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Fallen Angels

Emails & Questions
I receive emails about Fallen Angels and their influence on mankind, and how they were the cause of man’s down fall.  So, here is an answer, of sorts, hoping to help you get your thinking cap on and with the Help of the Spirit you can come to a conclusion that is true and not filled with fantasy.  This too, is a blanket answer for several questions received about this same subject.

The Q and the A for you.  Answer the following quesitons, either yes or no.

Did Fallen Angels really have sex with human women?

Did Fallen Angles really marry human women?

Did Fallen Angels really have GIANT children by their human wives?

Did the Fallen Angels give rise to the Nephilim?

Did Fallen Angels give mankind knowledge to advance civilization?

Did Fallen Angels reveal secrets to men that only Gods were supposed to know?

Did the God of the Bible write the Book of Enoch (one of the two or three versions)?

Are Fallen Angels the aliens from space ?

Are Fallen Angels really responsible for UFO sightings ?

Are the alien grays genetic off spring of fallen angels from genetic experiments on human women?

Are UFO contactees really communicating with Fallen Angels?

Are UFO sighting mistaken for Fallen Angels?

Are we about to be invaded by Fallen Angels, or other people from other planets?

Are UFO travelers posing as Fallen Angels?

Are Fallen Angels posing as UFO aliens?

Is the coming invasion of the Earth going to be by extraterrestrial like us, only smarter?

Is the Beast of Revelation going to be a Fallen Angel posing as the Messiah?

Is the False Prophet going to be a UFO partnered with the Beast?

Is the Messiah telling us about this coming alien invasion in Matthew 24?

Of course to answer any of these questions you have to decide if you are talking about "angels" as "aliens" or not.  Science searches for life outside of the Earth believing if they find life somewhere else in space this will somehow prove their belief there is not God.  This, of course is nonsense, but not to them and our governments because it is our tax money that is paying for these exploration into the space in search of this unknown life we call (tongue in cheek) UFO Aliens.  By definition aliens are from somewhere else, not of our country or world and this would make all "angels" UFO visitors.  But, when the UFO-ologist talk about these beings they are anything but "Angels of God".  

If you answered yes to any of the questions you need to get back into your Bible and study it, grounding yourself firmly in the teachings of the Apostles and of our Savior YaHshua and stop listening to preachers like Chuck Missler and many, many others -- almost all teachers of the Rapture teach this false doctrine.  In the Rapture the believers are to be taken up to Heaven before the Earth is plunged into the Tribulation period. Escape theology -- look how it parallels what the UFO people teaching about evacuating the Earth.   Even the scientist see the hopelessness of this planets survival and talk about ways to escape this planet -- right, and take our evil with us into the unknown?  We are like a disease and a very smart being decided we should be encapsulated within a certain realm to keep up from polluting other environments.  We are trapped here, in a perfect environment for humans to live as they work out all of their aggressions and work toward perfecting their ability to live at Peace.  Only one problem, mankind has never been able to do that, outside of certain individual efforts, that is.  This is why we, as believers, have something going for us that defies all of the UFO talk and imaginations -- we have our Savior, the Christ (Messiah) YaHshua, clearing the way for us by the power given to Him to forgive our failures and to be excused by our Heavenly Father.  We have our hope in salvation through this one man, YaHshua (YaHushua) -- the story about this man, sent to us from Him, our Heavenly Father, is far and above visitations by alien grays, or even other angels.  

Think about it, the UFO people teach that believers in them (space aliens) are going to be picked up by alien space ships, escaping this collapsing world, and this will happen by a special beaming up in the "twinkling of an eye" to the space ships of salvation. Biblical mangling takes place to support these twisted and false teaching.

Some of the Christian, Evangelical teachers do not teach of an alien invasion but run similar teachings claiming biblical support, not that it is aliens doing this but Angels and Fallen Angels. The teachings of these ministers are very similar and appeal to the biblically illiterate. The twisting of scripture because there are millions that love to hear this stuff and it tickles their ears to hear this Sci-Fi kind of mental titillation

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