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Black Horse Rides Again

CoronaVirus and the Apocalypse

Update, August 24, 2021:
President Biden calls for a companies to enforce goverment mandate for all employees to get vacinnated.  Also, the Preident is mandating that all people in the Military receive the shot -- wonder what happens to those who refuse?  This comes, of course, on the same day that the FDA approved the Pfizer, Covid-19 two shot vaccine, but only for those 16 years of age and older.  This means, then, that everyone who had received a shot prior to this approval were at risk from side effects from a drug that had not been fully tested and approved by the FDA, and yet, we had our politicians and family members and some friends pressuring those refusing to drinking from the same kool-aid bottle, being fed to them -- pressuring those refusing to be the test monkeys for a drug cooperation based out of France, for a drug that had not been approved.  

So, why would American citizens, and relatives of our own families run to get these unproven shots?  Because of fear, and because of the many lies and confusing details being accepted blindly as truth -- and because the politicians know that if they can get half the herd to abide by their nonesense they can force others to follow suit in their excercise of power over the people -- that is a heady kind of drink -- power over the people.  This is turning out to be the grandest human experiement in history.

But, wait, the FDA has now approved the drug, you say.  Yes, but that does not change the danger presented by taking a drug that no one knows what the long term effects might have.  The ignorance of those who took the experimental drug and then tried to shame others to do the same?  Because these first experimental patients, now some 47% of our adult population, have bought into the rhetoric from politicians, claiming to be following the science.  What science?  It all depends on who you are talking to.  So, who is it that is really behind the push to mark, excuse me, to vaccinate a man made, eperimental drug into everyone?  The same people and media organizations that seem bent on the destruction of the United States.  This same crowd mandness applies to the Mask mandates as well.  

Peer pressure from the lemmings, thinking they are the smart ones and you are the dumb and ingnorant when the reverse is true.  But, wait, the Drug was approved, you say, proving we, the Lemmings, were right?  No, it proves that you escaped the bullet, or did you?  No one will really know the end of the story for another 15-20 years, especially, if they, those politician and their Lemmings have their way, and this vaccine becomes a yearly thing and is mandated or you cannot work, or go to school or by and sell.

(Rev 13:16-17)  And he causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark (a vacinne) in their right hand (sholder), or in their foreheads (Temperature mark):  And that no man might buy or sell (Hold a Job), save he that had the mark (Proof of the Vacinne), or the name of the beast (Proof of the shot), or the number of his name (Vacinne ID).

A few years ago, and down through the centuries this would have seemed nearly impossible to imagine.  Do I believe the Vaccine is the MarK?  No, but it is laying the ground work for just such a scenrio in the future.  If mankind will buckle to this kind of Mandating, from the government, and pressure from the Lemmings around us, then sure, this could be and is, only the beginning.   I have been telling people for years, that when the Mark of the Beast materializes, it would have to be something that would appear to benefit all mankind.  It would have to be something, most people would want or would go along with under the guise of doing good.  Some would buy into the Mark, no questions asked, it seems like a good idea and is a benefit, or so they think, so do it.  Others will see it as the only way to go to work and to continue their lives, working, buying, selling and just getting along as usual.  Still, others will see this as an obligation to all mankind and to deny, whatever the Mark might be, a rebellion against civilized man, and that, eventually, such people in denial of the good of mankind should, themselves, be eliminated -- for the good of all mankind.

(Rev 13:15)  And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

Oh, you, they say, someone says, We would not do that.  What is worship, any way?  Here is the first definition from the Hebrew Definitions of Brown, Driver, Briggs -- 1. to kiss the hand to (towards) one, in token of reverence.  But, we would not do that, the critics and the Lemmings, might say.  History proves otherwise.  Put enough mad men and women in power and you will get just that.  What is that old saying?  Money corrupts, but Power corrupts absolutely?  A whole nation of people, found Hitler, mesmerizing and wonderful, almost like a god, that is until he shot himself in the basement of a bunker.

