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Dangerous Information

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Dangerous Information

By servant Dan L Baxley

It took me a long, long time to come to this conclusion.  I kinda knew it, at least I could see how brothers and sisters in the Faith had suffered and even given up their lives for believing what they believed.  Our Lord YaHshua, told us we would be hated, that family would turn on us and that we should not despair, knowing that He had suffered all these things before us, and the we should not be too amazed if we find ourselves suffering in this same way -- rejeciton can be painful.  

Somehow, that heads up was not very comforting.  I never gave it much thought though, after all, we live in a different time, a more forgiving and tolerant time, when you can be as different as you want.  Our Brothers and sisters in centuries gone by, however, have not been so fortunate.  Just look at the Dark Ages, and the Inquisition years under the thumb ot the Roman Catholic Church -- Professing Christians killing Christians?  But today, we live in a period of revolt, a spiritual revolt, and Christianity is under attack.  In a country that identifies as a Christian Nation, founded upon the Hebrew, Christian Bible, the lesser groups are allowed to say anything they want against Christianity but Christianity has to give them a pass or be called names, like, racist, and homophobic.  Christianity has pretty much been shut down while the pagan religions are being exaulted.

Of course, if you live in the wrong part of the world, you are in danger.  It is still tougher to be a Christian or a person hold the Hebrew, Christian Bible up as any kind of authority, and to do so could and many times does lead to persecutions and even death.  Christians around the world are persecuted and even killed, especially in Muslim countries.  But, of course, not in the USA, such things are still not tolerated by the Civil authorities.  Even when the radical branches of the Muslim relogion is cutting the heads off professing Christians -- remember ISIS -- they are held in check by giving them everything they demand under the Constitution of the United States, while remaining apart, and being a society within a society, under their own rule while they continue to work their way into the Government of the USA, and continue to preach hate for America, even as political leaders -- anyone that watches the news is a witness to this very thing.

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