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YaHshua's Name

His Name
YaHshua's Name, Is It Found In the Bible?
Part 1
By Dan L Baxley

(Update 2024, see Note 6)

(Original Article Date 2018)

Some Say the Name YaHshua is not found in the Holy Scriptures, or in the Torah, is this so? How is it possible, a Name so important to the believer is missing, from the Bible?  That's right, some teachers say just that, that the name YaHshua is not in the Bible and some even say that YaHshua is not a name.  I will make an attempt, no, not an attempt, I will prove the Name of our Savior, YaHshua is in the Hebrew Scriptures, that it is in the Holy Bible and as an original Name selected by our Creator not a name selected by men.  First, however, a couple of things need to be clarified --

It is true, in the Modern Hebrew language you will not find the spelling YaHshua and you will not find the spelling Yeshua either, and why not?  Because both of these names, as you see them, are English transliterations.  Simply put a Transliteration is the reproduction of a word or name from one language to another to produce the same sound, or pronunciation, while a Translation is and attempt at producing a meaning for meaning from one language to another.
Names keep us from becoming confused in our communications.  In the beginning of civilization names not only identified individuals but gods as well, and these names, many times, express the individual’s character or the character of the god or gods.  As modern society developed the practice of naming our children became something cute and not taken too seriously.  Most choose names for their children based on how it sounds with other names, like the family name (last name) and a middle name.  In the days of old, in ancient times, it was not uncommon for people to name their children with a particular quality added to the name of the god they worshipped.

You see this throughout the Old Testament.  The Prophets, and others, have names containing the name of or a reference to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel.  There is Jeremiah, Isaiah, Obadiah, Zephaniah, Zechariah and, of course, the famous prophet of fire, Elijah (Eli YaH).  Look in the Book of Kings and you will see the names of Kings also containing the name of the God of Israel.  Ahaziah, Hezekiah, Amaziah, Azariah, and the mother of this King also had been named after the God of Israel, YaH – Jecholiah, mother of Azariah.  The Hebrew Scriptures, we call the Old Testament, is filled with the Name of the God of Israel -- seen but not heard -- hearing but not seeing -- Mat 13:14 - even to this very day, this prophecy is continuing, and not just with Israel only, but gentiles too.  

It is worth noting that during this time of the Kings, Israel fell into its deepest era of idol worship – they were very “religious”. Read the last Chapters of the Second book of Kings and you get the picture, seeing how far away from the True God they had fallen.  Idols set up in the Temple, the Torah (writings of Moses) lost (forgotten) then found, monuments and idols of wood and stone set up on the crest of every hill.  And all for the faithful of Israel to worship every god, its seems, except the true God that delivered them from Egypt, becoming tolerant to every kind of god, becoming a very religious people.  The God of all creation, the God that delivered their people from bondage, and when they gained their freedom they turned to their own imaginations, even to false gods of other nations.  Using His Holy Name, at that time and now, today, in ignorance they used His Name, but without honor or devotion, forgetting what it even meant.  Today we see this very same thing, as Christians everywhere sing out the praise to Him in their Ignorance -- HaLLeluYaH -- that is to say, Praise You YaH.  Hearing but not seeing -- Seeing but not hearing.  

He Has A Name
Our Heavenly Father has a Name and He sent His Son, our Savior, to pay the ultimate price for us and He gave Him a Name.  He did not name the Messiah some strange name but a name found among men already, a name that carries the Father’s Name – what a concept, a son named after His Father -- YaHshua

(John 1:18)  No man has seen God (the Father) at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he has declared Him. KJV
(John 1:18)  No one has ever seen God, but God the One and Only, who is at the Father's side, has made him known. NIV
(John 5:37)  And the Father who sent me has himself testified concerning me. You have never heard His voice nor seen His form, NIV
(John 5:43)  I have come in my Father's name, and you do not accept me; but if someone else comes in his own name, you will accept him. NIV
(John 17:25-26)  Righteous Father, though the world does not know you, I know you, and they know that you have sent me. I have made you known to them, and will continue to make you known in order that the love you have for me may be in them and that I myself may be in them." NIV
(Act 10:43)  All the prophets testify about him that everyone who believes in him receives forgiveness of sins through his name."  NIV
(Act 4:12)  Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other Name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved." NIV  

His Name and that of His son are linked and the importance of The Name of our Savior would be in its connection to our Heavenly Father.  We are to pray in His Holy Name --, “Our Father in Heaven, Holy is Your Name...” (Mat 6:9) --  His Name is Holy as He is Holy.  His Name is above every other Name, in Heaven and on earth and it is only reasonable to say His Name should be in the Scriptures.  The Name of our Savior, His true, legitimate birth Name and even the Name of our Heavenly Father, as revealed by our Savior, should be in the Holy Book we call the Bible, but some how, man or devils have managed to hid it, even burying it, but not so deep we cannot see it, and as the spirit moves us and see and to hear, we will.  His true identity is sown throughout the Word, if only we are given eyes to see and ears to hear.  