By Your servant, Dan Baxley

Full Disclosure:  The following article and comments and updates are mine, Dan Baxley, and mine alone.  Not my wife, brother or anyone elses opinion or observations or comments, all mine alone.  I felt it necessary to add this desclosure for a simple reason -- the views on the Pandemic has become a sensitive human care subject.  In others words, if you speak out questioning what is going on then you do not love your fellow man, you do not love your relatives.  Forget about my, or others freedom to speak words of caution without getting opposing hate mail or hateful comments.  And, I have to admit, some of those close to me do not agree and are on the side of the crowd mentality.  I am not saying anyone should ignore the warnings and the precautions presented to prevent a Virus of any kind, be it SARS, also a China virus, or Covid-19.  We should practice caution with ourselves and with others, being considerate of others, but if we do not allow for breaking away from the herd a time might come when the herd will all be run off the cliff. Just saying.  But, as independent people of a supposed free society we should respect the rights and property of others and this would include their private and free space.  If wearing a protective mask for the comfort and protection of others, then that is what we should do.  Living in a free society does not mean freedom to tromp all over the rights and feelings and insecurities of others.  We should all be in service one to another.  Rebellion discribed as freedom is anarchy and no society has ever survived the burning down of their own cities, no matter what they call it.  
The Corona Virus, know as the Covid-19 is scaring everyone.  I wonder if the world had had the Media coverage and the internet technology back a 600 years ago, or even a 100 years ago, what the effect would have been?  Maybe all of this technology is actually saving lives and curtailing a virus run that will be short lived and all because the, over the top, ability to communicate like never before.  
I thought it would be interesting to post a few numbers from the past.  And just ask, What if?  We should also consider the possibility that this is leading us to the Apocalypse so many prophets of doom mention.  

(Mat 24:6-8)  And you shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that you be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows.

I know, I know, a real downer, but this it the prophetic message from someone who should know.  Believe Him or not, who would have ever thought we would see what we are seeing today.  War, yesterday, today and tomorrow, but still not the end.  Famines galor, throughout history, and still this is not the end.  Earthquakes in different place, and still not the end.  And now?  Pesteliences and still not the end.  

We will live through this too, as history has continued without solution to any of these problems.  We all need a Savior.  If no Savior to deliver us from all of these curses, some human cause -- actually most, human caused and a few causes from the Earth itself, bringing a terrible price on humanity.  These four things have taken a terrible price in human life, and, sad to say, it will not stop until the whole Earth repents and the Lord of all Lords comes to set things right and to stop all war and put an end to famine and pestilences like this Corona Virus.  

UPDATE 04/27/2020: See more updates at the toward the end of this posting >>> This current update comes from an observation about a great awakening that can be nothing but a benefit to the USA as a united people.  Previous update pointed out how this is like a great experiment in how a mass of people, like the whole world could be influenced or directed like a hive of insects all serving for the greater good theory.  Today the great awakening is how each country needs to care for itself and not rely so much on outside or outsider sources, like China, for products -- first related to the security of each nation as individuals and second personal products for quality of life.  Too many nations came to rely on the cheap products coming out of China and with this pandemic it has become clear how a single nation could strangle those in need because they have become unable to produce even the simplest of things for themselves.  It has been observed, more than once over the past couple of decades that the USA had stopped being an manufacturing country to a service country, like coffee servers, or fast food and higher up the chain, the medical profession, fire fighters, police, etc., and none of these careers produce a profit making produce, service only.  Service is needed, of course, but sooner or later the services will create such a drain on the country that the Middle Class, so famous in American History will evaporate.  This Pandemic is the great awakening, not only for the USA but for other countries as well.  So, if this is a plot by China, as some few have suggested, and such a conspiracy is true the Chian has pulled that old cowboy debacle by shooting itself in the foot.  What does the Bible say about the ever present Conspiracy Thieories? (Isa 8:12) -- "Do not call conspiracy everything that these people call conspiracy; do not fear what they fear, and do not dread it."  NIV In other words, stop chasing after every conspiracy theory that comes along.  All other updates to this posting will be at the end of this posting.  This may be and appears to be just what it is -- a novel virus, meaning that it is a NEW Virus, one that no one is familiar with, and everyone is just guessing about what to do about it -- eventually someone will make the right guess or combination of guesses.  This is serious and it is dangerous.  It is not the Flu, it is worse, and much more deadly.  It is not a conspiracy, unless, we want to say China released this virus on purpose in an effort level the playing field, so they were not going to be the only country to suffer or pay the price -- I do not believe it started out that way, however.  But the President was wise to stop traffic from China as soon as he did, even against the accusations from the Democrats and some Republicans that he was being racist.  

