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Yeshua or Jesus? 3

His Name

Yeshua, YaHshua, and some say it is, Jesus -- so which is it?  
Part 3 of (Part 1) (Part 2)
By Dan L Baxley


The English bibles today use the name "Jesus" and not Yahshua because the translators wanted to ignore the fact our Savior is of Jewish Birth. Remember, after Christianity came under Roman rule by authority of Emperor Constantine and declared the religion of the Empire the Jews were not the favorite people of the Romans, of the Empire, and at on point the Roman Christians, spreading across Europe, began to persecute the Jews as "Christ Killers". One way to distance European Christianity from the Jewish stench was to change the name of the Savior, to make it more Latin in tone, maybe for in favor of what the pagan converts would appreciate, a name like Iesvs (Greek - Insous). The Protestant Christians, a few hundred years later, like rebellious children turned against Mother Church in no longer accepting the "infallibility of the Pope", or PaPa (Father). Martin Luther of Germany is credited with starting the real fire of rebellion and breaking away from PaPa (Mat 23:9). Eventually England joined in the rebellion under the lustful hand of King Henry VIII eventually establishing the Anglican Church of England. Henry had his personal reasons for breaking with the Roman Church but was not a totally against what the Roman Church taught and while breaking from the authority of the Papacy and the Pope having any say in his life but maintained much of the traditions and festivals of the Roman Church, this included the acceptance of the Latin name or the Savior as Iesvs, later, Iesus, and later, Jesus.

The English Translators under authority of King James began a new translation but had by this time lost the Jewish identity of the Savior -- a Name by which we "must be saved" (Acts 4:12). The translators continued with declaring the Latin Jesus (Hey-Zeus) as Savior, equally unimpressed with our Savior’s Jewish-ness. The Jewish heritage of our Savior was not appreciated and scripture was ignored when it came to how the ultimate deliverance of the Jew/Israel would figure in the plan of God the Father. Read Romans 2:9-10 and Romans 1:16 written especially to the Roman Church but ignored by them and by those after them. Make no mistake, our God and our Savior do not consider the Jew as worthless as does this world (Romans 11:26-30). Our Savior is of Jewish origins and His Name is Yahshua, not Jesus and not Yeshua as the Jewish Pharisees and Scribes would have us believe. (Read it again --Romans 11:26-30)


YaHshua says -- (John 4:22), You Samaritans worship what you do not know; we worship what we do know, for salvation is from the Jews.

YaHshua's prophetic warning --  (John 5:43) I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.

YaHshua came in the Father's Name and His Name not the name of another, not in a name invented by men but a name to be found among men, and the name is (Acts 4:12). His Name is seen in the KJV, old English transliteration, as "Joshua" and this name was not and is not "Jesus". Why use the bogus name "Jesus" when their own transliteration "Joshua" is available, and pre dates the false name, Jesus, by nerly 4,000 years? I guess YaHshua knew what He was talking about when He mention, "another" name.

Next the name "Yeshua" is wrong because it drops a very important part of His Name a part of His Heavenly Father's Name, the "H" is dropped, without explanation, other than -- that is what the Jewish translations of the Hebrew say. First, the Jewish Scribes and modern Pharisees do not accept YaHshua as Savior, they deny His very existence, but say, however, if you are going to use a name it should be "Yeshua" because "YaHshua does not appear in our Bible. What a joke, they are going to be the authority?

Yeshua (Yesshua)

Yeshua is not a "transliteration' of "Joshua" (YaHshua) and it is not a transliteration of "Yahoshua" either, so where does this come from? This name, Yeshua, comes to us from the Jewish Scribes as they present the name by dropping a main letter in the real name (the missing H). Just because they have a translation into their language does not make it so, especially when they want to deny the use of the Name (Ha Shem) of their God as too holy it would be crazy to think they would then want the Gentiles to use it, and in the correct Name, with the "H" restored, you do have YaHshua, and not Yeshua. YHWH is the "essential name" as the modern Pharisees say and this it the Name YaHshua came in. If you drop the "H" out of the transliteration, as the Jews have done, you do not have the complete name you have, Y-shua. Remember, the "e" and the "a" in the Name of our Savior are vowels, so it is not Ye-shua, but Y-shua and when you see this you see half of the Name the being discarded.

