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Adam's Racial Makeup

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Q: What was the racial appearance of man in the days under consideration?

A: Who knows?  I don't and neither does anyone else.  The race of men all perished in the flood.  Noah and His family escaped.  Noah's sons and their wives.  Were there different races or only one race then?  Some think the races were created at the separation of languages during the Tower of Babel rebellion.  There are some that teach the sons of Noah as the different races, Ham being the black man seems to be the teaching and why?  Mostly because of Ham's connection with Ethiopia Africa.  I personally do not buy into any of that "speculation".  Some think they have this nailed down but how can they?  Noah had three sons and we, humanity, are descendant from them, but wait, how many races and languages are there?  The sons and daughters of Adam are assumed to have intermarried, and we cannot forget Cain, he apparently may have married outside of his family.  Let's take a different look in addressing your question.  First we ask for our G-d and Savior for the wisdom to understand His words.  He has told us all we need to know, not all we want to know -- the rest is guessing and speculation.  We must not, we can not make doctrine out of speculation.  Still, we see some very famous and notorious teaches from the Christians, Jewish Sages, and others bouncing all over His words to support some dream they have had or some demon (they are spirits too) inspired teaching that either clouds the real issue or turns men against men.  

Was Adam a black man, or a white man, a red man? That is what you are really asking, right?  I believe he was neither, but I really do not know.  What about Eve, was she of what race?  Think now, Adam and Eve, humans made of clay and from one lump another is made from that same lump, so Eve must have been the same as Adam, of the same original clay.  Some teach the name Adam is tied in with the word "red" and in this see the clay, or dirt, Adam was made from as red.  Has there ever been a truly red man?  Well, that is neither black, nor white, not even bronze or tan -- who know?  The Mormons think they know, but they do not and others think they know too but how can they, were they there?  Remember, all of them died in the flood and only Noah and his family survived.  

Once Life Magazine did a photo progression of what mankind would look like in 100 years, considering all of the races mixing, and the ultimate outcome was a human with a light brown tone skin, dark hair and having a kind of Jennifer Lopez look.  I'm thinking if this is where it would all lead, if all the races were mixed backward, say, then this would also be the look of the original man and woman.   As I said, I don't know and neither does anyone else.  I'm thinking of the red clay and the image in my head of a really red man is strange.  The American Indian was called a red man and some imagine the American Indian with red tone skin but this is all suggestive.  The Red Man of the American West was due to the Plains Indians painting themselves in the red dirt of that area.  There were also Indians in the Rockies doing the same thing and this soil, unfortunately, contained mercury.  This is where the idea the American Indian was a "red man".  


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