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Saying His Name in Other Language

His Name
Saying His Name

Presented by, Dan L Baxley

You could go into this subject in greater detail than found here.  But, for brevity sake, so we can get right to the point, I have kept this within the parameters of the short attention span of the modern mind – mine included.  I has come to my attention, on more than one occasion, that this generation, and perhaps, a previous generation, reading is not on the top of their list as a skill set.  Once it was observed by those not from the USA, that those from the USA have an attention span of only 15 minutes.  Now, however, its seems, this would include the whole world.  Blame the Cell phone, not as a phone, but as a camera/TV.  At any rate, what you find here is a brief, suitable for the short minded, and as I will say, again – this includes me.  I have done the research, over these many years, but do not have the endurance for making this into a long and tedious work out.  I have already done that, and now, my focus is less, and, well, I have grown lazy.  But, I do hope you benefit from this short, and to the point, article on Saying His Name.

We begin with various transliterations.  For those readers who many not know, a transliteration is different from a translation.  A transliteration is the term used, and the method applied to letters from different languages formed to make the same sounds.  In other words, to say what you are saying but in a different language, by sound alone, using familiar letters in and from your own common language.  This is to produce a very similar, or same sounding pronunciation of a word.  In this case, to produce the saying of the same name with each person of a different language, hearing that name the same.  Names, in particular, do not, or should not change in their phonics or sound, that is, in what the ear hears, from language to language.   People who wish to hide, or want to disappear, the first things they do is to change their name, or assume someone else’s name.

Below are some examples of the Name the One who is given credit for having created the Earth, and for having created mankind -- the One responsible for having created Israel and her sister Judah (Yahudah).  There may be other variations, but all for the same purpose, to repeat, or say His Holy Name.  These examples are all in the English or American English language, a language that has become a common language around the world.  In you language, however, the letters may appear differently, but should be representative of the same sounds made or said with the mouth, so that we hear the same thing.  His Name does not change from language to language – your name, our names, are important to us, for many reasons, and one very good reason is for personal Identity.  Your name, our names, separate or identify us from everyone else, and so it is with the gods – for there are many lords and many gods, so, which one is yours?

There are several choices, of which, you favorite may not be in this group, but I believe you can appreciate this small list and even add your own.  The most common and popular, Yahweh, or YaHWeH, is universally mispronounced as YaH Way.  Well, some do cling to the pronunciation, YaH Vay.  The confusion comes from the W.  It looks like two V letter spliced together, but it is called a Double U, and a Double U, it is.  We will not get into all of the various reasons and reasoning for this error, and just skip to it.  The W is a Double U, not a Double V.  That’s right the Jehovah’s Witnesses are wrong, and even they admit as much in the Appendix of their own Bible – From the Compact version, page 1734, “Why, then, does this translation use the term, Jehovah?  Because that form of the divine name has a long history in the English language.” – Tradition, anyone?  Here is a work that founded itself upon a Name, only to later admit the error but continue in that error for tradition’s sake.   Well, they might as well go back to the older traditional name, JESUS.  Same argument, same error, different name.  This only goes to prove that Names do Matter.

But, for now, let us Say His Name:
Yahweh (Not YaHway, but YaH w eh)
Yahuwah (Not YaHu wah, but YaH uw ah)
YaHooah (Not YaHoo ah, but YaH oah)
YaHuweh (Not YaHu way but YaH u wah
YHUUH (YaH oo ah, a double U, making the “oo” sound.  Double U, not W)
YaHua (YaH u a, or YaH u ah)
Proving that this is not new knowledge, that this is something known for decades and more, we can quote these very truths from a 1906 research that dates this information even further back:
Journal of Biblical literature, Volume 15, pages 49 through 54
Under – Notes From The Samaritan, by James A. Montgomery

Judah, Jew, or Jews: A people called by My Name
Dan 9:19  Lord, hear; Lord, forgive; Lord, listen and do; don't defer, for your own sake, my God, because Your city and Your people are called by Your Name.
Unfortunately, in the English language, the “J” letter is used in a pronunciation that differs from the rest of the world languages.  The “J”, used in the English transliterations for many Hebrew and Jewish names is not the correct pronunciation, with the “J” letter being sounded out more like a “G”, than the Hebrew Y, or yod, letter.  To correct this, in many spellings, especially in the land of Israel, the English “Y” letter is used.  From Judah, to Yudah, pronounced as YaUdah, or Yhudah, even YaHudah, with the H almost silent, but need to properly say, or know His Holy Name.  When the “H” letter is dropped, as so many do, the pronunciation can go astray, depending upon a vowel, a vowel that can change the pronunciation, but with the “H” letter in place, this is less likely to happen, and the “H” letter is definitely a part of the Name.  

