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YaH YaHWeH explained

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YaH  YaHweh

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Can you explain Isa 12:2 and Isa 26:4?

A:  In Isaiah we see YaH and YaHWeH used together.  Unless you understand His Name this makes no sense and the translators have a real problem with it.  Here it is in the KJV followed by the Hebrew translation:

(Isa 26:4)  Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD, the LORD, is the Rock eternal.  KJV

(Isa 26:4)  Trust in YAHWEH forever, for in Yah YAHWEH is an everlasting rock. HRB

But that is not all, how about a second witness?

(Isa 12:2)  Behold, El is Y'shua* (My salvation)! I will trust and not be afraid, for my strength and song is Yah YAHWEH; yea, He has become to me Y'shua*.

We know Israel used the term “EL” like we use the term “God” today.  Notice the Y’shua and know that in the Hebrew it is “yeshua” which means “salvation”, it is not a name, but an explanation.  For instance you could say, “My yeshua is YaHshua”, which is to say, “My salvation is YaHshua.”  Now, read that verse again.  “El, or God is my salvation … my strength and song (joy) is YaH YaHWeH, yes He had become to me salvation”.  Who has become our Salvation?  Who is our Rock Eternal?  By this we can see the Father and the Son tied together by their Name.  

If YaH were a short form, as some teach, why do we find it used in this manner with these two prophetic verses pointing to our Savior, to our “yeshua”, YaH YaHWeH.  This not only identifies YaH as our Savior and Salvation but as out Creator also, and it points to the Father and the Son, whose Name our ‘yeshua’ said He came in.  

We see, also, the term "yeshua" is nto His Name but is a title or an explaination of what He is, He is our "salvation", which is exatly what "yeshua" means.  Again, we could say, "Our yeshua is YaHshua".  

Thanks for writing and giving me the opportunity to respond in an exchange of ideas and teachings.  I pray our Lord and Savior, YaHshua continues to work with you and to teach and guide you into His truth.  

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