According to the rules of the Rabbis in reading the Hebrew scrolls on the Sabbath missing vowels were expected to be supplied mentally by the reader. This is exactly the case with then name Yeshua, the missing vowel, when replaced is YaHshua, or even Yeeshua. According to information held at the British Museum the "e" vowel in ancient Hebrew Text, concerning the Sacred Name, was to be a "long e" and a long "e" sounds like an "a"vowel. For a proper, modern, pronunciation of this name is should be YaHshua.
When backed into the corner, concerning this name Yeshua, in correctly pronounced as Yes Shua, the Ultra Orthodox and modern Pharisee say this is a short form of YeHoshua.

This is the name Joshua is named and the name by which our Savior was named at birth -- Not "Joshua", the old English transliteration, but YaHshua and or YeHoshua if you listen to the Jewish mind think. In the name YeHoshua we have another problem, the "o" was added and itself is a vowel. Some prefer to use the "u", another vowel and when we know the original Hebrew, even today, does not have vowels we come to see how the gentile world is being played. First, Yeshua is the name, they say, then when you point out the missing "H" do they say restore it? No, they say that Yeshua is a short form. Why use a short form when you have the long form and it is but one letter? According to and earlier edition of Strong's Hebrew Dictionary under H3442, yeshua, we are presented with the following example of the proper pronunciation: YaH-shoo-uah or YaH-shoo-ah. With this in mind, don't let anyone tell you. from now on, that YaHshua is not found in the Holy Scripture. It isn't, I guess, if you allow for the scribes or translators dropping 'consonants' of their choice then there may be other names and words not found also.


The name "Jesus" comes to us from the Roman and the Greek Church. The Romans took the twisted Greek into "Insous" and then the Latin Church of Rome formed it into "Iesvs" (pronounced, IeZevs) then further twisting by the English revisionist into the modern English name Jesus. The original KJV English bible (1611AD) rendered the name as IESVS but in the first revision it was changed to, IESUS, and by the revision of 1881 the name is changed again to "JESUS". In the Preface of the some modern translations there is an explanation as to why the Sacred Name of God, YHWH, is not restored to the English text. For the most part they tell us they are following the traditions from before, traditions of their Fathers -- traditions of men, and that is their excuse (Mark 7:8, Mat 15:6, Gal 1:14, Col 2:8), and by ignoring the true Name of the Creator God revealed in the Holy Scripture, the go off track, way off track when it comes to the revelation of the true identity of our Savior. By, admittedly, following the "traditions of men", do fall into inexcusable error.

When the old English translations, KJV and all of its revisions, has a "transliterated" name for the Name our Savior was named it is all the more inexcusable -- JOSHUA is the old English transliteration of His Name and they use it without hesitation in the Old Testament but when it comes to the New Testament this is ignored and an different name, a completely different name, is substituted. It would be understandable if the authors of the KJV would have used the name Joshua and then it would be a small thing for the modern readers to make the correction or for the modern translators of the many modern version to update this transliteration from Joshua, to YaHshua.

There is a couple of modern translation of the Holy Bible, accepted by biblical scholars that have restored and do use the sacred Name, YHWH, as Yahweh, but they stop short. When it comes to the New Testament the Name is dropped and the pagan influence is restored making our Jewish Savior, son of the Living God, into something else, a Greek/Roman god, long hair, beautiful features, some depictions with blond hair and blue eyes and with the false name, JESUS, pronounced as GeeZus by the English and HeyZeus by most of the rest of the world.