By restoring the Name of His Son we see a completely different message jump off the pages of the New Testament and a deception is uncovered concerning another name.  The impact of His Name can be seen in the following verses once the false name is replaced by His true, birth Name, a Name given to Him by His Heavenly Father --

(Php 2:10-11) That at the name of YaHshua every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;  And that every tongue should confess that YaHshua the Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.
(John 17:12)While I was with them, I kept them in your name, which you have given me. I have guarded them, and not one of them has been lost except the son of destruction, that the Scripture might be fulfilled. ESV
(Act 2:21) And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.
(Heb 13:15) By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God (the Father) continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.
(Heb 13:15) Through YaHshua therefore, let us continually offer to God (the Father) a sacrifice of praise--the fruit of lips that confess his name. NIV

His Name is important, very important, and one day all will confess His Name recognizing Him as Savior, Son of the Living God, whom He came to reveal.  How do we know the name JESUS is false?  It is only about 400 years old, and is a name the Apostles never heard, nor spoke, but they did hear and speak the Name YaHshua, or YaHushua, if you prefer, found in the Old English as, Joshua, none of which are even close to the false, Jesus (Gezzus, or HeyZeus), and this name, YaHshua, has been from the beginning, and just happens to be the loyal servant of Moses, who would eventually lead the people of Israel into the Promised land (first beginnings of the Kingdom of God) -- Imagine that, YaHshua, right arm of Moses, leads the chosen into the Kingdom -- Is that prophetic, or not?

Our Savior’s Name is Found in the Hebrew Scriptures
Our Savior, YaHshua, is found in the Scriptures. Hang on to your intellect, tighten your brain and get ready to use your powers of thought and logic and to see the truth.  Some say Yeshua and other YaHshua, or YaHushua.  Some, of the Jewish side of things, say the Name YaHshua is not found in the Bible.
The argument is that the spelling, YaHshua, is not found, but the Name Yeshua is. When we understand these are a "transliterations" we then know the spelling in these letters does not have to be found – These letters are the English for the original representation of pronouncing His Name – not a translation but a transliteration.
Now, wait for it, wait for it -- go to the Strong's Hebrew Dictionary, H3442 and what do you find?  You will see the Name the Jews want you to use, if you insist on using a Hebrew name then it is the name, YeShua, with the missing "H".  But, look at how H3442, the representation of this name is to be pronounced -- YaH - shoo - ah.

Here is a Quote from Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary:
H3442 -- ye^shu^a?
For H3091; he will save; Jeshua, … - Jeshua.

That's right, the Name they say is Yeshua, and they pronounce, Yes - shoo- ua is supposed to be pronounced as YaH-soo-ua -- That's right YaHshua  So, is the Name YaHshua found in the Hebrew Bible?   Here is a presentation and other proofs that YaHshua is in the Bible and the transliteration of this Holy Name:

H3050 YaH (JaH) "The Sacred Name" (You will notice this is not in the spelling of "Ye" as some would have you believe)
H3442 & H3443 Yeshua -- pronounced = YaH-shoo-ah (YaHshua, is a correct pronunciation, restoring the "H" – this is a correct transliteration)

8 Pointed Notes to Consider:
Note 1: According to the JPS, Masoretic Text (Jewish Publication Society, translation) in the preface, we are told it is the readers responsibility to "mentally supply the consonants" (as in the missing "H") missing from the scroll being read.  The writings of the scrolls read at Synagogue were prepared for private reading and printed out for private use and it was expected the reader would then supply the proper pronunciation. It is my guess someone forgot to mention that Y'Shua was supposed to be pronounced as YaHshua, or YaH-shoo-ua, or YaH-shoo-ah, or did they.

Note 2 on the term, yeshua:  Many today want to use this as a name, and as you should see, from "Note 1",  the pronunciation, as a name is, YaH-shoo-uh.  Some point out the pronunciation in some Hebrew Dictionaries show this pronunciation as Yay-shoo-ah this is an updated (changed) view and is, my opinion, an attempt to remove the earlier pronunciation, YaH-shoo-au, or YaH-shoo-ah, or YaHshua.  Try pronouncing Yay-shua, and you will see it is not Yes-shoo-ua or Yeshua either so how is this more correct?  Now, for the moment forget about the Hebrew yeshua being used as a name as it seems the term is identified by other workers in the word as a Hebrew term, not a name, a term that is the same as saying "salvation".  You say "yeshua" I say "salvation", neither are names and can be used in various ways.  As a Name, however, we are told it is to be read as, YaHshua.
To prove this let's have a look at Vine's Complete Expository Dictionary of the Old and New Testament Words", pages 214-215 under, "To Save" section B. Nouns:  y eshua (3444), “salvation."  This word appears about 78 times and refers primarily to God's acts of help. A way to use this word would be, as an example, to say, "YaHshua is my yeshua (salvation)".

