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David Wilkerson - Warning

David Wilkerson Warns us -- another man of God Sounding the Warning

David Wilderson (deceased 2009) hits really close to the deception of "another Gospel".  From his understanding he see the church moving to the final twisting the deception for the "other Gospel".  If only David had understood the Name under which the Aposltes taught and preached it was not the Gospel of JESUS but the Gospel of YaHshua (YaHushua).  The True Gospel has already been replaced in part and now brother David is witnessing to the other part, changing and being changed into a Gospel the Apostles would not recognize.  

Listen to brother David Wilkerson -- he is not the only one shouting this concern.  The past generation of Evangelicals have see the change as the moral guide to our lives is being ignored or twisted.  The same old thing but greater today in these times than since our Savior gave His life for us.  Our Savior was born, YaHshua, not by any other name.  His Disciples preached and baptized into His Name but that Name has been changed and in David's generation and a couple before that have kept the Gospel of Truth but have accepted a different messiah, a different Savior by name.  If only David has seen this truth first, then his message of warning would have even more power -- HalleluYah -- The Christian church has praised the Lord of Heaven every time they have sang, HalleluYah, everytime they say, HalleluYah and do not realize they are praising Him in His Name.  Praise you YaH, is to say HalleluYah but ask any Christian what HalleluYah means and they will say, "Praise the Lord".  They miss the point in even singing a blessing to our Creator and Savior, YaHshua.  

Brother David is warning about the things he know and has seen before he died.  What a warning, what passion, what truth.  Listen and take it into your heart.  Rest in Peace Brother David Wilkerson -- Praise you YaH.  
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