Gabriel -- Angel of the Lord delivers the Name

When the angel Gabriel gave Mary and Joseph the Name to Name our Savior it was not Jesus, as this name did not have existed until the 16th century. Before that it was Iesvs and before that Iesous, and before that, Insous (original Greek), none of which is His birth Name and none of which is a correct or close a transliteration of the Name delivered by the special messenger, Gabriel. The message of salvation has not been lost -- the truth contained in the Bible is not lost but the identity of our Savior has been covered, discarded, ignored and rejected -- profaned throughout the world. This is difficult even for me to understand at times. Why would our God allowed this error, this false name? Our Savior gives us a partial answer when He said, "…another would come in his own name and him you would accept", perhaps this is what He, YaHshua was referring. Yes, He was talking to the Jews (Jn 5:16-19), but if the shoe fits, well -- wear it.  Still, there may be a reason as to why, if we consider our Creator and our Heavenly Father's great mercy, and a way to help those called to develop properly.  Also, another example of Satanic plans being reversed to serve a purpose other than to destroy.


Why is the name Jesus is in the Bible then? It is in there because men have put it there in spite of themselves and perhaps with some encouragement from a spirit being many have trouble believing exists.  Satan does indeed exist and he is not sitting on his hands.  He tempted the Christ, a story we all know, but then forget about.  Satan is real and he will take every chance presented to influence men.  It does not take much either, as natural man is prone to sin, to think good but do bad, so Satan does not have to push too hard to get key figures to pick door number three.  

Many believers are coming to the knowledge concerning the Jesus error and are making the correction in their studies and readings just as they should. When the spirit reveals a new truth or uncovers an old truth then you, as a believer, need to make the adjustment and many have, it is a growth process it is from the seed to the fruit. Do they all agree in doctrine and teachings? No, but they do have an awakening to the true identity of our Savior. Read Acts 4:12, again and answer the question, what is the name of your Savior? Then consider the following --

(Rom 10:13) For, "Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved."  (Which name is it you are to call on?)

(Act 2:21) And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.'

Now let’s read a quote from our Savior concerning something He saw concerning the future. And ask yourself, Is the Father's Name Jesus? Now read it for yourself:

John 5:43 I have come in my Father's name, and you do not accept me; but if someone else comes in his own name, you will accept him.

John 17:11 I will remain in the world no longer, but they are still in the world, and I am coming to you. Holy Father, protect them by the power of your name--the name you gave me--so that they may be one as we are one. NIV

John 17:26And I have declared unto them thy name, and will declareit:that the love wherewith thou hast loved me may be in them, and I in them.

A Few Comparisons: JESUS or YaH-SHUA? You Decide!

1. Jesus was born December 25, 00AD

YaHshua was born sometime late spring, early fall, 04-07BC
2. Jesus Sabbath is Sunday, First day of the week
YaHshua observed the 7th day Sabbath (Saturday)
3. Jesus is celebrated on Easter Sunday, sunrise resurrection -- Easter Bunnies and Sunrise worship all of Pagan in origin
YaHshua resurrected before sunrise -- He observed the Passover, ultimately becoming the PO Lamb
4. Jesus was crucified Friday and raised on Sunday, (Hardly Three days and three nights Mat 12:39-40)
YaHshua was crucified in mid week on Wednesday (PO evening), resurrected before sunrise, 3 days & Nights later
5. Jesus was in the grave one day two nights raised on the Suns day (actually the tomb was found empty before sunrise)
YaHshua was in the grave 3 days and 3 nights just like He said He would be, the Sign of Jonah (Mat 12:39-40)
6. Jesus came in a newly created name, created by his followers the Greeks and the Romans - Iesous, Iesvs, Iesus
YaHshua came in the Name of the Father, just as He said, a name already known among men (Acts 4:12)
7. Jesus is depicted as a very handsome, even pretty individual
YaHshua was in actuality, according to prophecy, not handsome at all, not someone desired for his looks - (Isa 53:2)

Conclusion? Jesus and YaHshua are not the same

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