suffering.   These World Order Elites follow the theories and working of the demented genius, Lenin.  An strong adversary to the Communist way was the late Winston Churchill, who once said, so accurately -- "His (Lenin) purpose, to save the world; his method, to blow it up".   A very accurate discription for the method those serving the god of Chaos use.  Destroy, tear down, and then rebuild so you can claim that you have done a good thing, even though you are the cause of a bad thing.  Fools and idots believe and follow such nonesense and when the fools and the idots get control, the streets run with blood and the building burn and the innocence is lost and murdered, as murder of the innocent is their bread and butter.

A time is coming when the Days of Noah will no longer be tolerated, a time when the Wrath of the One who made us all will be unleashed.  And, looking at the way humanity is heading and allowing itself to be led, we will have it coming.  All have sinned and come short of the Glory of The Living God.  How can this madness be stopped?  How do you stop people and demons and devils from destroying all that you have Created?  Pat them on the bad, compliment them, shake their hand, ask them to prettey please be nice?  What would you do?  Not forgetting that we are told to be at peace with all people, that we are take abuse over our abusing others, that we are to leave room for His Revenge.  He is the only One who has the power to restore to truly restore what is good, while burning up what He knows is bad.  

Trouble, trouble everywhere, and we have much more to come.  Trouble from other, from men and demons, but the trouble that lies ahead is beyond what we can imagine.  When His Wrath comes, when He touches the Earth and it reels out of it course, then we will see real trouble, and the highest of men will be brought low, the high minded will fall.  It is all right there, written out before hand, a warning, a call, a notice that what is to come will be more than most can stand or think about.  Sometimes the cancer has to be cut out, or the wound seared closed by a hot iron.  In some ways, the Bible compares what is coming to that of a Woman (the Earth) giving birth.  Why?  Because the way of peace we do not know.  We can say it, and we can wish it, and we can be positive that we all want to live in peace, but the human condition does those things it does not really want to do and many think that in their own rightness, in their own righteous mind they can make things better by destroying nations, by destroying other people.  Sometimes the enemy is easy to identify -- they are the destroyers, the ones who say you must bend to their will, after all, what they are doing is for your own good.  Convince enough people of this method and the peace makers, those who really do live peacefully, or try to, in this world, become the victims of the insane, of those with human nature running wild, feeding on power over others and for the reasons of greed and even with the idea that by destroying everything that does not agree with their vision they are somehow making things better.  

Look around, are things better?  Who made it this way?  The, so called, Liberal Elite.  They contol the schools your kids are commanded to attend while their own kids go to private schools.  They say you should give up your arms, while they have armed body gaurds and live in protected neighborhoods.  They say you must give up your gas cars and buy electric cars that the majority of people cannot afford, but no matter to these leaders of society, these leaders the people voted into office to boss them around, no matter that they never have to worry about the price of a car or house or rising energy, they are covered by our tax money, they are the elite, they are the rulers and we, the people, have put them there.  Never mind food prices are going up, the elite rulers, never worry about such things as they pretend to care.  They do not, and it was not more evident than at the World Economic Forum where the President told us again, that we have to suffer of the good that is going to come out of the destruction his and the other elite rulers and politicians wish to rain down on all those beneath them, the little guy and gal.  They are destroying the Middle class and for good reason.  It has been the middle class that has kept them in check.  One way to eliminate a problem is to get the middle class and the classes of citizens below the middle, to abort their children -- we have too many mouths to feed anyway.  Trick the women into thinking they are preserving their right as a woman to rule herself and how dare anyone tell them what they can and cannot do with their own bodies.  Buying into this propaganda, young minds do not see how they are being manipulated.  

Maybe they will wake up but as each decade passes the pendulum, that used to swing back and forth in an even path now seems to keep swinging further into the bizarre, into the idiotic, more and more, deeper and deeper.  Up is down and down is up, good is bad and bad is good and this is the curse of our time -- well, the time that those who will be alive to witness the coming Wrath, when the cancer will be cut out.

(Isa 5:20) Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

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