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Judas Lost or Saved?

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Judas Saved  or Lost?

Q: Is Judas lost?  I asked this because you wrote that all the house of Israel is to be saved.  http://www.servantsofyahshua.com/files/Israel-Resurrected.htm

A: Now that is a tricky question -- not that you meant it to be a trick but it is a tricky questions asked by critics of the Bible in an effort to trip up believers.  I know you are not a critic but a seeker of truth and in seeking the truth we have to ask these questions ourselves so we can be ready with an answer, when asked, and to further our growth as we journey through this wilderness of humanity.  
The answer about Judas is -- I do not know, specifically, and neither does anyone else.  From the account it sure sounds to me like Judas repented, and from there on His salvation is between Him and God and the forgiveness from YaHshua.  Remember YaHshua's teaching?  If a brother or sister offends you and they come to you and repent, begging your forgiveness then we are to forgive then not one seven times but seventy seven times (Mat 18:21-22).  Judas was flawed in his character and in his own mind had made certain judgments about YaHshua but it was not until they were at the Last Supper that Satan was allowed to take Judas -- Satan entered Judas at this point of no return and Judas then had no choice of his own, as I see it, while it was Judas in action it was Satan in Spirit.  All of this is up to the one who can destroy the flesh as well as the Spirit.  
I realize this question comes from the statement I made about the "Whole House of Israel" being saved.  This is an broad term and not one that I choose (Eze 37:11 -- YaHWeH says, "...whole House of Israel")  Ezekiel chapter 37 give an account that many teachers, preachers and pastors have quoted from over the centuries but to my knowledge they all misapply it and neglect this all important part of this account.  When we see this for what it really is, a vision given to Ezekiel about the physical resurrection of Israel back to life and not just some metaphor.
Here in Mat 23:38-39, we have our Lord telling the Jews, the Israelite of that day that they would not see Him again until -- when?  Until they will say, "Blessed is He that comes in the Name of YaHWeH".  They would have to be alive again, for the dead do not praise anyone.  
Next to all of this we have other places were we are given revelations concerning those Jews who had denied Him and they are given a new heart and changed minds -- they are not spirit beings but in the flesh, resurrected back to the flesh and this may or may not include Judas.  (Zech 12:10-14)
One more thought on this:
(Eze 37:12)  Therefore prophesy and say to them: 'This is what the Sovereign YaHWeH says: O my people, I am going to open your graves and bring you up from them; I will bring you back to the land of Israel.
In the resurrection of the "elect", in the first resurrection, those called the "saints" and the 'elect" are to meet YaHshua in the clouds and then we will stand with Him on the Mount of Olives, but notice the wording found in Ezekiel.  All of Israel, the past dead and the living are to be brought back to the land, the Spirit resurrected Saints and Elect will have already joined YaHshua.  Our Creator did not call Israel to fail but to be and example of failure and success to all other nations and peoples and ultimately a demonstration of His great love and mercy on us -- and this answers a question David asked, "What is man, that You are mindful of him?" (Ps 8:4) and before that a similar question from the book of Job -- Job 7:17, and a New Testament witness -- Heb 2:6.  Remember all the angels of Heaven are watching this, the angels living in a universe of eternity, even the angels of rebellion and when all is finished and the New Heavens are brought into view  everyone will understand the capacity of our Creator's love and mercy is limitless and is always for the wellbeing of His creation and that includes us.  Israel, like the Pharaoh of Egypt had their purpose in demonstrating His greatness just as Judas served his purpose as part of His Plan, they being foreordained to do his will, even in stubbornness or evil intent.  Whether these will be given another chance is not for us to say.  Satan is a different matter altogether.
Satan was created perfect -- but in having free will he began to entertain evil thoughts that led to his perfection becoming flawed and as he was originally created for eternity he must have imagined that even if his rebellion failed he would still survive.  This, however, may have been more of his flawed thinking as we read in other places that our Lord can destroy both the flesh and spirit -- that too, remains to be seen.  Nonetheless Satan managed to pull a third of the angels of Heaven down with him, or, at least he was the cause of a third falling -- Rev 12:4.    
Simple question, long answer.  Peace to you, as always and may our Lord YaHshua continue to bless you, Dan
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