Strong's H3091: Joshua = YeHoshua = YeH -ho-shoo-ah

We should also consider replacing the O letter with the U letter for the English transliteration.  See note 6 update for more about this.

Note 3: “Joshua” is the Old English transliteration and is to be pronounced as YeHoshua?  This name is supposed to be pronounced as YaH -0 - shua as the "e" vowel in its modern pronunciation has changed and the "O" is in question -- not by the critics of using YaHshua, of course, but there is some questioning the origin of the "O" and sometimes the "U' (YeH-U-shua)  We see the "U" in modern spelling of Hebrew names seen as Yahu, and Jewish names containing this expression, as an example, but hardly ever as do we see Yehu being used.
H3467 - Savior = yasha' - yeh'-shah, yay'-shah  

Note 4:  We have already seen that "Yeshua" probably more correctly Y 'shua, is supposed to be pronounced as YaHshua (Yah-shoo-ua).  This should be the end of the argument, but why stop there.  Looking at H3050 we see the Name YaH (JaH) not Ye and we are told this is the Sacred Name.  Take the Sacred Name and combine it with "Savior" and what do you have the "transliteration", YeHshah'
H3468 - Salvation = yesha' - yeh'-shah, yay'-shah

Note 5:  We see here that the variation is small between Savior and Salvation as they go hand in hand.  The Transliteration would then be, YaHshah.  Looking at other pronunciations you will see the spelling of "ah" is also seen in the form of "ua" and as "transliterations" go these are both correct and used interchangeably within the Hebrew and the reason is that both the "ah" and "au" have the same sound so it becomes a matter of preference.  YaHshah or YaHshau are saying the same thing, YH is Savior or YH is Salvation.
H3470 - YaHshaYah or Yashua or YaHu =  yesha?ya^h yesha?ya^hu^ - YaH has Saved

Note 6 (Update 2024):  Can you see it?  "YH has Saved" and this is seen in the various spelling - transliterations - and what do we see?   How would you pronounce Yashua?  YaHshua, right, and the "H" is restored in the pronunciation?  And how about YaHshuaYah?  You have to love this and appreciate this original form, "YaHshua - YaH", a double declaration, right?  YaHu?  Well, there is the "u" not the "o" and it is found, as mentioned before, in many names even today in names of Jews, like the president of Israel today, Natanyahu.  While some experts in Biblical Hebrew have taken the time to contact your humble servant, in correcting those of us who use, YaHshua, primarily, to what they say is the true transliteration -- Yehoshua -- we do see something that appears to be only partly correct.  If a letter is left out, it would be the U letter, not the O letter, as they say.  Y  H  W  H  - the W is called a Double U.  This should be a clue favoring the U as opposed to the O those in Biblical Hebrew are promoting.  I mean, if we are trying to tie down the exact dialect, which we are not, we are only getting close as we can with what we understand today.  And so far, what we have found is that the name the world is promoting, or declaring is not eve close, not even connected, but a complete replacement.  If we were, for arguments sake, to use one letter over another, the U (double U) or the O letter, then we should opt for the U letter, even UU, as the sound is slightly different and to me, more satisfying than the O letter, and explains the use of the W, not as a Double V, but as a Double U.  YaH U shua, or YaHushua, or YaHushuah.  The question is, then, if this is part of His Name, as spoken in the first century, and the U letter is representative of the W found in the modern transliteration, YaHWeH, then why isn't there a spelling for this?  Like -- YaHUUshuah.  No, I am not advocating for another variant -- the day we have the pure language, will be the day we all will call on Him in exactly the same tone, dialect, etc.   Until then, we come to understand that the enemy has work to not only change His Holy Name, but to replace it.  

Zep 3:9  For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the Name of the LORD (YHWH), to serve Him with one consent.

Strong's H3068 - self Existent or Eternal -- YHWH -- "yeh-ho-vaw" - From H1961; (the) self Existent or eternal; Jehovah, Jewish national name of God: - Jehovah, the Lord.

More Correctly = YaHWeH. The old pronunciation is where the mistaken name "Jehovah" comes from -- both the V letter and the J letters change in their pronunciation.  What is of great interest is that we are told by Strong's definitions that this Name, YHWH, comes from H1961 -- hayah -- which is to say, The YaH.  And this is the very term used to express the I AM declaration in Exocus 3:14.  The angel of YaHWeH was not saying I AM, but HeYaH -- The YaH is speaking to Moses.  

