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YaHshua or Jesus?

His Name
YaHshua or Jesus?

The following is a short article by three Biblical Hebrew Teachers in an attempt to put to rest the idea that the name YaHshua is not a name at all.  I have added my comments, hopefully to help anyone confronted with this kind of faulty argument against the use of the name YaHshua.  Actually, I and others, do not mind using YeHoshua, or Yehushua or YaHushua, these are all the same, and better choices for His Birth Name than JESUS or Yeshua.  Read on and you will see the faulty reasoning from the minds of teacher in the language -- yes, even the experts can be wrong, deceived or deceivers themselves.  Comments in rebuttal to each paragraph (1-4) provided at the end.

Was YaHshua the Real Name of JESUS?

By Dr. Nicholas J. Schaser, Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg and Dr. Yeshaya Gruber

Despite the assertion of some that Jesus’ Hebrew name should be spelled “Yahshua,” there is absolutely no evidence for this name in any known ancient Hebrew or Aramaic sources. In the Judeo-Greek language of the New Testament, “Jesus” is written as Ἰησοῦς (Iēsous). Translated back into Hebrew/Aramaic, the name is Yeshua (ישׁוּע) or Yehoshua (יהושׁוע).

The name Yeshua (ישׁוּע) was common in the Second Temple Period and appears almost thirty times in the Hebrew Bible as well (e.g., Ezra 3:2; Neh 3:19; 1 Chron 24:11). “Yeshua” (Jesus) is a shortened version of “Yehoshua” (Joshua). If Yehoshua (יהושׁוע) means “the Lord saves”, then Yeshua (ישׁוּע) means either “he [i.e., the Lord] saves” or simply “salvation.” In fact, Judeo-Greek does not distinguish between “Yeshua” and “Yehoshua,” transliterating both as Ἰησοῦς (Iēsous or “Jesus”).

The origins of Jesus’ name in Hebrew probably include both the verbs meaning “to be” (היה) and “to save” (ישע). Matthew’s Gospel states the reason for calling the Messiah “Jesus,” in that direct linguistic connection exists between his name and the salvation of God’s people: “You shall call his name ‘Jesus,’ for he will save his people from their sins” (1:21). Insofar as Jesus’ name comes from the Hebrew word for “salvation,” Matthew’s argument makes perfect sense: Miriam’s son must be called “salvation” precisely because “he/the Lord will save” his people from their sins.

The problem with “Yahshua” is not that the original name of Jesus cannot come from both roots (in fact, this may well be the case, since “Jesus” is so closely related to “Yehoshua”). The main issue is this: while the name “Yeshua” is widely attested in Jewish sources, the spelling/pronunciation of “Yahshua” is not attested at all. In the end, we must agree that even though it may sounds appropriate for “Yah to save” from a theological perspective–and thus to speculate that Jesus’ name might have been “Yahshua”– until some evidence is found to the contrary, the name “Yahshua” exists in the hypothetical realm alone; that is, “Yahshua” is only a real name in the minds of those who argue for it.

Source: https://weekly.israelbiblecenter.com/jesus-hebrew-name-yeshua-yahshua/


First paragraph Comment: This is a really short article by Dr. Nicholas J. Schaser, Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg and Dr. Yeshaya Gruber.
 But is a perfect example of what is being taught in all of the religious schools and especially those teaching Biblical Hebrew.  It is as if there is a conspiracy to keep the lay members in the dark.  This first paragraph is the standard answer, the same answer I have received, and heard over the years from other Scholars educated in Biblical Hebrew.  This seems to be the pat answer -- YaHshua is absolutely not found in the Hebrew Bible. -- they say.   Okay, so let's say they are right and drop YaHshua in favor of the name they say is in the Hebrew Bible, YeHoshua.  What then?  Will these scholars then change the bogus name JESUS to YeHoshua?  If that is the more correct, and it is, then why haven't they corrected this injustice in the New Covenant writings -- in the Gospels -- why continue with a name that has only been in existence for the past 400 years?  If the one letter, O in Yeh-o-shua, is what makes YaHshua, or YeHshua incorrect then how is it these Scholars use the term, Y'shua, or Yeshua, and even Jesus with missing letters?  How is it correct for one but not the other?  They want you to believe that the name Jesus and Yeshua are the same, while ignoring His true Birth Name YaHshua, and it you prefer, YaHoshua, or YeHoshua.  Why do they want you to believe that Yeshua and Jesus are the same?  Because there is no connection in the Hebrew with the new name JESUS anywhere in Scripture, none, so they have to manufacture a connection to support the lie.  