We need to see a right balance over and above what we are being fed 24/7 by the various media devices and services.  I am guessing that the shut down of travel will lead to more lives saved than the Cornoa Virus will kill.  Think about it, the automobile, has been the cause of thousands of death, in the USA.  In 2018, an estimated 40,000 people lost their lives to car crashes.  Check it out for yourself -- -- Today, April 2020, dating back three month or whenever they bagan counting, has surpassed over 4,000.  We need to balance out our thinking.   (Update:  04/26/20 -- Dr Phil got stomped on for daring to suggest anything was equal to or worse than this over hyped Pandemic.  Auto deaths, after all, have little to do with people living on top of each other and use mass transit as opposed to traveling or owning and automobile, and it is in the mass ant hives of human activity were the CoronaVirus is running its course.  So, shut up Dr Phil.  Don't worry Dr Phil, I and others are right there with you ...... oh, wait, I guess not, because you took the gutless way out and went on TV and aplologized for hurting the Pandemic chasers feelings.  See Update posting at the end of this posting)

The following is reported on this Website to help anyone who is a believer to get a grip, to find that balance.  Yes, obey the guidelines for your own saftey, wear you seat belt always, and wash your hands and avoid sick people always, and respect the rights of others to do the same, for you and for themselves.  Be obedient to those who want a better world and to protect people, but leave the panic and great fear locked up, or, one day they may be locking you up.  

Antonine Plague -- 165-180 AD
It is believed that Roman soldiers returning from conquering other people and nations brought this plague back to the Roman citizens -- The Antonine Plague. Killing over 5 million people in the Roman empire.

Plague of Cyprian -- 250-271 AD
The Plague of Cyprian is estimated to have killed 5,000 people a day in Rome alone.

Plague of Justinian (The Bubonic Plague) -- 541-542 AD
The Byzantine Empire suffered the bubonic plague. This plague reoccurred periodicallyand some estimates suggest tha around 10% of the world population died.   World population during that time is guessed to be somewhere around 500 million.  

Black Death -- 1346-1353 AD
This Black Death came from Asia to Europe -- half of Europe's population -- wiped out. Caused by a bacterium --
Yersinia pestis -- it is most likely extinct today -- it was spread by fleas from infected rodents.   Europe popualation at that time is guessed to be around 110 million.

Cocoliztli epidemic -- 1545-1548 AD
Killed 15 million inhabitants of Mexico and Central America. Cocoliztli is the Aztec word for pest.
DNA research from the bones, found that the people had been infected with a subspecies of Salmonella known as S. paratyphi C, and is still a health threat today.

American Plagues -- of the 16th century
Eurasian diseases brought to the Americas by European explorers. Smallpox, among the most deadly, effectively ending the Inca and Aztec civilizations. It is suggested that 90% of the indigenous population in the Western Hemisphere died just from having made contact with those explorers coming from Europe.

Great Plague of Londo -- 1665-1666
This plague began in April 1665 spreading rapidly. Fleas from infected rodents were main cause. By the time the plague ended, about 100,000 people, including 15% of the population of London, had died.

