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Hello Dan,
I just read your article on "Jesus is not His name". My brain literally hurt. I cannot say that I completely understood the complexities of the language changes and pronunciations but my spirit was bearing witness with yours that this was truth. Mind you, I have been on a journey since I was kid being raised as a nice Southern Baptist preachers kid. About 6 months ago I prayed a prayer and asked my Father to please show me what it meant and what it looked like to worship Him in Spirit and in truth. WOW! What a journey this has been! There have been times my faith has been shaken VERY hard and there have been times when it has been fortified that much more. I have to admit that I have had thoughts of it all being not true. God and ALL of it. But He keeps drawing me in! (There has been A LOT of garbage to muddle through in my quest for TRUTH and what it means in my life and what it means for my family)  I do desperately desire truth in the innermost parts and want to be able to teach that to my children as well. I have pulled away from the local assembly we were attending because I just could not justify it in myself any longer. (They are Assembly’s of God and I know they would consider me a heretic if I told them what I REALLY believe) I kept hearing that scripture in my head “come out of her". Yes the Father has taken me on a journey. And now I want to know His Son the way HE wants me to know HIM...not the way that organized "churches" (and I use that term loosely) have always told me this is the way it is..(traditions of men) Would you please pray for me and my husband and children that YaHshua would reveal himself to us . That we would be able to properly teach our children and that we would be able to stand even when we are shunned. For I know that is what will happen. Thank you! Blessings in the name of our Saviour, YaHshua and his only Father.

A: Thank you for writing.  I have heard your story many times and want you to know you are not alone.  Many of us have struggled through the maze of misinformation and downright false teachings.  My son lives in Oregon and has gone, or is going really, through the same thing.  There does come a point when our Heavenly Father reveals more light to us individually and this makes it ever more difficult for us to tolerate being surrounded by those in denial, especially when they treat you as if you are the crazy one – they want you to stop rocking the boat and to challenge their authority they see and teach is unforgivable.  
Our Heavenly Father and our Savior is separating you and your family from those blinded by centuries of false teaching, not the other way around, so count it a blessing to being put out, or gladly leaving those that will not hear or see.  If you are shunned by anyone calling themselves believers then you must know it is to His purpose, it is not their lack of knowledge that is making the separation from those you love or those that used to love you.  No, it is His Truth, revealed to you -- He must believe you are strong enough, at this place in your journey, to accept being shunned, being on the outside, maybe even finding yourself and your family on you own.  But, you are not alone; there are many of us that have gone through the same thing, whether in a Christian group or a Sacred Names group, Hebrew Root Movement, whatever the group you see misleading and being misled.  The feeling is hurtful but with YaHshua on our side the victory will always be in Him and ultimately they will all know whom He, YaHshua loves (Rev 3:8-9).  We may be like those in the days of EliYaH (Elijah) when he thought he was alone in his struggle to worship YaHWeH instead of all of the other Baals (Lords) only to discover there were 7,000 others that had not bowed to the false Lords (Baals).
Remember Elijah’s story, he battled the false ministers, priests and prophets calling on many different Lords while he called only on one Name, YaHWeH.

I would like to direct you to an article I wrote some time ago,  Looking for the "Seven Thousand", at my web site, I think it may help in understanding what you are being called to.  When our Lord YaHshua returns will He find faith?  This is a question He asked His disciples nearly 2,000 years ago and it is a prophetic question -- will He find faith when He returns?  Why would our Savior ask such a question if the end-days world were to be filled with the faithful?  There is but a few of us and He knows who we are even if we don't.  Take heart and continue to strengthen yourself and your family in the word.  
  I am pleased to hear the articles on my web site are a benefit to you; this is exactly why I created it.  I knew of no one that agreed with what I was seeing except for my brother Ron and he saw things as clearly as I did -- not all at once but over a course of years, but we seemed to be moving closer and closer spiritually, even though we live nowhere near one another.  I would call to talk and would discover he was studying the same subject, sometimes in reverse.  We tried to join up with other sacred Names people only to find they were as wrong, save knowing His true identity, as the Christians in many cases.  Then the prophetic statement our Savior made began to make sense, "Many will come in My Name and deceive many", He was not joking.  
  I do not say you have to agree with me on every point as I know we do not all come to the same truths at the same time, save one, our need of the Savior as the only answer, the only hope for saving mankind from himself.  So much doctrine and tradition is not the subject of our Salvation as so many teach, do this or do that or go to hell, but this is a mistake -- it is every knee,every knee that will bow before YaHshua and confess Him as Savior and when this happens the name that crosses the lips will be YaHshua, or a dialect of that name, perhaps, Yahoshua but certainly not the name Jesus, or any other name.  
 You are in good company, spiritual company, you are not alone and it pleases me greatly to hear from you.  You have covered a lot in your email and I will reread it again later and attempt to answer more of the many questions you have.  Bless you and your family, your servant, Dan


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