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Mark of The Beast
666 - Part 3
(Rev 13:18)  This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.

The video presentations in the right side bar point to two different MARKs of the Beast.  One of the East and the other of the West.  It seems that there is two teaching on this and most are in favor of one or the other.  Why not both?  After all, the Image of Daniel we see continuous Kingdoms, from the head of Gold down to the Belly as solid, united, one after the other, then the image is shown with two legs, divided, and a mixture of Iron and brittle clay, continuing on down to the Ten Toes which we are told are Ten Kings.  The legs being divided would seem to suggest a split, perhaps a division of East and West.  

If we consider this to be a third option then is would make sense as to why the two separate views of the Mark of the Beast seem to fit both the Islamic Eastern religions as well as the Western Roman Catholic religion.  And, believe it or not, the two, while completely different, have much in common.  

Is the number, 666, really a number?  The wording of Revelation 13:18 seems to suggest the it is as the word "number" is used twice, so it is only natural for everyone to assume this "number" must the the infamous 666 found at the end of the verse.  However, as Walid Shoebat and others have pointed out, the actual characters are not numbers at all but a saying, an Arabic saying and symbols the people of Islam use to this day on banners they wrap around their heads and tie around their arms -- that, of course, is the Eastern view and seems very convincing.  Others have pointed out that you have to manipulated these symbols to make them say what Walid and others are saying.  This is true, but the minor manipulations do not change the symbols themselves and the apparent connection to the Greek with the each letter -- Chi = 600 Xi = 60 and Stigma = 6, and counting these letter up, you come out with 666.  Somewhere along the line someone found a manuscript with a slight altering of these three lettes and came out with a counting of 616.  ( information on this can be found at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Number_of_the_Beast)

Please consider this in your Bible studies and see what you come up with.  And share what you may or may not find.  It is my current belief that during the time of the Beast, one and two, just before the return of our Savior, the Battle will be over Names, not days and times.  Days and times being change or altered may identify the Beast system, which is man's system, but these are not and current from the beginning and through every generation from the beginning, so these could not be the Mark or the Name of the Beast during the time that is to come.  Read Revelation chapter 13 carefully, these are the characters to whom Satan gives power and through whom Satan receives worship.  The Two Prophets rise up against them and it becomes all about who you worship.  These Two Prophets of the Living God have been identified as the Two Eliyahs.
(For more infomation about the identity of these two Prophets -- Two Witnesses)

Please remember, as a servant of YaHshua, my opinions follow whereever His Spirit leads and what I believe and see today has changed over the years and may change in the future, for now this is what I understand (Year 2020).  When we see the actual Prophetic words unfold then we will all see the truth.  Until our Lord's return we need to be flexible enough to change our opinions, our minds, to His words as the are revealed.

Please keep in mind that I personally do not agree with every single thing presented in these videos, but they are used to make a point.  One or the other or both, which of the three choices makes sense?

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