Great Plague of Marseille -- 1720-1723
Great Plague of Marseille spread by fleas from cargo ships.  The estimate is that approximaetly  30% of Marseille died.

Russian plague: 1770-1772
As many as 100,000 people may have died during this plague.

Flu pandemic -- 1889-1890
This Pandemic killed around 1 million people.   In only a few months this disease circled the earth, killing 1 million people. It took five weeks for the epidemic to reach its peak.  This flu had its origin from Russia.

Spanish Flu -- 1918-1920
It is called the Spanish Flu, not because it began in Spain but for the simple reason it was the Spanish who first identified this Flu.  This Flu was a result of the terrible conditions under which World War I was fought.  The cramped, unsantitary conditions and poor diet led to this outbreak and spread around the world as the soldiers returned home, bringing this sickness with them.  It was so bad in the Eastern coast of the United States that the dead were outnumbering the coffins that could be made.  A doctor from the West Coast asked a Doctor of the East Coast what the West need to prepare for, how many hospital beds and other supplies. The Doctor on the East Coast said to think more about preparing for the dead in stock piling coffins.  Millions died -- a rough estimate, worldwide is 100 million deaths.

Asian Flu -- 1957-1958
Asian Flu pandemic, another influenza. It began in China, claiming more than 1 million lives worldwide. This virus was an avian flu, sometimes to called the bird flu.  116,000 died in the United States alone, while 1.1 million worldwide.

AIDS -- 1981-present day
This virus pandemic continues throughout the world to this very day.  It took months to determine if sexual contact was the only way this deadly virus could be passed.  Today, sexual contact is the main method of transportation for this deadly virus.  However, this virus can be passed along to others in other ways.  Homosexual activity is the main outbreak source later AIDS, also known as HIV, entered the drug adict population by the exchange of needles.  It is picked up from the body fluids of the infected passing on to anyone else involved in the exchange.  Some innocent victims contracted AIDS from medical equipment that had not been throughly sanitized.   It is estimated that some 35 million have died from this virus and is still active around the world.  

H1N1 Swine Flu pandemic -- 2009-2010
The swine flu pandemic was caused by a new strain of H1N1 that originated in Mexico. In one year, this virus infected 1.4 billion people around the killing somewhere between 151,700 and 575,400.   

West African Ebola epidemic: 2014-201
A very serious outbreak in Africa.  Over 11,000 died.  No cure has been found  but ongoing research to fight this type of epidemic.  Just under 30,000 infected with over 11,000 of those dead, making this rate from infection to death is one of the highest.  

Zika Virus epidemic -- 2015 to now -- on going
Zika epidemic in South America and Central America. The Zika virus is usually spread through mosquitoes of the Aedes genus, although it can also be sexually transmitted in humans.  This Virus is especially dangerous for pregnant women.  It will be years before the full impact is realized.  Zika virus is the cruelest of viruses causing deformed babies with limited mental ability.   This is a virus that does not just die out, it victims continue on.  The Zika babies develope microcephaly – a condition in which a baby’s head is smaller than expected and the brain is not fully developed.
In 2016 more than 4,000 cases that have been reported in Brazil -- a significant increase compared to the 147 cases reported nationally in 2014.  Today, 2020 there has been no new cases reported.  Brazil and other South American countries took steps to fumigate everywhere possible to limit or eliminate the mosquito population.  