Note 7: There is more than one way to say or pronounce a name but in every case you will notice the name does not change the basic pronunciation, vocalization, remains the same – this is the purpose of transliteration – it may appear different from the original but when voclaized the sound, from various languages, will sound the same.   A mispronunciation should not be the rule or the accepted rule in changing names, especailly the Name of our Creator and Savior, and certainly not the Name of His Father, to whom He choses to reveal, but most chose to ignore.

Note 8: In Isaiah we find two verses that demonstrate the truth concerning the use of the term “y’shua” or “yeshua”, not as names, but in relation to His Holy Name – From the Hebrew Roots Bible, where the term LORD is restored to THE NAME –
(Isa 26:4)  Trust in YAHWEH forever, for in Yah YAHWEH is an everlasting rock.-- (Isa 12:2)  Behold, El is Y'shua* (My salvation)! I will trust and not be afraid, for my strength and song is Yah YAHWEH; yea, He has become to me Y'shua*. HRB  (He has become my “salvation”, my y’shua, or my yeshua)
Recapping:  At this point it should be plain, the transliterated Name of our Savior, YaHshua, is represented in the Hebrew in several different ways and in some surprising ways.  The Jewish critics and the Christian critics ignore the original name of the God of Israel in their misapplications of the name as Yeshua. They deny the original name of our Creator by cutting His Name in half when they insist on dropping the transliterated "H".
We find this missing "consonant", the “H”, was to be supplied by the reader, as suggested (instructed) by the JPS translators (Jewish Publications Society).

What have they done, these critics of Scripture, Christian and Jewish alike, these Bible Scholars working over a translation for the people?  They have adopted titles, and generic terms, literally substituting and replacing the Identity of the Creator, hidding His identity.  And when it comes to our Savior’s Name, a Name given Him by His Heavenly Father, these scholars have replaced His Name with another name.

We are told by these scholars of the Hebrew Scriptures that the name, Yeshua, is the “short form”, and this does not change His Name at all.  They insist on using this “short form” for His Name and by getting everyone to drop the “H” they end up with a changed Name and changed pronunciation  -- changing the Name from the transliterated, YaHshua, to the mis-transliteration, Yes-shua.   When we acknowledge the purpose of a transliteration is to produce the vocalization and sound of the original we can easily see the modern Yesshua is incorrect and not a proper transliteration at all.  It is, however, better than the Christian replacement, JESUS, which is a total fabrication.  If I had to chose one over the other my choice would be, Yeshua, obviously, but I don’t have to chose the “short form” because we have the “long form” and it involves only one transliterated letter of the English language, the letter, “H”.  Short form, indeed, and who are they trying to convince?

You will notice the New Testament, or the Christian Covenant is using the fraudulant name, JESUS, throughout.  Without the knowledge of what is seen in the Old Testament it would be all the more difficult to sort out this deception.  You will notice throughout the New Testament the Apostles taught from the Old Testament (Hebrew Scriptures), as did our Messiah, and when we see quotes used by them containing the name YaHshua (Joshua) we this name changed to JESUS.  The orginal authors of the Letters to the Churches and of the Gospel accounts could not have been using this bogus name as it never existed until about 500 years ago.  When the Apostles were teaching under what name, found among men, were they teaching under.  What Name were they proclaiming to the world by which all must be saved? When Peter wrote, Acts 4:12, whose Name do you think he had in mind?  When John wrote

As a final thought I will stop here, ending with a quote from a Literal Aramaic Translation & Transliteration of the Gospel.  A language many feel our Savior spoke – From The Aramaic New Covenant, by Hebr Jahn:

Matthew 1:21
and she is to birth a son:
787a yiled vv birth
425 dein cn and
289 bar nn son
and you, call his name Yah Shua:
1608a qera vv call, plead, recall
1792a sema nn name
811 yesu‘ pn Yah Shua
for he enlivens his people from their sins
Everywhere you see the name, Joshua, in the Old or New Testament is the Name of our Savior, YaHshua.  Joshua is a close transliteration but is mispronounced by most English speaking people.  The letter “J” is supposed to have YaH sound not a Jaw sound.  Europeans, for the most part, pronounce the name John as Yawn (YaHn).  They do not do this for the Name of our Savior, however.  They pronounce His Name as Hey-zues and I have heard some pronounce it as Isus (Eye-sus).  Everyone, it seems, is using every name and title replacements except the Name our Savior came to reveal – a Name He was given at birth.  Now that is a conspiracy.

(Luke 1:30-31)  And the angel said unto her, Fear not, Mary: for thou hast found favor with GOD (YH). And, behold, you shall conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son, and shall call his name YaHshua.
This ends Part 1 but if you want more then go to Part 2
You can stop here if satisfied or if you think you have a good and reasonable objection please write me at -dan@servantsofyahshua.com
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