(2Th 2:11)  And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

Second Paragraph, Comment:  In this paragraph two things jump right out.  Again, it all sounds really good, until you give it a closer look and really read it.  First, a word search in your Bible will reveal that this term, Yeshua, is found 119 times, but not as a name. It is used almost 30 times as a name, but most often not as a name. The fact remains that our Lord was not given only a title, but a full name, a name found among men.  The name Jesus never existed when the following words were written down --

(Act 4:12)  Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other Name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved

The Name JESUS never existed until modern times.  This is why they are so desperate to connect the word, YESHUA with the name JESUS while disconnecting the proper name YaHshua.  The word, or term yeshua, meaning salvation, did exist, but most often not as a name.  However the name JOSHUA, the English transliteration did and does exist, so why not use it?  After all, that is the actual Name He was Named?  In the modern English it is YaHoshua, or YeHoshua or YaHushua or YaHshua -- none of these are even close to the false name JESUS.
Another misdirection is they say that yeshua is a shortened version of Yehoshua, and that too is a lie -- another attempt trying to connect the two which then they try to connect to the fake name JESUS -- remember, again, a name that never existed until the 1500 AD.  Yeshua means, salvation, while the real Name, YeHoshua, means YeH or YaH is salvation.  The term, used as a name or not, does not make a connection to the false name Jesus.

Third Paragraph, Comment: Notice: quote --  The origins of Jesus’ name in Hebrew probably... .  Not a fact, but probably, this or that.  One thing is not a probably, but a fact -- the name JESUS never existed until around 400 years ago and we all know that the Hebrew is much older than that, so they are probably wrong.  The next excuse for continuing in this error would be to say that the Messenger from Heaven, Gabriel, told Mary and Joseph to name Him JESUS -- that would be impossible because that name never existed until some 1,400 years later.  It could not have been Jesus, even though the translators have put this false name in your bibles, that is not the name the Apostles taught and that is not the name the Angel gave to Mary and Joseph.  For one, that name never existed until the creation of the King James Approved Bible -- a government approve bible, get it?  When Gabriel gave Mary and Joseph the Name to Name Him you can bet it was not JESUS.  His name was changed, first by the Greeks then the Latins and finally by the English, each taking liberities in making His Name their own, by changing it, changing it until it became nothing like the Name His Heavenly Father told Gabriel to give to Mary and Joseph.  Yes, His Name has been corrupted by men, even men of knowledge -- No, I take that back, not corrupted, but changed, replaced.  

Fourth Paragraph Comment: This last statement that the name YaHshua is only a name in the minds of those who argue for it, is truly laughable.  The truth is that it is the name Jesus, that is only real, as a name, in the minds of those deceived, pure and simple.  These teachers will have to answer for their purposeful deception or their ignorance as teachers or for being used as a tool by the Adversary.  So, YaH does not exist, is that what they are saying?  It would seem that is what they are saying, but if you read Psa 68:4, "Sing unto God, sing praises to His Name: extol Him that rides upon the heavens by His Name JAH, and rejoice before Him".  Remember, the J letter is the Y or Yod letter in the Hebrew, so JAH is YAH.  In other works by the biblical scholars they will tell you that YaH is short for YeHoshua.  So, this then -- YAH is short for JESUS too?  Hardly.  His Name has been changed, not only is the spelling changed but in the pronunciation as well -- the replacement name is not an equivalent, as others claim, and it most certainly is not a Transliteration.  Is this the great deception, or delusion we mentioned before?  Possibly.  

For more on this Truth go to this link:  YaHshuah or Yeshua or JESUS?  
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