Corona Virus -- covid-19 -- 2020
This story is still being written.  It is on the News everyday, 24/7.  Whole states and cities have shut down and people shut in attempting to avoid contact with other people, the major carriers of this deadly virus.  It began in China.  The every secretive China kept it secret until it could not keep it secret any longer.  Their secretiveness obviously led to a larger outbreak in other countries who could have prepared if only they had had a previous warning.  Even now the Chinese authorities are running a propaganda stream blaming the USA, by suggesting this virus was actually brought into Asia by US military.  The world, however, sees through this, but they do not care, it is their own people they are lying to so they can put the blame on anyone but themselves.  Where this will all end only time will tell.  03/2020

Will these reoccurring pandemics, or perhaps some other new strain of pestilence be the end of all of us?  No.  According to the prophetic word, there will be pestilence, and war, and earthquakes but the end is not yet.  The Four Horsemen in Revelation chapter 6 are only given power over a quarter of the world.  A worldwide event will not go past that figure.  What is coming, however, is going to be much more devastating.  Pestilence is only one part of man's sin and rebellion, always thinking it can save itself, and mankind does manage to do just that, but a time is coming when mankind will not be able to solve the problems that do plague mankind, like war, hunger and pestilence.  

(Rev 6:8)  And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell  (the Grave) followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

What is it that mankind will not be able to stop or correct?  It will be a worldwide event that will not be limited to only a quarter of the Earth, and it will be an event that will be completely out of man's control, or any solution, or cure -- it will look like the end of the Earth, but even then, that will not be the end but the real beginning of the end for the rule of man over this Earth.  Consider the following prophetic warning, or alert and ask if this has ever happened?  No, it has never happened but it will and when it does men and women will be so terrified that some will die from their own fear.

(Rev 6:12-14)  And I beheld when He had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;  And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind.  And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.
(Rev 6:15-17)  And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;  And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of Him that sits on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: For the great day of His wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?

The wars and the rumors of war and earthquakes in different places and the occurring and recurring pestilences are not brought on us by our Creator and Savior.  No, it is all brought about by our own sin.  He has set example after example in the pages of your own Inspried Book, the Holy Bible, warning after warning about sin against this Earth, and against Him.   Mankind has made it a hobby to rebell against His information (The Bible - His words) about how we should live and conduct ourselves, first toward Him, and then toward our fellowman and woman, and third toward the earth, that planet we live on -- our biggest failure or sin is against Him, our Creator, our Maker, the one and only reason for life in the physical and into life eternal.  

The planet He made to accommodate us will continue until we, as humans, can see the real need for Him, not on just one day of the week but every day, not just a few but the whole of all life on on this planet.  And, Yes, there is another time coming when the plages and the disasters will be coming from Heaven, but that time is not yet, that time is still held in the prophetic word to be unleashed as mankind continues to rebel and growing in its own rightesouness, looking to saving itself apart from their Maker, just as in the Days of Noah when they thiought of themselves as immortal, no real need for a Creator God -- worshing the works of their own hands (Read from your own Bible -- Isa 2:6-8 & Rev 9:20).

What does the believer, the follower, the servant of YaHshua say?

(Rom 8:35)  Who shall separate us from the love of the Anointed? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?

And we all say, No, none of these, Amen and HalleluYaH.

UPDATE, April 13, 2020: Not much has changed, an increase in those contracting the virus -- mostly in the big cities.  A leveling out, or declin in other areas.  Still a call for remaining indoors.  There are two theories as to how this Virus got started.  China, of course.  The Chinese officials are saying it all started at what is called a Wet Market, and the list of animals sold at that market are creatures most in the USA or other Western countries would not eat.  The animal list sold iclude bats and dogs and other unclean animals.  I say unclean animals as listed in the unclean column by the Book of Leviticus in the Hebrew Bible.  There are other animals sold as well, but the official position is that this virus entered into the human population by bats sold in this market a Wuhan.  The second Theory is that there is a medical or viral research plant at Wuhan that uses various animals to develope viruses for research.  As the story goes, this virus possible entered the Wuhan population from some sort of cross contamination out of this research facility.  Later it was reported that this and another facility, also near Wuhan, were actively doing research on these bats, studying their urine and feces and the animal itself for the development of viruses.  Why, we might ask?  They say it was all part of a research program to figure out how to combat SARS, another wet Market virus.  It all sounds pretty strange, while not finding a cure for SARS they have developed an much more dangerous Virus which accidently or on purpose was intorduced into the popultaion of Wuhan which then spread all over the world.  This all comes right back around to a pestilence that is plaguing mankind, not because God is punishing anyone, but because of man's own sin.  The Word of the one and only Living God warned us about staying away from animals classified as unclean.  Whether from the Wet Market or the research facility, the animals in question are not to be eaten.  If that one thing were adhered to this Virus from bats would never have gotten started, no matter the source.  