In much of the world, especially, once again, the Land of Modern Israel, and surrounding nations, this is what we hear, not Jews or Judah, but Yahudah, and we see this name, YaHu, in many personal names of the people of Israel, with their current Prime Minister, the prime example – Prime Minister, Netanyahu.  

We find a very similar thing with the name of Jerusalem, or Yerusalem.  The City of Peace, is the definition of this word used for this place, this City that once housed the Temple of YHWH.  Ancient spellings for this City have been found recently.  Recently, as in, historically recent – Yeru shalayim – the following quote from this recent finding:

“The reason this particular inscription is causing such a stir is that most of the inscriptions mentioning Jerusalem dating to the First and Second Temple periods (1000 BC to AD 70) “typically use abbreviated spellings of the city’s name,” according to Israeli archaeologists Dr. Yuval Baruch, head of the IAA's Jerusalem district, and Prof. Ronny Reich, of the University of Haifa, who have both been involved researching this discovery. The fully spelled-out name of Jerusalem has never before been found on artifacts from this ancient era and the only other known inscription appears on a coin from the Jewish ‘Great Revolt’ against the Romans, towards the end of the Second Temple period.
While several theories exist to explain the meaning of the name Jerusalem, Baruch explained that the word is actually the amalgamation of two ancient Canaanite words: “ Yeru” (founded) and “ Shalem” (the name of an important Canaanite god); thus, the city name means “the city founded by the god Shalem.” During the Second Temple era, said Baruch, the city was usually referred to as Yerushalem, spelled with only one Hebrew letter ‘ yod’ whereas the modern version is pronounced “Y erushalayim," and has two yods. Baruch and Reich note that “out of a total of 660 mentions of the name of the holy city in the Bible, the unusual full spelling appears only five times.

See the following link for the full article on this finding: Earliest Known Inscription of the Word ‘Jerusalem’ Discovered at Ancient City’s Entrance | Ancient Origins (

The “god Shalem”, is to say, the god of Peace.  From this we have the Hebrew word, shalom, meaning, peace.  The Hebrew yod letter, or “Y” can be traced all the way back to the Sumerians, the recognized first of civilizations, and among other ancient civilizations using this yod, or Y letter in reference to a God of water, of the oceans of the powerful surf – the flood God, in other words.  Reference to this God of the Flood is found in the single letter, Y, or Yu, and later refined and defined by the People called to Him, in His Name, and given to Moses in its fullness, YH, and YHWH – Exodus 3:14.

Knowing these things, we can see, then, a People and a City, in His Name, called by His Name, even though what seemed to be understood, or even lost, neither is true.  It has not been lost, and it is not misunderstood by those doing the research.  It is, sadly, misunderstood by the and even hidden from the general population.  And, this is strange, or maybe not, but all the same, for a Bible believing population to haphazardly believe everything they are told without looking into it for themselves seems really careless.  Test every Spirit, we are told.  The religious and political leaders have all been branded liars, telling on half-truths, so the professing Believer just takes their word for things about their own salvation?  When we read thing in our own Bible like, “There is no other Name found among men, under Heaven, by which we MUST be saved”, and just casually accept whatever name is tossed at us?  

Sooner or later we should wake up.  We, meaning most of humanity, are walking around like the “walking dead”, alive, but not really, as our salvation hinges on a particular Identity.  The Living God and Savior, is not just any god or lord that is handy.  Funny how at baptism His Name is important and then not so much after.  Were you baptized in a particular Name?  Shouldn’t you, then, be concerned about which name was used, or NOT used in your baptism?  Some have awakened from their death march, and when they do and have, it is truly amazing, the astonished looks and new found vigor in their person, as if they had been resurrected.  I know, it happened to me, and I pray it will happen for you too.
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