UPDATE o4/14/2020:  The Dr Fauci debacle:  Back in January Dr Fauci pushed back on the idea of a Pandemic coming to the USA.  It was only later, after the President stop traffic from China into the USA.  Dr Fauci change his position of delay and holding back to full on Pandemic warnings.  Now, today, in his new and better view, Dr Fauci is calling for even longer self quarentines, while the President of the country is trying to find a balance for everyone returning to normal activity sooner rather than later.  Some are calling for this close down of the USA from coast to coast to continue out to November -- Novemeber.  Listen, my friends, Dr Fauci is not the President.  Some commentators and news people think the President of the United States should bow to Dr Fauci call for extended shut down.  Now remember, this was the man, or doctor that was saying, back i January, that this was over blown.  He was wrong then and possibly wrong now.  He is a doctor concerned with life, of course, the President is also concerned about life, but from many more points of views and just what is Quality of Life?  Dr Fauci should also be concerned about Quality of Life, not just life itself.  There has to be a time people will begin to take things into their own hands and start living again, not just existing.  

Update 04/26/2020: Dr OZ and Dr Phil chastised for their remarks.  Dr Oz was taken out behind the wood shed and spanked by the Media -- the same Media that loves him.  Why?  Because he dared to side with President Donald Trump about the benefits, to some, in taking chloroquine.  Later Dr Oz went on to apologize.  Why?  Because he was not totting the party line, he was not carrying the right water for the right team, and so he took the gutless way out.  Next was Dr Phil when he dared to compare the yearly death rates of varioius conditions, one being, deaths by car, the same comparison I have made in this article.  Dr Phil appeared in a TV splash with his mouth duck taped shut, and with an apology for daring to not fall in goose step with those who desire to ripe this country down.  This Pandemic is becoming a training ground for the take over of America -- Not by Trump, not at all, but for a future king of the Communist Party disguised as the Democratic Party, this is all just practice.  Remember how all last year the puppet Media and the Demo cronies kept trying to make empty comparisons between Trump and what happened in Nazi Germany?  President Trump, under the national emergency of this so called Pandemic, has not lifted one finger to take over and install martial law and make non refundable demands from the states and the people of USA.  If any of the false front Democratic leaders had the opportunity set before our President during this time, they would have jumped at the chance to break the Constitution in half.  This President has refused to do that and has maintained the States rule themselves with the Federal Government there to help.  

   What happened to Dr Phil and Dr Oz is an example of the kind of pressure put on everyone who dares to talk back to the pinko commies and their herd menatlity.  Listen to how some of them talk, it all sound like we are colony of insects operating on instinct for survival as opposed to taking responsibility for our own lives and the lives of others we are supposed to join the HIVE for the good of the queen.  If they had their way anyone caught outside would be shot, from a distance of at least 6 feet.  This is a grand experiment, the first of its kind and when it is all over those in power the next time, well, we can only pray they do not take they kind of control they really want.  I know many a liberal and Democrat that are loving and kind people but liberal heart has been hijacked and the Democratic Party has been hijacked.  The Progressives, as some like to call themselves are really humanist, the sacrifice of the few (Many if need be) to accomplish the goal (whatever that means) justifies everything.  They forget that we are not immortals, that we all die sooner or later.  It is death that keeps annihilation of the species at bay -- imagine if Hitler and Stalin and Mao had all been immortal?  Sorry, getting off track.  Peace and safety to all those He has called, in His Name, our Savior, the Son of the Living God, YaHshua, I pray.  Peace Dan

Update 04/20/2020:  Dr Stephen Smith, Smith Center for Infectious Disease blasts the Medical reports about the dangers of using Hydroxychloroquine studies, calling them an scam.  Saying the report is from doctors who have never seen a Covid-19 victim.  Dr Smith reports that the actual evidence they have see show no harm and actual benefits to covid-19 victims.  
  Why would the news media keep going after anyone who says that Hydroxychloroquine is a possible benefit to Covid-19 victims?  That is the question and Dr Smith asks this very question himself about he scam studies being presented and answers that question with, "I have no idea".  Well, I have an idea, and it has to do with the fact that our President of the United States, early on, suggested the use of Hydroxychloroquine.  It has become the news media's soul purpose to make out President look like a fool at every opportunity.  He is but a man, but his man has been able to twist the media into such a knot that they know only one thing -- get Trump, and that is their mantra, even at the expense of innocent victims by covering up anything that might help deminish this Pandemic and make the President look, sort of good.  Stupid is as stupid does, seems to be the motto for CNN, and MSNBC.  Remember, Hydroxychloroquine has been prescribed to arthritis suffers for decades and for other purposes as well.  The heart dangers they talk about, or exagerate, is about a low risk as taking asprin.  Peace, Dan

Update 05/21/2020:  Yikes, a whole month later -- Nancy Pelosi, called President Trump Morbidly obese?  She and the Meadia along with the Demoncratic lackies are all over our President for taking Hydoxychloroquine.  For one thing, the President is somewhere around 220#, heavy, true, but he is also 6'4" and for him to be Morbidly Obese He would have to be at least in the 340# range.  Fat shaming is supposed to be a no, no, right?  What hypocrite.  The Hydroxychloroquine issue should not be an issue at all.  In fact, we should all be happy that our President is taking something to give him peace of mind, if for nothing else.  After all, if everyone is so ignorant about this Coronavirus then who is anyone to say taking this tablet is wrong?  It just so happens that there are others, Doctors and Patients that have positive result using this particular medicine.  I call it medicine because it is not awaiting approval as a new, untested drug.  This particular drug is almost as common as apsrin -- still a perscription drug, but cheap, cheap, cheap and used for multiple conditions, a proven, clean drug, unlike the other, untired, unproven, new drugs in the works to combat a virus they still say they do not have a handle on.  Here is a great link if you want to continue following up on this -- -- I am pretty much done following this, it is just nuts how our President is under assault by the such two face, frivoluous and dishonest people.  What is amazing, or not, is how this kind of dishonesty is perpetrated as honesty?  But when we step back for a moment and realize that there are other forces acting here.  We we look at the spirit of those engaging in this kind of dishonesty, and admit that there is a Dark Side, that that is not just a movie title, but a reality.  There is a Devil, we call Satan, and he had his spiritual agents, and human agents whom he inspires.  He is called a Liar and that all Liars, like those we see everyday pedaling their lies to the point that even some decent people become influenced and begin to parrot what they have heard.  I have listened to new reporters I have admired turn and spew vinom out against our President because he said he was taking this pill, that has been in the medical realm, and used, for decades.  I was stunned when I heard this attack coming from the mouth of Fox's Neil Cavuto (05-20-2020) -- stunned.  Obviously Cavuto was getting his ear bent by only one side, but still, if this man, this bright, smart, even intellectual man can be swayed by such a lie, then anyone can be fooled.  It comes back to that old thing about telling a lie often enough it will eventually become a truth.  Not a real truth, of course, but enough will accept a repeated lie as the new truth to demonstrate how it will be possible for there to be a resistence to the Return -- the Actual Return of our Savior, YaHshua.  Who would reject Him, you ask?  They would, that's who.  So, be careful that you are not one of them, or become one of them.  Peace, Dan

Last Update, 06/21/2020:  Sense the last update a lot has happened.  What started out as demonstrations against violence toward black men by the police, turns into open rebellion against all police and the pillaging of city centers.  The opportunist have jumped in with both feet and the more the police in every major city back away the greater the pillaging, the violence, the burning of private popery grows.  Looters, rioters, people possessed, the lowest of the low taking advantage of others all in the name of justice?  The insanity of our local leaders comes to the surface, as they try to excuse those burning down their cities?  Some in the City governments have themselves turned on Law enforcement.  I honestly believe that some of these weak kneed politicians want to use this rebellion without a cause events to hurt President Trump in some way.  Of course their insane world view will only hurt the law abiding citizen and the citizen is not as dumb as they wish them to be and when it comes time to vote they may find themselves without a job.  It is totally nuts, what they are allowing to happen.  What if this were back under the leadership of the Romans, or the Germans, or the Sultans?  Imagine what would happen to those evil people, smashing windows, stealing the property of others, burning cars and throwing bricks at the police?  The streets would be red with their blood.  But not in this Country, and thank our God for that.  The United States will survive this and come out for the better, as those in our society expose themselves for what and who they are.  The Vast Majoritiy, on both sides of the aisle, so to speak, do not condone nor support the violence that has been displayed and even encouraged by other.  When it all clears and the numbers are calculated, order will be restored.  We will survive this.  But the timing is truly suspicious, right in the middle of fighting this pandemic -- the darkness is always revealed by the light, and it ain't pretty, but you do get to see who the false and fakers and pretenders really are.  And, that is it for me, on this subject, no more updates.  Peace, i do pray, your servant, Dan  P.S.  This pandemic is not over, and this city rebellion against law enforcement is only going to make it worse -- how evil is that?
LONG Overdue Update, June 23, 2021: WHO -- World Health Organization, has reported that young children should not be vaccinated for Covid 19, it is too dangerous.  Tucker Carlson has reported on this at Fox -- this is worth watching and hearing - -   Tucker Carlson had guest, Dr Robert Malone, the Inventor of MRNA Vaccine Technology, the technology that was used to deveolpe the Pfizer vaccine and said these Covid corona Virus Vaccines are experimental, at best.  Okay, so lots more people survive the Vaccine side effects or even death than go on to live without any side effects, right?  But, wait, that is exactly the same result with those who do not take the Vaccine.   Some really smart people continue to call for the mandatory vaccination of everyone, starting with the Medical staff.  And you thought all of the doctors and nurses had taken the shot?  Nope, in some hospitals it is up to 50% have not.  They are the people in the know, right, so why so many in the Medical profession not doing it?  Maybe because they are in the know, they are on the front line.  Now, we are being told, and this came out on the Tucker Show as well, that some who have had the virus, unknowingly, got the vaccine and died from the virus.  It seems the shot further stimulated the virus because the host was already infect.  We don't know the degree of prior infection but it must have been small for that person to have gotten the shot while infected.  How can this happen?  Simple, there is no testing for the Virus when you go in for the Shot, at leas where I received my two shot, they just took my temperature and asked me how I felt -- I lied and said fine -- not really, but I could have.  Now, person info.  My wife's ex-husband had received both the shots and still died from Covid 19 at the age of 82.  And he went fast, even though he had had both shots.  Now, they suspect that He had Covid 19 before he got the shots?  The shots, then, may have killed him because He already had a mild case of Covid and if left alone might have survived.  Of course we will never know now.  But, on his side of the family they are know for their longevity.  Both of His parents died pushing 100, he died at 82 and had been a healthy individual for most of his life, and avid bicyclist.  Do your own research.  Remember this too -- do not let those who have already taken the shot program force you into doing what you feel is not right for you -- and why should they care anyway.  If those, who have taken the shot are protected then they should not be worrying about you, because, according to all of the information the experts in Government are handing out, you cannot infect them, they are protected.  

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